Poems about sand


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How Much Sand?

The sand is almost gone, see the hour glass
Destruction is at hand, Doom will come to pass
The warnings are so clear, but they are all ignored [1]
Death and Bane and Woe, upon this earth will soon be poured
The Wrath of God shall come, the Wicked will all die
The Righteous will rejoice, when they watch the Wicked fry
The Wicked fry in Hell, FOREVER there to burn
If you are The Righteous, the TRUTH you will then learn [2]
Read the Book of Daniel, read chapter number twelve
With the Wisdom of the Wise... into this Book now delve
Don't you understand? I'll tell you why that's so
Because you are The Wicked, now to Hell you're going to go

[1] Luke 16: 29~31
[2] Dan 12: 10


Author: Elihu Barachel
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208361


I'm here now
And even my best is rotting
I buried myself to my neck
I buried myself vehemently
I watch you crawl
Away and away
Til only the sand you eat
Shows on the edge of the world


Author: Brie Williams
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208287

Footprints In The Sand

I say learn to practice what you preach
You have no rights to tear other people down
Remember this life is a long sandy beach
Each man has a unique print of his own.

So learn to always show love and support
No man is an Island, the famous adage says,
Brother-keeping is what life's entirely about
And kindness is a blessed seed sown for better days.

Love your neighbor as thyself, the good book says
How long will we go contrary to this universal law,
Commanded by God Himself since ancient of days?
A law in which he invested time and love to draw.

So where is humanity, where is that universal love?
It's time for the strong to give the weak a helping hand
The seed of love is the will of the Most High from above
So let love become that unique footprint left in the sand.

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footprints,  sand.

Author: Ivan Brooks Sr
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208046

Skulls In The Sand

In the eyes of the skull
Long forgotten
Left behind
In time
In the eyes of the skull
Like an empty hour glass
Bottom heavy with sand
As the hands chip away
As time passes by
As the spiders legs
Weave its web
Creating a symbol of death
But also... life
A pretty mirror
In which sits the grim reaper
His reflection
Hidden in the strands
Strands from which beads of life
Do glisten
Clinging dearly
And just like the web
Reliant on a thread
Life hangs delicately in the wind
Like a basket full of flowers
In an abandoned back garden
The owners no longer exist...
And waiting
And waiting
Awaiting its own destruction
A fleeting work of art
Soon lost in the winds of time
And the forgotten skulls
Sit laughing in the sand
A silent kind of laughter
Only they understand
So laugh
While you can
Says the sand
Says the sand
While you can
While you can
While you can

sand,  skulls.

Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207541

Out of the castle, into the sand

And so with the chameleon's sudden last departure,
Upon a bed of nails he does now rest.
Colours true they all bleed through
His vivid lifelessness.

The battle crying multiplying pilgrims in the sun
Gather 'round the kingdom come,
Work out when the day is done;
Find the time to turn and run.

castle,  sand.

Author: phocks
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206163


When someone dies
We try to hold onto
Their memory
Every little thing
About them:
What their laugh was like,
Their favorite food,
The things that made them sad

We try to hold onto
Them so hard
Like grains of sand
No matter how hard you try
The pieces will eventually slip
Through your fingers
Forgotten forever


Author: shanelle meyer
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206080

Beach Sand

I am beach sand
I began a boulder, unmolded and ruff
I could have been chiseled into the dreams of my creator
But instead I stood my ground
I let the waves guide me and arrode me to something manageable
I was climbed by the courageous out on my own, and sunk away at high tide
I wore away, giving pieces of myself to tourists and shared a collection to the ones who stayed
I am the heart shaped rock you gave to your lovely and the rock you skipped across the creek last summer then let join the pebbles below the surface
The nests of sparrows in my hands grew to eagles and flew up high
With each encounter a slice of me will beak away and I always retreat to the sea
Now I am spread around the world, in the hands of collectors and cracked on the pavement by careless jokers who arrived with hurt and left with anger
My small grains left have joined the others who have stories of their own
I hold up the castles and lay still for your stick written words
On dressers and mountain tops, in boxes and palms
I am beach sand

beach,  sand.

Author: Cannon
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205106


It takes my eyes, steals my vision.
You keep on throwing without reason.
Feel happy and laugh at my eyes.
I'm nothing. Just a tool for laughter.

But you keep throwing because its funny.
Its in my lungs and down my spine.
I'm nothing, only a tool for laughter.
I want to disappear, I want to feel no more.

Its in my mouth and in my brain,
I ask for help but get more pain.
I want to disappear and feel no more,
I want somebody to really care.

It takes my eyes, steals my vision
Sends back pain and kills my reason.
Look at my crying, blurred eyes
And laugh at my ugly tear scarred face.


Author: Gavin Barnard
Date: 02/04/2020