Poems about shore


№ 1202649

A Shore of My Subconscious

Like a child I play,
Among the pebbles and the sand,
Building dreams from grit;
Into a world, alone, I stray.

As the water glides closer,
Creating more materials to build,
My never ending dream-scape;
Built for me, or was it for her?

Higher go these course walls,
Reaching above my thoughts
Until away they slip;
Crushing waves remove all.

And so these waves take me,
Like my loose-sand halls,
Quickly tossing me back;
Out to that confusing sea.

shore,  subconscious.

Author: Blaise Tyler Beach
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1195900

Are you shore?

The land has begun crumbling into the sea,
Being eaten by the waves
And destroyed by the salt

Feet dangle over the edge of a cliff
And tap together as mist fills the air and fog spreads above the sand

The sun has decided to take a day off,
And the sky is a smooth and consistent shade of grey

Raindrops the size of infants flood the ground
And turn the sand into mush
Causing shoes to become buried treasure

Seagulls screech their wretched sounds and beg to be fed
They've become fat and dependent
They hardly even fly around, anymore

The shore barely exists, right now
And the water is trying to become the land


Author: Arlo Disarray
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1193438

Girl at the shore

She liked throwing stones at seagulls,
At a shore where water was green,
And waves coming from so... far,
That you would have to wait for it,
And so they did, the waves...
They always came back, sooner or later.
And she would just stand, throwing stones,
At ones who seemed to enjoy the majesty of ocean,
And she couldn't, because she feared the waves would carry her away;
Thus, standing, throwing, screaming... hurting others,
Cowering beneath her fear,
Frowning over her own inability

girl,  shore.

Author: Shivam S
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1193322

Peaceful shore

I walked along the beach and sat down by the shore
I watched the tide roll in coming home once more.

Then i took a paddle and walked in to the sea
As i watched the waves rolling over me.

The water it was warm i could feel the heat
As the tide was rolling covering my feet.

It was very peaceful as quiet as can be
Just being on the shore made me feel so free.

peaceful,  shore.

Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1189288

Dilapidated Cartilage On The Shore

A casket of broken views in what
Was once elegance, now but cut
To thin shards of what it once was
A home. Now all but skeletal because
The view sullen in there departed thoughts.

Windows to the soul of a home desolate
In greetings, a ragged cloth does wait static
As if the wind dare not to tamper indoors.
But only cartilage of wood is viewed from shores.

It still wanders on the landscape in static motion,
Doors still shut to viewing but in tarnished notion
Once in elegance it was perceived but no more.
As it sits abandoned, dilapidated is its docor.

cartilage,  dilapidated,  shore.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1186052

... ... walk gentle the shore ... ...


Little boys and girls

| | | |

( Renewal )

: :
: :

Some say:

" lots of mistakes have been made "

We talk about so many things


( love )

­ ••

The winds blow naked and we go on and on



­ The boy
The girl

The sea


Die for awhile and go free

( love )


Everyone knows that you are here

gentle,  shore,  walk.

Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1177381

On the Shore of the River Styx

This life
Can be boiled down
To a few out of body experiences
In my boxers
In my bed
With my dog
Laying on the floor
Between the clean pile
And the dirty one

It can be traced
By borrowed books
And cigar butts
And little bits of broken glass
That I still find on the back porch

It can be measured
If you hold it up to the light
And see how much shines through,
Leaking out the other side
Like the drip of a faucet
To be carried away
By the river
That takes all life

I found myself
Washed up in the dark
On the cool wet stone
Of the shore.
I couldn't see the river
But the current rumbled
With the voice of the ender
Reaching out to pull me in.

river,  shore,  styx.

Author: Daniel Wiedenmann
Date: 08/03/2020

№ 1175899

Sea shore

A slate of all the shades of blue softly
Cloaks my eyes. One glittering, fluttering star
A Diamond tear from heavenly cries.
Cotton puffs sailing through in a fabric of white
Like faceless angels. But I can see them smile at me-
A sky-candle in the night.

The waves near the sea shore
Ebbing and swimming upon themselves; they fight,
Drowning each other fleetingly, but not
The gleeful whisper of the sprinting breeze

My eyes seize
A pair of white wings
Followed by a million pairs of flying feathers
Their beaks grazing upon the
Greenish water that slowly shifts to the lightest blue.
A zillion shades of unearthly hue
Disappears softly with the sky
Like the perfect blending of souls.

Hear the unexplained, here
The scintillating brilliance of nature
Comes back to you.
Within and beyond of transient fingers is
The ethereal transcendence. Nature.
Beauty like God.

Now, Breathe.

sea,  shore.

Author: Keertana
Date: 07/03/2020