Poems about silent


№ 1210394

Silent and numb

Black and white butterfly's
Pasted to the cold glass windowpane
Against the grainy image of clouds
But to the butterfly's they are forever sailing the windless world
Forever following eachother in such
Sweet refrain silent and numb

Black and white butterfly's
Pasted to the glass wilderness
The urge to give their lives color
The desire to be more than born to be
To see the better world
Greener pastures
To be the apple of some young girls eye
To be the happier dream

Brief moment
When head above water
The thoughts are clearer
The feelings less fractured
Swimming the last mile filled
With sunshine breathing
Feels so free
After the nail to the head laughter box
Creature image hollow pool
Where we have run out of water
While i'm still trying to swim upstream
Beat the butterfly's home
While i'm still
Silent and numb

numb,  silent.

Author: mark john junor
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210297

Silent Protector

A quiet night,
A windy night,
A night...

For battle

I stalk the corners,
Scan the windows,

For battle

My keeper sleeps,
Safe in his dreams,

He will survive the night

A sound...

A foe in the dark!
He attacks!

Dodge! Jump! Roll!

We tumble and grapple,
My master wakes!

A light stuns my foe,
I deal the killing blow,
He stood no chance...

This string shall hurt my master no more!

protector,  silent.

Author: Duncan Morrison
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210129

So silent, peacefully snow falls again

So silent, peacefully snow falls again
Through afternoon and all throughout the night;
Snow turns to sleet and pelting freezing rain
As morning breaks to pastel sunrise bright.
White glazing on each branch of leafless trees
And Jack Frost etched each window with his skill;
Nipt our world with a sudden icy freeze,
Delighting young and old with Winter still.
But though this scenery engulfs a while,
Provoking childish antics blissfully;
Soon snowmen melt, which vanishes a smile
And frostbit flowers bloom with greatest glee.
When once again sweet warblers start to sing,
Announcing to the world rebirth of Spring.

falls,  peacefully,  silent,  snow.

Author: Timothy
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1207948


We stab each other with vicious words that we silently take back...
I shove you across the floor and tell you that I hate you even though the only thing I want to say is that I love you...

I tell the whole word that you are a joke and a damn looser... but inside you are my knight in shining amour. The one that I would run to when I am in need. Truth is I am tired of this silent war of pretense... I love you and I need you...

silent,  wars.

Author: One Pamela Pusumane
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207758

Silent Devotion

The letters I never sent still sit and collect dust.
An novels worth of thoughts filled with you.
The time taken, conveying something not so easily read aloud.
If by the time I do send these letters your thought will still be present.
Sealed with the accordance that I imagined your lips before licking and sealing it shut.
Of course not every letter is of a serious tone.
There has to be some silliness somewhere.
Smiles scribbled to and from the end of the flap.
Letters nicely tucked, a hint of cologne still lingering about.
Words floating from one page to the next.
Hoping you see my face in every line in the letters I never sent.
Simplifying the significance of how much I thought of you.
Facing a blank sheet of paper soon to be filled.
Attempting a million and one ways to confess all the unique and special
Things that make you, well.
No one is you.
Remember that, as by the end of this letter I'll imagine placing my lips against your forehead.
That's enough for me.
As the letters I've never sent will soon become a novel devoted to the many times I've sat and thought of you

devotion,  silent.

Author: Kewayne Wadley
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206108

The Silent and the Night

As silent as the night is.
Great evil, lies inside it.
As many souls are silent.
Few decide to harm them.
Friends of the night
Enemies to the silent.
As the silent lies down helpless
And looks breathless.
Who will guard them.
There is power for the powerless
Protection for the harmless.
There is great evil under the night
And God is for us all.

night,  silent.

Author: murphis bleek
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205690

The Silent Narrows

I crave quiet more than palest sinners
Do their peace of absolution and lift
Toward tolerable circumstance wherein
Green fields flowing beneath warm winds
Play a simple, serene music.

I pray in the gray throng's heralding din
This drowning siren die away and leave
Faint thhought to famish, feign, or forge beyond
Splitting bone and aching sight in face of
Plain, revolving day's hissing tread of night.

I lay subtle or naked by degree.
The myth of common speech harbors the vague
Extremity, solidly-stateed airs,
Whims of purchase, the purchases of whim,
All paid with the natio0n's prismatic mirror.

Then say this man, a spawn of time, should feel
Abrupt and free? Even to imagine
Will-tuned guitars flourishing and dancers
Sweeping across a mosaic of red tile
Inlaid upon the wrecked and shattered ground?

narrows,  silent.

Author: Donald Gardner Stacy
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205595

Silent [Night]

Are you serious.

I've given you warnings,
I've given you time,
I've had patience.

Patience, is no more.
You have pulled on my final straw.
This means war.

Watch your back, young one,
Beware of those around you.
You don't know the strength I have.

My war is different than yours,
I don't use sticks, I don't use stones,
I don't even use the words from my mouth.

My war, is a peaceful war.
A peaceful war you should fear.
Silence is my best virtue.

If I were you, I'd listen to me
You don't know what you're getting into,
Nobody ever does, *until it's too late

night,  silent.

Author: Sam
Date: 03/04/2020