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Save Our Souls

Hell is too hot; our lives too cold
We're on the run, but what have we done?
Our Angels are agonizing over The Fall;
Our Demons pray to feel anything at all
Where is the middle ground--where are we safe?!
Where is this salvation that. We. Crave?!

Everyday is a fight for control
Why can't you feel us--
Are we too unclean?
Lend us your wings; pull us from this hole
Won't you please SAVE OUR SOULS

We're not perfect; our hearts are not whole
We do our best, but we're not holding our breath
We are not, we have nothing to lose
When "not" is one "k" short of a noose
If you forget, just let us know
So we can pray before we. All. Go.

Everyday is a fight for control
Why won't you heal us--
Are we too far gone?
Lend us beautiful things; pull us from this hole
Won't you please SAVE OUR SOULS

We're not worthy; we are down on our knees
Our brains are bursting--grant us some mercy
We are the Dead, the Dying, the Depraved
We are one footstep from a shallow grave
Won't you hide your flames from these moths?
Won't you guide us? For we. Are. Lost.

Everyday is a fight for control
Why do you fear us?
Are we too cold?
Don't save our skins--free us from this hole
Won't you please **SAVE OUR SOULS

save,  souls.

Author: Frank Ruland
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201859

I cant save myself

Sometimes I wish you could still save me.

From the darkness.

From my mind.

From myself.

I can't do it
On my own.


Author: Things I'll never say
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1199580

Save Her

You saw her disappearing before your eyes.
You never thought things would get this bad for her,
But now when you lookat her.
All you see are skin and bones,
She's slipping through your fingers like tiny grains of sand,
Her eyes sunken-in and her voice barely a whisper.
She was slowly wasting away,
Escaping your grasp and losing herself.
She was nothing but a ghost,
A ghost with golden hair, wispy and soft,
And long eyelashes, wet with tears.
All you wanted to do was save her.
Make sure she was still going to be there in the morning,
Make sure she wouldn't vanish forever.
Although that's what was slowly happening to her,
She crumbled in your bare hands,
And fell through the cracks no matter how tight your grip.
She was tearing you apart.
One look at her and you knew she was so far gone,
Pale as snow yet red on her wrists.
She was flying away along with the smoke from her cigarettes.
She drank one too many beers and took one too many pills.
You'd die for her, die to save her,
But nothing you said seemed to help her.
You wanted so bad to save her,
To catch her when she falls,
But there came a day when holding her hand didn't seem real and you couldn't feel her anymore.
She caressed your cheek and you tried running your fingers through her hair,
But she was transparent and thin and waving goodbye.
And there came a day when she finally disappeared and sadly,
Despite all your attempts,
You couldn't save her.


Author: Kimberly
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1199037

What the Ears Don't Hear or Save

Hidden in silence
Unseen by listeners
Blending into this
Hellish home
Escape is not found
Only survival
Hanging on by a thread
You sewed into me
And the thread
Is breaking
I'm no longer
Safe or invisible
And this
May be the end of me

don,  ears,  hear,  save,  t.

Author: Victoria Jennings
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1196960

Save me a seat in the panic room

One step behind the other,
I keep my eyes ahead.
I'll keep myself together
If I watch where I have tread.

I'm sure I'm being hunted
By monsters in the night.
Not sure if I've been stunted,
Or if this is their true height.

But if the shadows wavered,
Or gave way to my stare,
I'd sing instead of quaver
And stand with shoulders square.

No time to sit and panic
Or just wait for the dawn.
Until I leave the manic,
I must keep trudging on.

Wait until I'm with you,
And then I might break down.
Take comfort when it's through,
When at last pain makes a sound.

Just save me a seat in the closet
I'm fighting my fears now:
Fear was the one to cause it,
But I will answer how.

panic,  room,  save,  seat.

Author: Ashley Somebody
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1196807

Save Her For Me

One step forward two steps back.
So close yet so far apart.
Three's a crowd, right?

I won't give up.
On who?
Me? Or her?
Talk tomorrow.
Ok, sure.
But how can we if you won't reply to me?
I really like her.
Ouch, that one hurt.
I can't stop thinking about her.
Yep. Still hurts.
Is it worth it?
I want to say no, but it's not my decision to make.
I want to save her.
Go ahead. But saving her means losing me.

For better or for worse. I can't breathe.


Author: Charlotte Jane
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1195187

Save me?

Darkness is upon us
The light is fading
Hearts are broken
Forever, we are waiting

But forever is gone
The knot is tied
We've got no power, left to fight
And nowhere to hide

But the truth stays hidden
No love is given
The things we believe in
Yes they are deceiving!

But they can't hold us back
No more grey areas
Just white and black
You can't change the fact
I'm alone in my pack!

Shouting, screaming
But no one is hearing
Drowning, bleeding
No time left for healing

Yeah, the truth stays hidden
No love is given
The things we believe in
Yes they are deceiving.


Author: Kayla Hofmeyr
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1195022

Even You Can't Save Me Now

She'd be
Shedding all her feathers now
And wiping off a smirk
It defines my waking hours
To loose out to
That vipers's bite
When I think I recognize him
I want to lunge, jump, plunge
Fatally into the jugular
But whatever
I'm good
Feet find purchase
Teeth grind
Hands hold blades
If my fingernails were honed daggers
I wouldn't have this crutch
If I had a gun
I'd shoot myself
But I guess I knew that much

save,  t.

Author: 45 Words About Birds
Date: 24/03/2020