Poems about shadows


№ 1209315

My Shadows

Sometimes I feel a void inside myself,
Emptiness ready to crush me with its nothingness;
And then again I open my eyes—
And the world stares back again.
My frame is a reed, hollow from the inside,
Whole from the outside,
And all I know is that I am matter.

The deafening and resounding silence
Is another matter of concern—
It doesn't crushes; just makes me devoid
Of all the bliss of Nature's precious notes;
It is the only sound which surrounds me
In the maddening crowd of the quintessential.

There is the numbness which confounds me:
It has the worst slap of damnation,
Amplifying the teeniest touch,
Pouring life into every cell.
It tosses me amid the tempest in the Ocean,
And leaves me battling the waves alone.

What distances me from my kin?
What is that which I am always seeking?
Life comes and goes, and here I am,
Still at a loss to comprehend the haps.
I just am, will just be; and none would lament
The real me, as it is wrapped in its shadows.


Author: Puspangana Singh
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208365

Greatest of Shadows

Downing aspartame,
In attempt to drown the pain...
False hope in a can of spray,
Bleeds through to the next page.

In a world where everything is poisonous,
And everyone wants to kill you,
How can I be joyous?
Is what I see true?

My heart is in a bird's nest,
Within the embrace of a dying tree.
I try, try my best,
In effort to break free.

Shadows dance,
Demons prance
In circles
Leaving me in a trance,
Impaled by a lance,
The destruction of a world.

We did this,
Spread hate faster than we could procreate.
How can I forget this?
More wars than forgiveness,
A place people become more ignorant
I become ever vigilant
There are those who down chemicals
To drown their vengeance
And those who take a weapon
Become a menace...

Bullet holes in my chest
Smoking out my final crest
These words outlast my final breath,
Smile with the release of breath,
I know u did my best...

I loved,

I hated,

But I forgave.

Satisfaction that cloaks my grave.
Even in death,
I live in grace.

**Carpe Diem

greatest,  shadows.

Author: Douglas Scheurn
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1204247

Dancing Shadows

I stand, like a ghost, on a crowded street,
Diffusing into the blackened concrete.

Shadows are entwined under flickering light,
Surrounding sounds melt into the night.

To their deaths, the stars cascade from the sky,
And liberate the shadows from my eyes.

In a sea of casualties, I drown,
Like a morning fog, resigned to the ground.

I pale, like a ghost, on a barren street,
A street so hungry it swallows me.

dancing,  shadows.

Author: Julia Low
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202670


Are the monochromatic colours
Enough for you?

Black and white
Like the gaps
Filled between your hand
And my hand

On the paper
That blows away
With the grey
Rolling off
The sea

Slam the keys
The way your lips
And your gaze
Slams into me

And read the lines
And the gaps
That represent
Sweet poetry
The pale moon
And the daunting sky

Is it the dark
Or the moonlight
That makes the
Fall across
Our open arms?


Author: pluie d'Г©tГ©
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202418

Shadows Apon The Floor

Shadows Apon The Floor

Music within the air memories to
Heal the bitter soul.
The sounds of the past come to life
In rock n roll.

The lights from the stage.
Cast ghost's of many.
Taking us all past the pressent.
To a perfect timeless age.

Nights of passion that exist evermore.
Casting the sprits magic.
Dancing with the ghost's light's
Casting shadows apon the floor.

Secrets of lovers and new best friends.
We kiss blindley taseting the magic.
For that moment all is real no
One pretends.

As the night flows like a curtain apon
A gentle southern breeze.
From the floor to the legend
This night does ease.

We write are own chapters all
Ading in lifes book.
Regrets should be few.
For out of this night as much as we gave
We also took.

Hearts entangled memories forever
Do we adore.
Dancing with ghosts of lovers past.
Keeping time with the shadows apon
The floor.

apon,  floor,  shadows.

Author: John Patrick Robbins Aka Gonzo
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1198411


Darkness hiding in the tree's.
A lonely crossroads.
No man's land.
Ancient rituals.
Ancient tortures.
Upon the soil
And sand.

Through the hills,
A shadow seeker.
Seeking out somewhere to lie.
A lonely soul,
Lost with the seasons.
A blood red sky.

And as the blood dries,
On the tarmac.
A winning smile, a wicked fate.
Gypsy ghosts,
No longer vocal.
Shadows waiting
At the gates.

Through the hills,
A shadow seeker.
Lost upon the darkness still
A lonely soul,
Lost with the seasons,
Forever lost
And wandering.


Author: Peter Cullen
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196980

Chasing Shadows

I guess I'm chasing you hoping that you might chase me back and then we'll end up in each other's arms or something...
But I'm chasing myself into the dark woods...

chasing,  shadows.

Author: Mary Mack
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1195160

Mind Shadows

The shadows on the wall
From the sun going down
My flying mind stalls
Nose dives toward the ground

Mind shadows cross my field of view
Like bodachs headed for souls to chew
I shake my head to clear them out
Restart my engine with a mental shout

The lights come on and I fly away
To fight the shadows another day
Its dark outside, out come the stars
Gray matter dreams of living on mars.

Shadows shaken for a time
Off to someone else for mental crime
They will be back once more
But for now I have won the war

mind,  shadows.

Author: The Fire Burns
Date: 24/03/2020