Poems about sitting


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Sitting I Wait Hopless

I wish I knew
I wish. I know.
You know I wish
I wish for you
You for me
And me for you
You wish you knew
You wish. I know.
You wish for love
I say let go

sitting,  wait.

Author: Connor Squires
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209313

Sitting with Crimson

There's a fat plastic tube taped sub-clavian carrying ruby fluid
From a clear bag that hangs overhead
Draining mysteries of modern alchemy
Into your body, its lifetime measured, silent droplets
Inside a hermetically sealed hourglass we can only watch, not touch
But they don't change you

By protocol your nurse wore her nitrile gloves doubled-up
Lest she get this stuff on her fingers - it's toxic -
Advised you to flush the toilet twice,
Making certain to eliminate stray molecules that might
Be exposed to sitting innocents

I should be in the next chair, holding your hand

We might share complimentary raspberry danish,
Stare at a silent TV on the wall
As it broadcasts flashing pictures of calamity from
The latest war or storm savaged country
But we've been living there for years already
Our home not populous enough to draw serious media attention;

We'd wrestle sips of anemic coffee from free paper cups
Yours going into a red can when you've finished
Because that brilliant color insinuates itself into saliva, eventually
As it does to blood and urine;
I could take mine home

I'd read moving captions at the bottom of the screen
To know what's going on in the images
While you'd feign interest in this tedious world and remind me, again,
How life is tenuous

Ask me the name of that dripping liquid just to see if i was listening,
An appellation alien - if life were fair it would be easier
But i'd get the pronunciation wrong
Maybe it could be a French word i remember reading to you from a menu in Paris
We might paste it thickly, soft cheese onto torn chunks of baguette
Savored between sips of cabernet from long stemmed glasses;
Pronounce it “good” as if we could own it

Gigolo and gigolette -
We'd stolen the whole earth that moment,
Grinning like a pair of cat burglars at a cafe table where i'd held your hand
But here we are, old again, bitter enemies
For the moment, i'm glad for Ativan and Motrin,
The only names i can remember from your tray of saltines and ginger ale

Instead, i'm sitting alone at home with cigarettes and bourbon,
More congenial poisons
Staring at a white, unmoving ceiling, pretending I'm working
We're like that, you know, tug and tow - where you go,
I'm heart-bound to follow
Doctor Jack insists i'll live much longer, a little sicker after
I might adjust expectations for a worn-out liver, headaches,
Possible blood pressure elevations; short warnings written on the label

While yours smile, with more tricks than carnival barkers
They say, now, a handful - or only two - more tricks up their sleeves,
The grinning, white-coated thieves
Jack smiles, pats my hand, a warm man

Smoking is prohibited in the clinic
I'd hang from the window ledge to get the next nicotine fix,
But it won't open to alive, mowed grass outside -
These proceedings always sequester hidden behind curtains in private,
A secret art of undertakers doctoring flesh to look still-living,
Love making in mid-evening darkness we've long forgotten

I'd draw deeply chemically-treated air, forget it's now happening
Remind myself a paternal need to stay healthy for survivors
While trying to avoid living in midst of your horrors,
A preoccupation that subsumes my mind

If you're right - and you always are - how could i bury you?
When the dog died,
I dug her hole in our garden myself, deep through tree roots to bedrock,
Then beyond, depth a measure of devotion;
Carved a stone with my own fingernails, her name in a crossed heart
And we two cried like shivering babies
As we shoveled all the dirt back in to cover her

These are words of a weak man, selfish bastard that i am
And really, all of life's slumped over in my lap right now,
Just this little girl sleeping
But i should be in the next chair
If you'd only let me sit there

crimson,  sitting.

Author: Robert Zanfad
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1195041

Sitting outside to watch the midnight storm

Listen to the rain pour.
I mean- listen to the world's roar.
The wind; brash and arrogant.
Unseen forces leave strong trees bent.

*Lightening cracks open a blackened sky,
Rolling thunder follows to say goodbye.

midnight,  sitting,  storm,  watch.

Author: Bonswan
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1186997

Sitting room poem

To cushion the effects
That life has thrown in your face
To collect in cupboards the memory
Of your faceless expression
To televise the news you sent to me
So freely leaving out the best bits
So i could create a world of my own
And the table is laiden with
All the good things money could never buy
Step lightly on the carpet of roses that
I have place for your tender feet to step
Oh my there is so much freedom in your smile
I sigh long and hard
Not knowing which way you have turned
Or which tunnel you are hidding in

poem,  room,  sitting.

Author: Pebbles
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1178405

Sitting & Waiting

I'll sit...

... and I'll wait.

Beat me, brand me, berate me.

I'll sit...

... and I'll wait.

Tell me I'm nothing, tell me we were nothing, tell me you don't love me.

... Still...

I'll sit...

... and I'll wait.

Starve me of your attention, disappear from my sight, remove all memories of us.

And still...

I'll sit...

... and I'll wait.

"Poor idiot. "

They'll say.

"She'll wait forever if she doesn't learn to leave for herself. "

amp,  sitting,  waiting.

Author: Collins
Date: 09/03/2020

№ 1175101

Sitting at the Desk

She closes her eyes and leans back
Pushing her feet against the desk
Believing (praying) that the chair
Won't slip and dump her on the ground.

But all that is secondary.
In her mind's eye she sees Heaven
In the starlight and wispy clouds
Wheeling through her mind to her soul.

She puts all of her trust in Him.
Through Him she finds much needed peace
And surrenders herself to waves
Of thought and love that He provides.

desk,  sitting.

Author: Roisin Sullivan
Date: 06/03/2020

№ 1171512

Sitting around

I'm just sitting around
For that Zack and Anne attack
For it is inevevitible
It's so friggin predictable
There be eardrums to burst
And no laughs out loud
Let's see what transpires
Sometimes their up then down.


Author: john p green
Date: 03/03/2020

№ 1167552

Puppy Sitting

Yep puppy sitting my daughters eleven week old
Red fox Labrador bitch
All long legs big feet and puddles of pee on the carpet
Oh dear, Mollie dogs not happy
This pup is into everything
The contents of my pockets now strewn over the floor,
Teeth marks in my very expensive cell phone
I wouldn't change anything
Its been eight years since Mollie dog was a puppy
And I'd forgotten what fun they can be
Anyway how do I explain to my daughter about
The scratches on Ambers' nose?
Well she learned the hard way about what happens
When a puppy investigates one of my boys

puppy,  sitting.

Author: Joe Cole
Date: 28/02/2020