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Memories from grade school

I used to dream I woke up, got dressed, went to school, then I'd wake up n do it again, only to wake up and do it again, only to really wake up n not want to do it again. Needless to say I tended to miss the bus alot!

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Author: Stacy Mills
Date: 06/04/2020

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High school was

Bloody noses in bathroom stalls
Barefoot running frantically under street lights
Best friends becoming lovers
Boyfriends becoming worst nightmares
Belonging to something but not somebody
Barely lit and claustrophobic
Bodies in a smoke filled room
Breathing in but not exhaling
Back row of the auditorium

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Author: Vivian g
Date: 05/04/2020

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About high school

It is all over.
We are no longer kids but we still are and we are begging for someone to understand that, or at least to pretend they do. High school is done and so is my bottle of anxiety pills so that must mean something, it has given so much to me and also taken away so much from me I think we're even. High school was hard. I had problems, everyone did. But I guess that at the end what we're all going to remember the most is the amount of hours we couldn't get to sleep before finals. In high school I learnt that it does not matter if you are suffocating and you want someone to notice and help you and be your saviour, it only matters if you want it to matter. I also learnt not everyone is worth looking at, with eyes that could have spared looking or glancing at books I already returned to the book bank and I will never see again. High school is not about how many times you go to parties or you get asked out because, if you have a different perspective of it all, the movie dates do not drive you to graduation and the smiles for the pictures you take in parties are not the same smiles in the pictures at your graduation day.

I have not cried one day yet over my already done childhood and half-way done teenager-hood, because I already cried enough with a few things I'm quite ashamed to write about now. Perhaps the day it all sinks in and I see my friends not here with me but there with somebody else I'll cry. Or maybe not, or maybe a lot, or maybe my eyes could fill the rivers I didn't cried in all this period were people cried like maniacs while seeing pictures of them with weird haircuts and faces full of acne.

To sum this up, high school was crap. But we all love crap.

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Author: Nicole
Date: 01/04/2020

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School for me is drawing nearer by the hour...
The ticks from the clock on my wall seem as
If they have been screaming at me with every
Second that has passed. My anxiety has been
Creeping back onto my body with thoughts
Of tomorrow. I can't recall the last time a thought
Wasn't filled with worries of possible things
That could happen, setting me up for a disastrous
Year. I took this summer to make an attempt to
Make myself mentally and emotionally healthier,
Doing everything possible to make myself happy.
I needed to be happy with myself and my life.
School does nothing but provides stress,
Damages my self esteem, and feeds my anxiety.
The only thing keeping
Me going is the promise of graduating in three
Short years.


Author: Shanijua
Date: 31/03/2020

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H_Series: School

A place that's sparkling,
With whitish and blackish tint
Great, or should have been...


Author: Kyle Enorio
Date: 30/03/2020

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We need to RALLY together to stop the school shootings in the USA

Poor kids who died in the awful school shooting
Poor kids who are left to pick up the pieces of the school shooting
You see it would be hard for the survivors to get through this
No, it is terrible they are just innocent beings
They don't deserve this
And the USA have too many school shootings and millions of innocent kids lose their lives
You see the kids need to march to Washington to tighten gun control but will the government listen well one can only hope
When you see old ladies being mugged terrible and service stations being robbed terrible
But school shootings are just featuring kids, 'the young' yeah
We need to find a way to protect the young
Poor kids they are trying to study for the future and then they lose their lives because of gun laws
Poor kids it is awful
Bloody well awful
Kids want to travel when they are older
Kids want to work in good jobs when they are older
Kids want to have families when they get older
Kids want to play professional sport and do family vlogs and perform in Hollywood
Some poor kids aren't doing that because some student gets a gun in a country which supports guns and kills those poor kids
Poor kids they suffer every day
They suffer in every way
C'mon USA stop these gun laws to help young people achieve their goals
They are poor kids suffering

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Author: johnny georgy brown
Date: 29/03/2020

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The Problem With High School

Memorizing lines
And times
A slave to the system.
If the bus leaves at four
What time will it arrive?
They never account for traffic
Or a flat tire
Or loved ones begging you not to go.
I've never heard my math teacher say
He's passionate about congruent angles,
Or my science teacher say
Atomic particles have her head over heels.
This is why I'm the kid looking out the window
Dreaming about the trees and being told to pay attention.
But my attention is in the real world
Where passion drips from every blade of grass
In the chilly morning dew.
The late night hum of fireflies in love
Have got me falling so fast.
I'm reeling in the dead of night
And lusting over sunrise.

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Author: s
Date: 28/03/2020

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Two school boys.

In the April sun
Looked liked clones
White shirts
Same ties, backpacks
Bought at the same store by there mothers
In stride with each other past up the road
As the sunlight burns,
There shadows into the pavement
See what happens when I look out my window
Makes my mind turn what is not a dreams
But just my front window

Which is, mostly is
Not reality
Not the whole truth
Once in a lifetime
Is it my
But can I ask
What have you done?
To change that
To make me feel a wind in my heart

But don't cry for me
I want you to know
I will still be just me
It, s in my make-up
Just be ing me.


boys,  school.

Author: Paul Hardwick
Date: 27/03/2020