Poems about shade


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Little Tibet Shade Tree

"Little Tibet Shade Tree"

Little Tibet shade tree
Under sitting am i
A fantasy in mind
True reality buried
In compulsive reflexive avenues
Travailed again and again
Like speech flowing
And legs walking
The self appears then disappears
And re-appears
To brains karmic rhythm manifest
Unto every each their own
Generated light stuff

shade,  tree.

Author: Mark Wanless
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204639

New shade

Here the sun turns cars to ovens
It melted the red lip stick
You said you liked
On my petal lips

So I bought a new shade
Not the same cherry
But a sanguine red
As if I bit my lip
And ran the blood across the soft curves

If my lip bled
I know you'd lick it off
That kiss would taste
Like rain and rust and wet flowers

The point is
I know you'd like this colour
And that makes me smile


Author: skaldspiller
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1173073


Blue has cast its shadow over all and left me tired,
Longing to sleep my days away.
I cannot find my way in this darkness that surround,
My days blackened by my mood.

I'm still stuck in this world of in between,
You have not found me nor I you.
Scared and confused,
I fray for deliverance with no help in sight

Trying to find my way amidst life's disasters,
Breaking down barriers and building new ones.
I pray for deliverance
From this new shade of blue that surrounds me.

blue,  shade.

Author: Vicki Kralapp
Date: 04/03/2020

№ 1164974

The Shade of Your Smile

Of all the people, I never second guessed your existence in my life.
I was certain, seeing your eyes glisten that darkened night, you wouldn't betray.
They call me a fool, I plead for them to leave, yet they stay to mock me.
It is my thoughts that torture my days, because they know how naive I became that evening.
I assumed I knew everything about you,
But I guess I never knew you had more than one shade to your smile.
I knew it was a different grin that evening, maybe one of passion,
Or a smile to hide the fear, knowing there was no turning back.
I never saw that smile again, yet it teases my dreams, turning them into nightmares.
It was not a smile of passion, or even fear.
You were determined to unravel me that night, and showed me by a grin.
You admit you didn't care about my feelings, my emotions, or even me.
So I warn any girl, innocent and lively,
That you may have more than one shade to your smile,
But you only have one motive behind each of those shades.
You are destruction in its finest appearance.

shade,  smile.

Author: Kara Mackie
Date: 26/02/2020

№ 1163285

New shade in fade

Shade burns in agony, conclusion
My life has ended in confusion
But will next morning be as bright
To bring the darkness of delight

So strange for stranger be not lonely
Because his mercy walks own way
A mark of sorrow burns and only
The mainest question who will breath

You came to guide me or to follow
You are a light or will bring night
You have an answer me to allow
Or will you bring my questions back

Don't be so known-less, not so patient
Can't speak a word till you fall back
I hear your breath but mind is ancient
It can't read lips but found a lack

fade,  shade.

Author: Vladimir Pavlov
Date: 24/02/2020

№ 1154014

Meet Me in The Shade

I've got a place no one can find,
Try looking for a place that doesn't exist,
You have to meet me here,
I don't let anyone know of this,
Night or day just say my name.

Michael like the Archangel,
You're my guardian angel though a blue angel,
The smoke I inhale is a blessing,
I know I shouldn't be messing and I'm stressing,
The realm I face is fatal and ethereal.

What if it's you?
And it wasn't me?
Why do I have to taste poison to die?
I want more even if death is all mental,
All I deserve is another high.

meet,  shade.

Author: Ito
Date: 16/02/2020

№ 1150340


I sit in the shade
On summer days
And wish I could reach the sunlight.

My days are grey,
And I dream of days
Where I wake up in that same light.

On those days,
I will jump out of bed
And be happy to look in the mirror.

I cannot lie,
I am looking forward
To those days where I will feel better.


Author: Scarlet Keiller
Date: 12/02/2020

№ 1136292

The Cimmerian Shade

Inside of me,
A cold black place,
Where a heart once was.

A black hole,
Left from my love,
Going supernova.

Shattered into shards,
By your angry words,
And when you left.

Swirling in the darkness,
A maelstrom of hate and pain,
Sucking in any hope and happiness.

Forever in the cimmerian shade,
Clothed in malady,
Drinking despair.

A melancholy hope,
Exists inside of me,
Hiding and hanging on.

As I search the world,
For a love that I can see,
And maybe heal my soul.


Author: The Fire Burns
Date: 31/01/2020