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Sat. June 14, 2014- You're Home!

In public, you're afraid
And sometimes I am too.
But, having you by my side
Makes me feel fearless,
What about you?
You might sneak a kiss,
But I'll try to hold your hand.
You'll pull back, was that
A terrible demand?
I hate hiding, its all I ever do.
I just want to show the world
Just how much I love you.
Isn't that enough,
Why can't they see?
That I am in love
Why can't we just be?
She makes me feel the Sun
And light in my heart.
And all of this is because
She loved me from the start.
I love her, and I know that
Will not ever go away.
Because we need each other,
I am here to stay.

june,  sat.

Author: R
Date: 01/03/2020

№ 1167770

The sailor who sat by the sea

There was a young man who sat by the Sea
Without fail, everyone knew, he would go every morning
The youth sat there to think and it made him feel free
Free to dream or not dream. When in bliss, when in mourning

He loved the Sea for its surface
Wind-kissed waves distorting starlight
He loved the Sea for it's depths
Churning into thick ink when absorbing the night

A love that began in small boyhood
Burying tiny toes within her cool sand
Though with the strong passion of man
The first time her wet silkiness tickled his hand

Oh, how he adored her! Through torrents and sun
Her whispers and shouts only separate intensities
But he would not go into her, for he feared just as much
She had told him, one by one, of her darkest propensities

So a sailor in heart, but in soul a wise lover
The boy, now a man paid respect to her glory
He and she, now and then, liked to play with each other
But she kept him from harm where she showed others fury

This went on, sunrise, sunset, and day after day
Until all the young man's friends were stooping and gray
Still the lull of the sea seemed to pull him away
From reality and back into it, he'd gone mad, some will say

And the time had come finally to confess all his desires
To do what he had refrained from for so long
On a particular eve that seemed wilder than any
The hour to usher in his destiny, and feel her sea-song

The storm caused curling foam,
Both entrancing and detestable
But to him, it looked like home
Like a restful sleep, quite testable

He thought, could this tumult be wrath of the Father?
Or is this a sign--the return of the Son?
Perhaps, 'tis a warning from the Holiest Ghost
He was wrong, but just right. 'Twas all this, but in one

And nearby sirens sang
For the bravery of their hero as he was swept from the shore
And far-off sirens rang
For the fate of the old man, the sailor, who watched the sea no more

sailor,  sat,  sea.

Author: Amory Caricia
Date: 28/02/2020

№ 1167434

Today I Sat Down

Today I sat down
To write something beautiful
For you
But I couldn't find the words
And I'm not sure how to say
What it is I want to say
To you

Somewhere I'm sure
Orchids bloom for you
And someday I'm sure
I'll smile when I hear
Your name

Today I sat down
To write something meaningful
For you
But it still didn't come out
Quite right
Its hard to find meaning
When trying to stand afar

Today I sat down
To write a poem
For you
But this is all I got

I nearly crumpled
And threw away
The thought

sat,  today.

Author: Liz Anne
Date: 28/02/2020

№ 1151293

Sat on my phone

Jon. Jump
P o hop

Pp u ppup. Hi

phone,  sat.

Author: alex welsh
Date: 13/02/2020

№ 1147466

Sat. 10.25.14 ; 2:22am

Its late right now

But baby my heart was glass
And you kissed me so hard
That the glass shattered
Into hundreds of pieces
Inside of me
And now there are scars left behind
And im trying to repair myself
But you dont understand
And i cant stop myself
From bleeding
And you are leaving more
And more scars each time
You creep into my head
And i cant
Keep cleaning up the messes
You leave inside of me
Because now my hands are
Scarred from the glass you
Never fixed
So my hands shake every time
I touch someone else
Because what if they scar me too, just like you

So you see, you did damage
To me and now
I cant trust anyone else
All because i was a stupid girl
Who always cleaned up the
Mess you made


Author: hk
Date: 10/02/2020

№ 1128373

Paul sat next to Sara...

Paul sat next to Sara on a school trip. He was slowly falling in love with her like a soft explosion waterfall. There was something about watching her put on makeup, that made him think of a Pre-Raphaelite painting and the Psychedelic Furs. Each eyelash was a future kiss. Her quiet beauty and silent rebellion.

© Matthew Goff

paul,  sara,  sat.

Author: Matthew Goff
Date: 24/01/2020

№ 1116543

I just sat

On my stoop thanking whatever the power is
(I call her my Fairy crack Mother)
For just the other night I had 200 superfluous dollars
(and a white wild hair up my ass, a demon from my past
Calling, calling loud)
I called Rof, and Tyrone; J-rock, Sam, T-bone; Jeremy,
Cadillac, Tiger,
( no no one answered, I even drove to Tar-hill where all the time,
Three or four options are available and never before did I come home empty) this night: I did!
I let the bitterness intrude as I slept instead of peeping out the window and hearing strange heart beat sounds thumping all night
( but... I slept uncomfortable and once or twice cursed, her (my fairy crack mother))
Then today, like a plan had come for my two hundred dollars.
And I gave it to someone who needed it for food,
And surviving. And I got a high, so much more that I went out and
Sat on my porch and watched the dark- the evening come-
And my fairy crack mother, I thanked- cried finally seeing,
She has always
Taken care of me.
And gave me this chance to feel how it feels
To feel a good thing, for once.
I guess I do believe,
In Fairy Crack Mothers!


Author: wordvango
Date: 13/01/2020

№ 1107461

To you who sat next to him

That was when my body reached for, sensed its limit
Then drowned in careful trivia of you who always sat

Next to him in your denim jacket | just before

This is a poem or an admission of:

I now


The common day

Shelved and collected, is like furniture, organized

To pattern your life I have no place in

Months of this order
Still never reaching for.


Author: Windsor I Guadalupe Jr
Date: 05/01/2020