Poems about silently


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Silently screaming

If my life was to end today,
It wouldn't change the world in any way.
Im wearing this smile that I dont believe in,
Inside I feel like screaming.

screaming,  silently.

Author: Damaged
Date: 01/04/2020

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Silently dying

Down, down, down the deep,
As i cry and weep.
But nothing could mend this,
Heart, that beats so old and weary.

The knife, a dreadful sharp,
Creeps into my lonesome heart.

dying,  silently.

Author: Lumpy
Date: 28/03/2020

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Hearts Break Silently

People think
That when you break something,
It has to make a clang,
Or a rattle
Or a smash.
The night my heart broke,
No one heard a thing.

break,  hearts,  silently.

Author: Bret
Date: 10/03/2020

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Laugh silently

You're going to be fine.
I am, see?
You will. I came to tell you stuff. Listening?
Jumble sale shoes. I know you've got acrylics somewhere. Paint them.
The shoes. Flowers and dragons like you draw up your arms. They're really good by the way. No one in school draws like you.
We are. You just have to be good-different. Stop hiding the whole time. Everyone loves your drawing.
We still like painting, reading...
It'll happen when you're 11. The letters un-jumble and it makes sense.
And at Christmas- tell Mum it's your idea: Keeping him away from the booze makes him cross- no point. Give him a drink as early as possible. By noon he's unconscious and you put him to bed. Looks like he hit his head real hard but he woke up.
It's OK. He doesn't remember a thing. Works every year.
Stuff heals. It gets better. Everything. Life is excellent. People say you're pretty, won't believe it but you are. And we live on a good street in a warm house by the sea.
Honestly, cross my heart.
There's one last thing. Listening?
Learn to laugh silently, no sound what so ever. I know you can't imagine it- but she gets her revenge and it's going to be funny. Takes years. You must play along or it wonвАШt work. So laugh silently.
Just one example then: Do you go to the car-boot sales yet?
On a Sunday in June, only 7AM but it's so hot! She spots a koi carp in the road.
Like a giant goldfish. This one was huge. Probably dropped by a heron or something.
She moves it onto the verge and keeps walking. It's still there at 1. 30. Been baking up on that verge all morning in full sun. Smothered in ants, horrible.
She wraps it in a Tesco bag and a bin liner- it stinks. As soon as you get in she starts frying onions, making pastry, white sauce. Dad eats fish pie for supper.
She made us a separate one.

laugh,  silently.

Author: ju
Date: 08/03/2020

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Silently She's Combing

Silently she's combing,
Combing her long hair
Silently and graciously,
With many a pretty air.

The sun is in the willow leaves
And on the dappled grass,
And still she's combing her long hair
Before the looking-glass.

I pray you, cease to comb out,
Comb out your long hair,
For I have heard of witchery
Under a pretty air,

That makes as one thing to the lover
Staying and going hence,
All fair, with many a pretty air
And many a negligence.

combing,  silently.

Author: James Joyce
Date: 15/02/2020

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Silently you Suffer!

Covering up,
Those woes and fears,
A painted smile,
Now masquerades those tears,
Daily trials and tribulations,
Their way of handling,
Difficult situations,
Carefully in the mirror,
They will construct this face,
All of their troubles,
Firmly put into a safe place,
Now oblivious not for sharing,
Lack of trust,
Lack of caring,
Paint on that smile,
Which conceals those cracks?
Carefully smothering,
All traces and tracks,
Slowly resurrecting this,
Protective fence,
Keeping the door closed,
Disguises this pretence.
Silently you suffer,
The onset of depression,
Shame and fear,
Will prevent their confession!


silently,  suffer.

Date: 09/02/2020

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Silently asking me

I don't testify to my misfortune
This road alone I travel
I bear witness to one cry full
That gave me hope

Undelivered yet, on the road travelling
I quest unending
For the echoes I hear
For the promise that voice
The melody the
Silence it brought

The never ending patience
Never doubted where at the end of this road
My feet splintered raw all my energy
I give to this

Where on around corners
Might be after I die
Or in another realm
Be the answers to what I seek.
Silently asking me
To find.

I will.


Author: wordvango
Date: 08/02/2020

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Quiet Speaks Silently

If the mind speaks quietly, why not?
It's like pouring rain, without sound
It's like rustling leaves and no sound
Or the soothing sound of silence speaks out

To be introverted, or not?
If you are, let it express itself in its highest tone
If you are, let it be authentic as it is
The Earth needs it, for the balance of the world

If we were meant to be equals
None of the human achievements would be found
It would be only misery and doubt
The world would cease to be endowed

quiet,  silently,  speaks.

Author: Claudia Andrea Casas
Date: 26/01/2020