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The only cup we'll win will come complete with a saucer!

The red eyes matched the flags,
Draped over the windows, the fences the doors,
The sniffles and snuffles,
Of all those supporters,
The ones in Rio,
And all of their daughters,
The fellas in front rooms,
The girls in the pubs,
All giving their best shots at having a blub,
Feeling let down at England's loss,
A storm in a teacup,
A flood of tears,
No more chances for England for another four years.
(C) Livvi

complete,  cup,  saucer,  win.

Author: Olivia Kent
Date: 13/01/2020


The Saucer

From the musty antique shelf,
Shining its fake Hollywood smile,
It longed for the glamorous kiss of the spot light.
It ached to be touched -
Just a caress along the face -
Desperate to be held.

I stepped closer towards it,
And in a snatch of light,
Bright milky tears emerged,
Trickling across its hollow cheeks.
The shadow cast behind its body,
Mirrored dark thoughts that swirled within.

The porcelain shell was burdened,
With hundreds of shattered memories
Washed with rich tea scents,
That bore sharply into its core.
It longed for its companion,
That fit so perfectly in its heart.

But it failed to sell me its heart-felt story.
My attention drifted.
Its heart sank.
A fate left to a coating in dust.


Author: A J Ward
Date: 22/10/2019


A Saucer holds a Cup


A Saucer holds a Cup
In sordid human Life
But in a Squirrel's estimate
A Saucer hold a Loaf.

A Table of a Tree
Demands the little King
And every Breeze that run along
His Dining Room do swing.

His Cutlery—he keeps
Within his Russer Lips—
To see it flashing when he dines
Do Birmingham eclipse—

Convicted—could we be
Of our Minutiae
The smallest Citizen that flies
Is heartier than we—

cup,  holds,  saucer.

Author: Emily Dickinson
Date: 11/09/2019


Silver saucer shaped spaceship dreams

Silver saucer shaped spaceship dreams.

Magnificent silver space suit please;
As I journey to a cosmic galaxy full of extraordinary things,

Floating endlessly in a kaleidascopic machine;
The void of space is insignificant when light beams,

A field of planets to watch as the spaceship glides into an atmosphere fit for human beings;
A glimpse of a world so magical like being born again but is it a dream,

I see oceans of colours of that I have never ever seen;
Pink gargantuan dolphins jumping ten feet out of a purple wavy sea,

A land of such diversity and fruit on every single tree;
Green jelly tasty and strawberry creams,

Animals who speak english and say good morning and thankyou and beg your pardon if you please;
All different shapes and sizes and colours it seems,

I find opals and diamonds and ruby's in magnificent tall orange and yellow rock faces as high as the eye can see;
But I have no one to share all this with and I remember and wake from my dream,

Eight fifteen in the morning and the alarm that satan made rings and rings and rings;
Next time I go back there I will take a girl and we can go skinny dipping with the gargantuan pink dolphins and after we can talk politics to the bright blue owl that sits in the green jelly trees.

dreams,  saucer,  shaped,  silver,  spaceship.

Author: Peter Kiggin
Date: 24/05/2019


The lemon in the egg saucer

The small woman from the attic sits cross-legged
With her pink plastic hair rollers for hours. her
Life spins like the spool of thread on the sewing
Machine. she sleeps wearing a flowery morning
Gown in the room with a flowery wallpaper and
A secondhand carpet imitating autumn grass. she
Boils her lime tree tea and dairy free pasta on the
Electric boiling ring. she washes her hair with nettle
Essence shampoo. once a month she goes to the
Central store to see new dress designs then she reads
At midnight group portrait with lady. in a sideboard
She hides a pair of perfumed lace gloves the color of
The skin. she wears them when the spring wind blows.
On a shelf in the kitchen a grated lemon in an egg
Saucer is slowly getting dry.

egg,  lemon,  saucer.

Author: Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu
Date: 21/04/2019


πιατάκι ρομαντικό ( saucer romantic) greek dialect.

βασίλισσα μου
I θέλεις αγαπά εσύ
μέχρι το τέλος του χρόνου

(Translated from Greek to English)

Queen of mine
I shalt loveth thou
Until the end
Of time...

dialect,  greek,  romantic,  saucer.

Author: brandon nagley
Date: 24/12/2017


Boat's of steam, or chariot's gleamed, or unearthly saucer's mine queen, ill get there.....


Indue me with thine habiliment made of amethyst silk,
Certes; mine is thine as thine is mine. The firmament shalt one day disintegrate, and the moon wilt not shine.


Erelong, mine love, erelong, we shalt be cometoid's cavorting
To drum's of virtuous beat's; except in the kingdom wherein we'll stayeth, there shalt be paved golden way's upon the street's.


O' Tagalog beauty- taketh all of me, subdue me when I am down and wearied, broken and teary, as this ground hath creature's hand's reaching up to claw and scratch;


I shalt thole the many great length's between ourn ocean's
I shalt waiteth yonside this distance, and holdeth on to thine
Loving potion; if it taketh eternity, I promise queen,
I'll get there, by boat's of steam, or flying machines-
Whether chariot, or unearthly saucers. I wilt get there,
Mine Filipino rose; God's chosen daughter.

Brandon Nagley
lonesome poets poetry
Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)

boat,  chariot,  gleamed,  mine,  queen,  saucer.

Author: brandon nagley
Date: 17/10/2017