Poems about skies


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Sleepless Nights and Starry Skies

Sleepless nights and starry skies
2. Autumn breeze it fills my eyes
3. Hoping that you'll tell to me
4. I(n) between the lines, is what I want you to see
5. Waiting for that special night
6. Love in the air, I hope this is right
7. Wishing, wanting all to be true, read what I say and I'll tell
8. You. _________

nights,  skies,  sleepless,  starry.

Author: Dylan Chavez
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208896

Summer skies.

I see summer skies
Hidden behind
Your cloudy grey eyes.
I won't let you hide,
Not when rainbows
Betray your every lie.

skies,  summer.

Author: Hannah
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208672

Black Skies

I am the cold Bering Sea
Sinking with the tides
My icebergs my dormant hearts
I carry through the night
Only black skies

Lights out: Black Skies
Lights out: Black Skies
In the end: Black Skies

My sworn enemy;
My heart controls my mind
I betray myself
Every sunrise, every sunset
The dream of moonlight

My lullaby shall live forever
I wake up to live in love
Navigator of uncharted waters
My sworn enemy: Only my sworn heart
And on the sky; live on my black skies

Lovers seem so innocent
For the last time I drown
In the raining storm
No stars reflect on me
My waters are my skies
One last time: My Black Skies

For Hopeful the Sunrise
For Lovers the Sunset
For Dreamers the Moonlight
For myself my Black Skies.

black,  skies.

Author: Hect
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207247

I'll miss you forever, like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies

As the pale snow thoughtfully found its way down to the harsh earth
My mind wandered alike in to the past
And suddenly it hit me
As i spend my time longing for you
You were slowly changing in to something,
Even my blind love couldn't recognize

forever,  morning,  skies,  stars,  sun.

Author: Maria SN
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206449

No ladder needs the bird but skies


No ladder needs the bird but skies
To situate its wings,
Nor any leader's grim baton
Arraigns it as it sings.
The implements of bliss are few—
As Jesus says of Him,
ВЂњCome unto me” the moiety
That wafts the cherubim.

bird,  ladder,  skies.

Author: Emily Dickinson
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205241

Acid skies ( old poem reposting)


Acid skies
Brimmed by dust;
Ancient eyes
Spilled by lust


Corrupting tongue
Lathered by oil;
A bomb for ourn world
It shalt be resoiled.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry

acid,  poem,  skies.

Author: brandon nagley
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1202936

The Skies Are Strown With Stars

The skies are strown with stars,
The streets are fresh with dew
A thin moon drifts to westward,
The night is hushed and cheerful.
My thought is quick with you.

Near windows gleam and laugh,
And far away a train
Clanks glowing through the stillness:
A great content's in all things,
And life is not in vain.

skies,  stars.

Author: William Ernest Henley
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1201994

Falling skies

The sky falls sometimes
All over our parades
And you cannot escape
Even if you try,
Eventually you are going to get wet

falling,  skies.

Author: nivek
Date: 30/03/2020