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Sing me back to beaches

In the monsoon,
I walked colonised streets
Trying to befriend a city,
Forged fields and bright street lights,
They often vanished inside my eyes
To see happy children on beaches;
Glass ceilings shattering to find a sky,
That broke down abruptly
To weep on my shoulders.
I swam in the rain
Only to meet those children at the beach.
They roofed me under white curtains,
For the Witch might try to grab me,
Plait my hair
And take me back
To her hall of circus.

Every flower,
Every breeze,
Every wounded bird in a city
Are part of a folklore
Where minstrels live,
They all sing me
Back to beaches.

beaches,  sing.

Author: Gaye
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208550

If I Could Sing A Song

If I could sing a song,
A song so beautiful
That it would mean something,
Something for the whole world
To relate to, and for the world
To be filled with passion,
And with joy, and with deep comfort,
I would sing a lovely ballad,
One that would last a lifetime
A million times over.

And I would sing that song
Just for you.

sing,  song.

Author: AJ Chilson
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207143


Please open,
I need to let it out,
I can't keep holding back,
I need to express myself,
But you won't let me,
You tighten,
Around my feeble words,
That cry from their prison,
To be allowed to show themselves,
But you won't let them,
I choke,
My whole body begins to shake,
And those lyrics that seemed so perfect,
I stare,
Into nothing,
Wishing I could speak,
But hoping more that I,
Can begin to sing in key,
But no,
You decide for me,
That my sentiment is not worth sound,
You refuse to permit my right to free speech,
By closing my vocal chords down.
Their eyes stare,
No sympathy,
Critical confusion,
In the end their glares usher me away,
I shuffle back from the microphone,
With an apologetic smile to my pianist,
I turn and leave the stage,
My hands hit the floor,
My head down,
Eyes down,
Tears fall,
Anger builds,
But only at my sorry self.
The rest of me was so strong.
But my throat gave away my pain.


Author: Parsavagely Kompenere
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205982

Sing to me (one more song)

Meet me in the light
Beneath the willow trees
With the sweet songs of the birds
To harmonize to

Bring your harp
And sing to me
Like you do every time we meet
But this time let me help

Sing with me
I know my voice isn't the best
But humor me
Strum your harp and let me sing

Where are you?
You don't come to see me anymore
So where have you gone?
I can't find you anywhere

So I went to see your family
When the door creaked open
Showing me a field of red eyes
At the sight of me fresh tears

Oh where are you
You would have never had abandoned us
I come upon

A grave made of wood
With your name engraved
Sing to me
Wait for me in the other world

Meet me in the meadow
Underneath the willow trees
I'll be there soon

So sing to me
Bring your harp
And sing for me

sing,  song.

Author: Ravenna Mist
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205424

Where angels sing

Where angels sing, you lead the choir,
Cascading bright with song,
Where angels fly, you fly higher,
Around the earth, up and along.

Your love flows like a river,
Unto becoming ears,
A truth with doth deliver,
Beauty to be enjoyed for years.

angels,  sing.

Author: Megan Sherman
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1199756

Sing Along

The sound of you living your life
Motivates me to keep living mine,
And create my own song
To sing along with yours


Author: Sand
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198015

Sing to me

Oh my darling
They fill my guts when I look in your eyes.
A heart that's young is filled with sweet surprise.
Everday I listen to the funny things you
You say.
I hope you never ever change your ways.
Let's take a wander through the world today.
I'd like all of you. I'd like to roll up in a ball of you.
There are no words to say just how I fell so
Sing to me sing, there's nothing else you need bring to me. But either way you're everything to me.
'Cause you sing to me. Yeh, you sing to me


Author: Myriah
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197497

Star of the moon lite angel /a song 3x sing

Touch upon star tonite
O' little angel of life.
On this christmas day
As tonight tonight.
I wish upon the stars.
To hold my love
In my arms.
On this holy night.
Soft words echo in the wind.
In this moon lite night.
Touch the star in skies
On the moon lite night.
As the angel sing.
On this christmas day.
Touch the stars tonite.
O'little angel of life.
The stars are out to night.
On this christmas day.
So walk with me talk me.
Feel the love an joy.
On this special day.
As the angel sing.
Feel my heart with love
An joy.
On this christmas day.
Touch upon the star to nite.
O"little angel of life.
On this christmas day.
As tonight tonight.
I wish upon the star.
To hold my love in my arms.
As the angels sing on this holy
Feel the love feel the joy
On this christmas day.

Sing three that the song

angel,  lite,  moon,  sing,  song,  star.

Author: dennis gunsteen
Date: 26/03/2020