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Hide and seek

If you're looking for me
I'm not here anymore
Go back to the place
You found me before

It's all in the details
I heard somebody lied
All I heard was a hiss
Now I'm dead inside

Can you find me
Can you find me
Can you find me
I'm hiding here

Now it's been so long
Waiting to be found
I might as well be buried
6 feet under ground

I am feeling you digging
You better be find me soon
Cause my death is growing
And it will soon bloom

Can't you find me
Can't you find me
Can't you find me
I'm dying here

If I ran to the ends of the morning
You would surely be there
But I'm covered in the black of the night
And it feels like you disappear

Where can I run from your presence?
Where can a mere mortal hide?
When you took all my sinfulness
And laid it bear on the cross crucified

There you'll find me
There you'll find me
There you'll find me
I was forgiven here

If you're looking for me
I'm not here anymore
Go back to the place
You found me before

hide,  seek.

Author: Nilan Gerald Handunge
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1199849

Salvation I Seek

Please hold my hand,
Gently walk me to the creek,
Dip my head underwater,
For salvation I seek.

Sing the spirituals loudly,
Tell my soul to take flight,
For away washed my sins,
I'm with the Saviour tonight.

Cleanse my evil that's lurking,
Some still left in my heart,
Wash away all the hatred,
Begin my new start.

Let me know I'm no loner,
A man lost on his path,
Give reasons for living,
With my spiritual bath.

Know that I am another,
Who was lost and is now found,
Let my soul soar the heavens,
With my feet on the ground.

Take my hand and slowly cover,
The hillside from the creek,
As we walk ever upward,
Salvation I seek.

salvation,  seek.

Author: Carl Gene Hardwick
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1194273

Hide and Seek

Like a song that never sings,
The music I once heard from your lips,
Are to never return,
Is it?

Like the colors you used to make up,
No one else could see them,
But oh,
You see them all too clearly now.

And the noises, the smells, the feelings,
They all rush back to you don't they?
But oh,
You aren't to say one word of these things.

Besides you promised yourself,
One poem,
Wouldn't bring you back to him,
Begging on you knees!

Your pride,
Oh how your pride stings me,
But soon,
You die like the bees at the unkown spots,

Hiding from me,
And the rest of the world,
And how you put on your show,
Pretending your fine.

hide,  seek.

Author: poetrygod
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1189648

Platonic Love Is What I Seek

Platonic love is what I seek,
Platonic love is just what I need,
Free from the sensual
Free from the physical
Touches of a man,
All I need is the platonic love
That a man can give me.

Platonic love goes ever so deep,
It goes beyond what the sensual
Can't give to anyone.

You are more connected to the one you love
Because platonic love is the perfect love

No need for the physical, no need
For the lust, the platonic love is
Perfect for everyone.

Sex is over-rated, it causes so many problems,
But if you go farther into the platonic love
It rids you of all of those problems.

It rids you of the love of material things,
Platonic love is so simple and gives you
Every thing.

Oh give me platonic love,
That is deep and so true,
Platonic love will never
Leave you.

love,  platonic,  seek.

Author: Lucie Elizabeth Ann Wesson
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1187565

Happiness is all I seek

In a hot seated seat.
An argument you cant beat.
Its a constant feat.
And its no treat.
Only nothing you beat.
Nothing whole do you keep.
Everything inside turns weak.
Love and happiness is bleak.
The things you cherish and love
Begins to reek.
And its merely happiness I seek.

happiness,  seek.

Author: Misschivious66
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1186886

To seek

I am what you seek,
I seek what you are,
I avoid what you seek,
You seek what I avoid.


Author: Sombre
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1186582

Hide and Seek

You are much more
Than they make you out to be
They see you as a number
On a card
And that is it
I see you as clay
I see you as a canvas
Open to the beauty that waits to be created
*I see you

hide,  seek.

Author: Jane Doe
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1186184

Beauty--Hide and Seek

Well, hello there.
Awkward, isn't it? Reading what I say without hearing it for yourself?
I know it is for me. I want to see your face as I read everything to you, my face turning redder than yours ever will.
But I know I can't.

How is it
That what I write
Is something you find
To be beautiful?

Beauty is so subjective, darling, I don't believe we ever truly find it on this earth until the day we aren't searching for it.

Was I looking for you?


But I found the most valuable beauty there is to be found on earth
In the solace of your arms, your smile, your scent, your heartbeat.

I wasn't seeking, and you weren't hiding.
But I found.

Case closed.

beauty,  hide,  seek.

Author: Hannah Jane Call
Date: 16/03/2020