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№ 1209253

A guide for along side elephants

Run with the elephants, you
Know your heart is a compos
With each direction – a pin pointed
To the angle of the side beating

With the graceful rise of trunks
And the eruption of brass
You will see that the mind cannot

Be a guide as the pride is
A soul-bound adventure.

Through African planes, golden
Shards of grass glowing as if
Oceans struck by dusk, and
Along side giants – we are
Not thought; back-lit against
Sunset but

A rhythm as if Kenyan drums,

Each thump – a magnet to
The pull of triumph.

elephants,  guide,  side.

Author: Arden Jaeger
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209150

Look on the bright side

Life can be cold, dreary and dark
So dark, you can't even see a tiny little spark
It's full of memories, some happy, some sad
But come to think of it, life isn't all that bad

Sometimes, we feel nothing but grief and shame
These feelings we're feeling, who is to blame?
Think brightly! think positively!
Tell your mind to be happy!

Those times we've had that cause us to frown
My, we should forget those times and smile like a clown!
For those are over, finished and done!
Enjoy your precious life because there is only one.

bright,  side.

Author: b
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207497

This side up

He keeps the contents of his life in boxes. The clear Rubbermaid totes with the locking lids that keep the contents from spilling out across the floor when they are least needed. The same containers that keep everything within protected against assailing liquid falling from above. Most of his possessions have long since been discarded, but there is an odd assortment of memories that are kept safe.

A model rocket that his grandfather, long since passed, used to take him to open fields to launch towards the heavens. It never quite reached, but in his mind he was chasing down the parachute of a spaceship returning from a long voyage.

Birthday cards received when it was still exciting to count the years. When the cards still had happy monsters devouring birthday cake and the short handwritten messages read "We are so proud of the person you are becoming".

First place medals from sports competitions, spelling bees, and field days. A single second place medal from a martial arts tournament where brute force could not overcome the wisdom of an elder opponent.

The metal plates off of every baseball trophy earned since playing teeball at age four. When the shelves could no longer support the weight of the trophies they were discarded, and the cheaply made nameplates are the only reminder left that they ever existed.

Too many years of school yearbooks with sloppy signatures following words of wisdom reminding him to stay cool, and that he would see you all again after the summer.

A red, sweat-stained Schlitz hat that was stolen from the older, much more cool, cousin. He stopped asking for its return years ago, and has probably forgotten that it even existed.

Certificates that prove he was once a member of Builder club, Beta club, Phi Theta Kappa, National Honor Society, Student Government, and Junior Ambassadors to the Chamber of Commerce. Reminders of times when joining clubs meant you got to miss class to hang out with your friends.

A single blue ribbon knotted three times as a reminder that it should never be untied. Beyond those simple knots are all of the love letters that were written between him and the first girl that was able to open his eyes so that he could see what love, and loss, truly meant.

An old, barely functioning, paintball gun that he bought with the money from his first real job. The same gun that, through some miracle, gave him and his father their first common interest. He picks it up from time to time and pretends that they are still hiding behind bunkers ready to charge the opposing team.

A tiny red Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robot ring used as an excuse to wrestle around in bed with one of his closest friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The blue ring moved far away and has long since stopped answering her phone, knowing that the rematch of the century will never occur.

Diplomas from high school and college that will probably never hang framed on a wall. He was never truly proud of accomplishments so easily attained.

Hiding in the shadows of these boxes is each first kiss that is a stone sitting beneath the shattered mirror friendships that could not hold their weight. He is reminded to find either lighter stones or more sturdy mirrors in the future.

Friends that he has met in countless towns huddle together, trying to stay warm amidst the bitter cold they perceive around them. He calls or texts from time to time, but the embers cannot replace the pyre he used to provide.

Lovers that never expected the love they received in return bask in the solace of the fact that they are rarely seen or disturbed. He smiles when he comes across them, but knows better than to retrieve them from the storage where they are kept.

He still keeps all of the contents of his life in boxes. The same clear Rubbermaid totes with the locking lids, whose transparency allows him to view the contents from afar without disturbing them. He says he uses them so all of the contents don't spill out when he doesn't want them to, but his blurred vision reminds him that he chose the waterproof variety for a reason.

It would only take an hour or two to unpack everything at each new location he moved to, but he knows that the next time he unpacks he will not be doing it alone. It becomes more difficult for him each time he has to condense everyone and everything of import into totes light enough to carry to the next location.


Author: Omnis Atrum
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207418

Other side

She just stares at her phone with hate,

Not knowing on the other side on the world,

**He tries to call to say
He loves her.


Author: Francisco III
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207192

Urn's Side by Side

How happy is my aching heart,
Weeping tears of joy,
Together like always, you are again joined,
Remembering as one, and to never now be apart
Blissful memories, I will keep ahold...
All of them I can touch like the beginning,
And right from the start.
From up above your watchful eyes
Looking down to the earth, I can feel
Your protection, I felt it always...
And I felt it from, since my birth.
When I'm done with the master's plan
Into his crimson fortress
I will also ascend...
So then together forever,
We will always hold,
In our hands,
All the stories, you have told.

(SirCARSr. 4-4-13)

side,  urn.

Author: Curt A Rivard Sr
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204737

One side By Mr. ALI LIMEM

Why you always falling me
Why can't you go away
And leave me free
Oh i felt in love with you
And you stole my heart and my soul
I wish i never met you
I'm sick of your acting
You make me wanna scream

The angel inside my soul wants to get you
But the devil wants you to disappear
Oh i wish i never met
I forgot how to dream
Just leave me alone
I feel like a clown
You made
People laughing at me
And they think I'm fool
Oh girl I'm not your baby toy
Or your mobile phone
I can forget you so easily
I just need a little while
And I'll be too much better
And all the scares
Will be gone
But you'll never learn
How to love a guy
And you'll be so alone

ali,  side.

Author: Limem ALi
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204383

With a side of guilt

I've been a woman for nineteen and a few months years
And i've never looked at waitstaff
And asked
Can i get that with a side of guilt?
But i should have
Because it feels like that's what i
Am ordering
Instead of fries because
All the salt in the world
Can't cover up the taste of guilt and self loathing i feel for eating sometimes
This is for all of the ladies i know who look at cookies
Longingly, but tell themselves no
Only to eat an entire box of them later
And cry
And most women will never admit to it
But i've been there
And cookies don't taste so good when
You're tossing them up
And this is for the ladies i have watched in the grocery store
Eyeballing the candy bars like they are men in dark
Allies or
Snakes in the grass
Because the magazines sitting right beside
Them are watching you watching that candy bar watching you watching your weight watching those inches around your waist watching you
And telling you that you aren't good enough
A moment on the lips forever on
The- hold that fucking thought
Because my lips and hips have two things in common-- they are big
And they want all this
Bullshit to stop
Every time a woman prattles off how many calories are in a drink
I can't help but correct her in my mind because
I know for a fact that there are five more calories in that than she told me
Because i've been counting calories and playing games with my stomach since
Second grade.
I may be shit at algebra, but i know intake out-take math like
I know the smell of my grandma's cigarettes.
Eating meals with other women
Is unbearable because i am tiered
Of having to eat entire cinnamon buns
To myself because
My friends wont split them with me
And i'm tiered of watching women
Talk about eating too much but
Wanting to get
Tomorrow like
Feeding themselves is a crime
And so the next time i go to
Cookout for a blueberry shake
I'll ask you to leave out the guilt
Because it fills my throat up
Like sand and my teeth
Are brittle and tired from being
Bared and ground
While i
Battle with myself
Over the baked goods at
A coffee shop
Wondering if
I feel like hating myself

guilt,  side.

Author: Ashley Wade Parker
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204351

By Your Side

There will be no more sad songs
Or nights of no sleep
Worrying about you
And wondering if you are alive.
There will be no more secret deals
Or desperate lies
To keep up your life style
And no more tears that fall.
There is no need for crying.
The pride I have for you
Is larger than words can describe
And if I could find the words to express it
I would want to scream it
To the world.
But I wont
I'll keep those words for us.


Author: Mia Eugenia
Date: 01/04/2020