Poems about sight


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There is a man on the corner
The brown if his trench coat spattered with drops of rain
But its not raining
Coming closer he was gone
But the details have yet to fade with him


Author: Beneath my willow weeping
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1204593

Love at First Sight, Over and Over

When I was eleven I joined the cast of the school play
And the genie was played by a girl
Three years older
With straight dark hair, and a nervously witty way with words
And the most captivatingly violent contempt for the world
That masked and mingled with a host of little insecurities,
And the largest jewel tone eyes I'd ever seen.
One was blue and one was green,
And she looked at me.
I think it was when I was peeking out from behind the curtain.
She just looked at me for a second and
I fell in love with her right there.
Six years later was the first day I forgot to think of her,
And I do believe I'll never go a solid month without the ghost of loving her pressing up against my back once or twice,
Quite unexpectedly.
I didn't speak to her for the first four years,
And when I did I became her best friend, sure that that was what I felt for her.
And two years after we met,
She disappeared and I was glad by then,
But loved her no less.
That was the first.

Then during my eighth grade summer,
Just before I started high school,
I walked into my summer camp
To the theatre to audition for the play
And there on the stage there was a girl
With freckles on her shoulders like cinnamon sprinkled.
She always wore a close fitting hat over her short hair
And her eyes were the deep, slate grey of the sky just before a rainstorm cracks through the clouds.
Her fingers looked like porcelain,
And I couldn't stop looking at them
Because I remembered the sculptures in the Museum of Fine Art
That I always wanted to touch as a child- smooth and white and delicate but with the suggestion of strength.
And when she spoke her voice was the lowest, richest one I'd ever heard
And everyone in the room bent toward her as if caught by gravity.
The way she uses words when she talks is the way a concert pianist uses the keys-
You have to stop and stand in awe, sometimes.
She can make you feel things.
I saw her on that stage, and I fell in love with her, right there,
And this time I think I knew it was love and not friendship.
Four, maybe five years later,
I know I'm not over it.
She was the first girl I ever thought about kissing.
That was the second.

Then my sophomore year, I suddenly looked at a good friend of mine
And saw her for what she was instead of passing by.
Chocolate brown eyes full of sweetness and vitality,
Long brown hair that fell in little curls about her face when it escaped its pinnings as she danced,
She was radiant, inside and out,
Full of this innocent joy, an ability to be... happy
That I had never imagined.
Her little beauties snuck up on you,
And then all of a sudden hit you hard and knocked you over.
It was her loveliness as a person that made her truly extraordinary-
She was nicer to me than anyone I'd ever loved.
By then I knew it was love, and I felt ashamed.
I gave her what gifts I could-
Perhaps too many-
To satisfy some need in me to thank her for existing.
And although I finally learned to keep myself from pining for her
I know that to this day I would fall for her again if I saw her.
She was like a balm for the hard cold brutality of everyday life;
Knowing her was like healing from being alive.
She's overseas now,
Lighting up some room somewhere,
And I hope that the people in it feel the warmth of her like the sun, like I did.
That was the third.

Then my junior year, quite unexpectedly,
I found that I loved no one and hurt over no one,
And I began to find a peace in that
Until on Halloween I walked into my friend's party
(My friend who has, since, sadly spoiled from the inside out over the years,
Or maybe he always was rather that way. )
And I saw what sunlight would look like if it were a person.
Dark hair, black eyes like whole galaxies, high cheekbones, full lips
And the softest, most radiant skin I'd ever seen or felt.
I thought I dreamed her that night,
And many, many times since then I've thought the same.
She kissed me and I felt it through every cell of me,
And although I slowly fell in love with her mind in the coming weeks,
I knew I loved her soul when I saw her eyes the moment she first looked at me.
The joy of being hers left such a glow upon my soul
That when she left I was blind, and fell to my knees.
For a long, long time, she was all there was-
First in love and perfection, and I shivered when she touched me,
Then in loss and devastation, and I shook without her near.
I worked harder and longer than I've ever worked for anything in my life this past year
To learn to love her and live through it even though she is gone
Instead of letting go of the memory of her and hence losing her for good.
Worth every second, I maintain.
She was the person who first loved me back-
The only one so far, honestly-
And I know I will be in love with her until the day I die.
That was the fourth.

And then when I had resigned myself to a life
Of loving someone who wouldn't touch me anymore,
I met somebody new.
She has dark hair that catches the light red,
Wild and curly and it dances in the breeze.
She has the bluest eyes I've ever seen, full of laughter and warmth-
Eyes like that are dangerous, they can make a whole room hot or cold
All on their own.
She saw me loving her, and drew my soul from me
With the touch of her fingers on my cheek
And took it with her when she pulled away and walked down the hall
At 3 am
And when she rounded the corner
She'll never know that I sat down and cried
Right there
Because I knew I'd never quite get it back.
I knew she wouldn't be so close ever again.
But I cried with a smile
Because everyone I meet who can make me feel so intensely that I lose control
Is the most important person I've ever met, all over again.
So now there is her
Her and all these ghosts that press cold against my back when I lay down to sleep
See-through arms around my waist,
Making sure that nothing warm quite touches me truly.
And if she fades with them-
For she is already blurring around the edges,
Starting to retreat into the part of my heart that can house the things that
-If she fades with them
There will have been another lesson to go with this loss.
I never know what I'm being taught
So brutally
But hopefully someday I will figure it out.
Maybe then somebody will chase the ghosts away and put her arms around me
And I will know security for the first time in my entire life.
She is the fifth.
But heaven knows who will be
The last.

love,  sight.

Author: Mikaila
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1202520

Love at first sight?

The first time I saw you by my locker
I didn't notice anything about you at first, just the back of your head
After all, I had an hour to kill
The second time i saw you was in the cafeteria
You sat in front of me, by choice
And I was happy about it
It took me ten to 15 minutes to talk to you,
And i wasn't even the one to speak first
You introduced yourself then asked if I needed help
Two weeks passed and I haven't said a word just looked at you from a distance
My anxiety swallows my whole and i can't even say hello
But I have had time to notice you
And let me just say
I'm in love with your taste in music
I'm in love with the way you say my name when you call me
I'm in love with the way you hold your notebook
I love thinking about the way your voice changes when dialogue changes
Or when you struggle reading words you've never seen before and sit there for a few seconds trying to piece together what they mean
As i think about these things, I also pick up how you would never even Think of me
I mean really
You probably want a girl that's outgoing and is as funny as you
Or someone you can spend an afternoon together after school with
I'm very shy i can't even speak clearly
And i can't even talk without looking like a fool... "you too"
But even if nothing will ever happen
It would be just as quite exciting being friends with you
We could share the FNL binder and practice our lesson
It hasn't even been a semester yet and i'm already writing mediocre poetry about you
I'm sorry about that by the way
I'm not asking for a relationship but a friendship with someone like you would feel just the same.

love,  sight.

Author: Alana Renee Montague
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200535

Love At First Sight

The moment you entered the room
I felt a pull
My eyes couldn't be removed
I had a connection with you
Didn't know then all you'd mean
Each day we'd stare
Sometimes smile
Always getting closer
So close my skin warmed
From the heat radiating from you
But the world
Broke through our perfection
And slowly we broke apart
You distanced yourself
Broke my barely whole heart
I'll never forget
I'll never give up
Because I realize now
I loved you all along.

love,  sight.

Author: Victoria Jennings
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1191700

First Sight

Above coral lips
Venetian blue sadness
Your luminous eyes


Author: David Alexander Walker
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1185994

Love at first sight?

No such thing
Love is to powerful to be happening in a second
Love doesn't happen in the blink of an eye
They were lying
The people who told you
It was love at first sight

love,  sight.

Author: Claire Walters
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1185766


It's difficult to see through tears.
I would know.


Author: Skye Applebome
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1176555

The Sight of You

Blonde Green
Insisted I
Behind my back
Best friends to
Enemies to
My friend from
Betrayed her
For another
The pain Ignored
My plea to fix us I
Silence She
Cries and
Saw you and you
Saw right through me
Why I won't take her
Back this


Author: Regan Troop
Date: 07/03/2020