Poems about scars


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Scars Are Souvenirs Never Forgotten

Here I am again, this black hole all too familiar,
Eluding my being, the gnawing at my gut resembles a lion and his prey.
Ripped apart at the seams, I lay lifeless on this empty floor.
Sacrificing my body for one I adore; my sweet lion...
But love is a filthy whore.
Tangled emotions, mixed scents staining various bed sheets,
Lingering while I soak my shirt with your never ending lies, broken promises,
Pain shooting through my eyes.
A thousand hearts to shatter and you choose mine.
Love is blind, oh, love is blind? No.
Love is all seeing, the most clear visioned element, and I saw you.
Until this heartache, all-consuming, drags me under.
Losing sight, blinded only now, stomach turning like heavy wrenches pulling at old bolts.
Coming undone finally, world spinning, blood loss, love loss, life loss, done.

forgotten,  scars,  souvenirs.

Author: Virginia Whiddon
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208346


Running deeper than any sea
Colder than any ice there be
Can you see all the disgusted stares at me?
Disfigured face for all to see.
Never again to see a glimps of girls smile,
No one will notice if im locked away awhile.
Altho truly ive committed only one crime,
I allowed you all to see my face... just... one... more... tim ­e.


Author: nathanthepoet
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208140

To Kiss His Scars

It's not your typical kind of date,
And he doesn't often date women;
But he's alone, and you're alone,
Though it feels so much like sinning.

You can't refuse his offer,
As he waits for you to dress,
Something casual's best, he says;
It's good enough for this.

The scenery floats by slowly,
For he doesn't drive too fast;
You're both old enough by now
You want the time to last.

He has a patient smile,
As he opens up the door;
You're alone now, far away-
Though you've been here before.

You eat dinner, watch a movie
While you sit together, close.
There's alcohol, but you don't drink;
Neither of you likes those.

You want to be clear headed,
To remember every thing.
And then it's late, and pretty soon
There's nothing on the screen.

So you go back to the bedrooms,
And you lie beneath the sheets,
And then he comes so silently,
That you can scarcely breathe.

He lies down full beside you,
So quiet, so strangely still;
And finally says, half-strangled,
We'll begin, whenever you will-

And so, you start to kiss him,
As you think of somewhere far;
The past he's tried to leave behind-
He only wants you to kiss his scars...

kiss,  scars.

Author: Patti Masterman-Heterodynemind
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207701

Trying to explain my reasoning for self harm scars to a 7 year old

"Heidi why do you have those lines on your arm? "
It's because im a broken person
Trying to heal from all the pain
And the way I say this
I am no where near close trying
To romanticize my self harm or self hate

"so you mean people made you have these cracks in your skin"
Remember the phrase "words hurt"
Well the horrible sickning words
That were addressed to me
Were killing me

"Heidi please don't ever say you hate yourself again because I love you. "
Oh darling
You're beautiful 7 year old mind
Makes me feel like
I'd never have pain again
But what am I feeling
As im trying to explain
Why I hated myself so much
To have "cracks" in my skin
-H. M.

explain,  harm,  reasoning,  scars,  year.

Author: Heidi Mason
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1205853


Maybe Scars are left to be noticed,
And made to leave a mark
Because they are like braille,
Every scar has a story behind it.

So run your fingers over people's scars,
And maybe you will find something new.


Author: Devon Grey
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205383

Sweets & Scars

There's only one of you
There's only of you
That appreciates the good
That I'm proud of, too.
One who knows
When I need mint chocolates,
Or eye droplets.
There's only one
That makes me mixtapes and playlists,
Constantly checking my wrists.
There's only you
Who befriends the demons that I fight,
To ease them, give me a peaceful night.
Only one of you
One who knows I hate emotions,
For their power ends in destruction.
There's you and only you
Finishing my sentences,
Fixing my mess.
One of you
Who saves me from all my pain,
And knows how much I love the rain.
There's only you
Who comfortably rubs my belly,
And kisses my shoulders gently.
There's only one of you
Who can send me straight to heaven,
Dragging me out of hell.
There's only one of you
And I can't stand losing that too.


amp,  scars,  sweets.

Author: Djs
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203812


Black and blue marks
Cover her worn body
Influenced by alcohol
Worse than that
Is when her father
Goes below the belt
Without her consent
At least those scars
Will eventually heal

People always tell her
That she shouldn't be here
No one wants her
They all wish she would just disappear
Vanish from existence

Why are you alive?
Is a tornado in her mind
Twisting her emotions
Blowing away any
Chance of happiness

No drug or
Has done enough
To erase all the
Memories of her
Broken childhood

She welcomes the
Into her
Sadistic world
For he is the only one who
Truly understands how to
Make her past disappear


Author: Desert Rose
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203591

Scars (untitled)

As i sit in my bed, and try to think of a name for this poem
I realize how beautiful we become once we are broken
It seems as if our hearts are shattered but it brings our souls together
Some of us, release our beauty
Using a thin piece of metal to let out the pain
I've learned that cutting only causes scars
You don't feel better
I found a name for this poem
Because scars remind us that it gets better
No matter how much pain you're in now, it heals

scars,  untitled.

Author: ao
Date: 01/04/2020