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Mind Set pt. 2

Years past by
And I had they back
I was played as a fool
While they laugh and take my racks
I cant believe it
Cause I try to make it better
Waking up every morning
Just thinking
To do it clever
No ones up in my circle
Hurting, because I'm the one to blame
Feeling like Steve Er cal
My trust
And passion
Would never remain the same.

mind,  pt,  set.

Author: Lil K-1
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208756

Set Me Free With The Words Of Three

All the family I have is a family of three.
I will tell you all three, if only to be freed.

One of them is real and hardly ever ceased.
Oh how it must die.

I told you one but the rest are still in the rain.
This one is real, and caused by wanted heartache.
Oh how it leaves me with unbearable strain.

The last one is real and its color is a deep red, filled so in harmless dread.
Oh how it leaves people dead.

So strangers and lovers, you have heard my plea. Satan has got me, now set me free.

free,  set,  three.

Author: Casaria NightShade
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1204733


The sun set
Before it had a chance to shine.
But i see it
In the star that lights
My darkest night.


Author: niamh
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204022

Harding Family Swing Set, After the Funeral

On edges of swing set of summer of child
I grow -- a rust abloom while ghosts
Of women once called "mother" do push
A wind a creak a falling leaf feathering
Downward, candied sentiment traveling

For hope for empty swing to fill to turn
The chronometer back to *12 noon, March 6, 1972

family,  funeral,  set,  swing.

Author: JJ Hutton
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1198762

A Good Set of Bicycle Lights

A Good Set of Bicycle Lights

Strap white to the handle bar
Red to the seat post

Of your worrisome bicycle
A fixed gear nightmare, these nighttime

Streets lay in wait while I lay waiting to be pierced
By the call that never comes
With a bit of luck.

Old light from distant stars
At the edge of my
Galaxy of fear

Arrives as pinpricks a reminder
Your new orbit free
Of my nettlesome gravity.

bicycle,  good,  lights,  set.

Author: Dave Hardin
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196764

The paths been set

No longer do wander aimlessly,
I've found my "path" so to speak.
It may not be yellow
Nor paved for the eye to see
Yet it somehow shines brighter
Radiating through me.

I wonder when the foggy haze will return to taint my view
Such a serene sense of serendipity one can never get use to
No more boarders on my horizon therefore I know this calling to be true

All that's left is to take that leap
Step out into the great unknown

paths,  set.

Author: Sarah Mulqueen
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1194695

A Psalm to Set You Free

Slice and chop into the dirt
Exacerbate into the earth
Pillow-lined: the metal slate
My mental state triggers a string
That plucks at the guts
And resonates up, scraping

The ventral pull of innards
Takes my head down with it
As I listen to syllabic
No talk of god lifting the weak
Only if mortals sleeping

'Cept the thing, is that,
Mortals are all I've seen
This lucid dream
Is my home
This sweet by-and-by
Is all I've known

We grow together
We grow apart
We grow alone
We take these pills to take us home

Yet when we're rolling in our beds
All we ever fear is death
Accept the fact we are alone
Close our eyes and dream of home

free,  psalm,  set.

Author: Gadus
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1194178

Messages to wait and set off

Four of them are waiting for another four!
A - Sends a message
ВЂњ I am in trouble with traffic, will be late”;
They consider, it intentional!

B - Sends a message
ВЂњI am on the way need some time”;
They consider intentional delay!

C- Sends a message
ВЂњabout to reach, start”
They consider, may be need some time!

D- Sends a message
ВЂњ at the courtyard! ”
They consider let him come!

Four of them are waiting for another four!
Waiting in desire to discussed and resolve, smile and go!
Messages reach again and again
Four of them are waiting for another four!

messages,  set,  wait.

Author: Jayanta
Date: 23/03/2020