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انزلقوا بعيداً - Slide Far Away

مشاعري تخصّني، إبقو بعيداً عن تحليلها لمراعاة صراعاتكم الدّاخليّة

My feelings pertain to me - stay away from analysing them to ease down your own inner warfares.

لين اا -
- LynnAA


Author: Lynn Al-Abiad
Date: 05/04/2020



You draw me in just like you always do
And my skin begins to buzz
Daylight shines and reflects in your pale eyes
Your frailty hides behind the snarl in your lips
And i've never seen you so focused
As you watch the smoke slide away from its chimney home
As you watch my skin slide between your fingers
I breathe you in as much as i can hold
Only you can give my body this freedom
You bury your face in my hair
And you slide your fingers across my chin and towards my throat and
Softly, like a leaf cutting ripples through placid water,
They create a path in my skin
I'm silently begging you to stay here in this bright room
As you bring me back to those nights we'd lay together
Awake in the flickering blaze of the television
Lost in each others' skin
Thank you for cradling me in your long arms one last time


Author: Erin Melody
Date: 28/03/2020



I decided to ride the slide sideways

Letting my feet hang over

And one edge guide my neck

I went straight down for a second or two

But with my eyes to sky
I didn't worry

Rather, I just enjoyed the view


Author: Green Eyed Blues
Date: 19/02/2020


Slide A Little Closer

You like to slide a little closer
When the fillers clear the room
When you're all I'm reaching for
When I'm all you can consume
You're my endless shots of whiskey
I'm your secret nicotine
You only light up when you crave me
I only crave you when I breathe
Do you wish I'd never leave
When your hands escape home
To say hello to mine
You like to slide a little closer
I wish you did it all the time.


Author: Stephanie Rice
Date: 18/02/2020


Slide Film (Analogue plus Halides)

The Analogue diviners
200's swirled and drowned,
ISO granularity further compressed
In the midst of adversity
We will pledge our mounts
To prosperity.

film,  slide.

Author: topaz oreilly
Date: 11/02/2020



Those who are expecting
A metaphor for life here
It isn't

This is about the slides we made as kids
One of our winter sports
When the snow was on the ground
We would pick a place
And tread it down over and over
Until it was compacted and hard
Then we would slide and shuffle our feet on it
Until it became shiny and slippy
Then we would slide on it
Until it became longer and glassy
By then it was a proper slide
And you could charge other kids
Usually marbles or conkers
To use your slide for a while
Capitalism starts young

So one day I was up and out early
Working diligently on a wonderful slide
And it positively gleamed in the morning sun
But I had made an unfortunate error
My slide was on the public footpath
Right outside our front gate
And along came Mrs Cooper
Naturally, the inevitable happened
It was, after all, a very good slide
Some might say... lethal

Well, her shopping bag flew into the air
Closely followed by her feet
I don't remember much about Mrs Cooper
But I do recall that she was rather rotund
And wore enormous pink bloomers
Which in itself was rather scary
Obviously, I tried to help her up
But her weight took us both back down
She shouldn't have used language like that
In front of a kid my age

You won't be surprised to read
That I suffered the consequences
I'll bet my arse was sorer than hers
And I was made to pour salt
All over my beautiful slide

By Phil Roberts


Author: phil roberts
Date: 08/02/2020


Slide to Unlock!

Slide to Unlock

When inspiration is imprisoned,
A crime-of-no-passion victim,
Strangled by codification,
Clothed in a prison uniform,
Where *uniform be another word for a
Poet's death sentence.

When dream interruptus,
Is a nightly altercation,
A hellacious sensation, ,
Rolling of the dice,
Rewarding the dreamer
With an not-so-good ending to his
Falling sensation,
Or, for an old school type (me),
The nightmare worst:

A world sans punctuation!

The truth about what haunts you,
In the valley of dried bones grows whiter,
Even Vishvaksena and his armies
Helpless, cannot eradicate.

Then, your iPad reminds:

"Sir, sometimes you have to
Slide to Unlock! "

Slide to unlock the aggravations,
Let it out with disregard,
Let us know how you feel
When the constriction in the throat
From the things you can't say
Stops making you choke.

Truth is out of style,
Common decency is a phrase
Or just abused.

The only difference between liar and fair,
A single letter and a
Rearrangement of the facts
To suit yourself.

So I like you fine,
I like you better even,
Now that it's ok to slide
Beneath the fielder's tag
And get in your face and
Unlock what rumbling around
In the ruins of my psyche,
Ruminations about this and that,
Released with a flourish and a rich
Screw you!

But I like it, like you best
When in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness,
It's ok for me to politely inform you
To fk off!

I do declare myself
And in your face

slide,  unlock.

Author: Nat Lipstadt
Date: 16/01/2020


Non stop slide

Most things fade, jaded
On the down slope.
But that leaves a great
Opening. Opportunity
Unavailable hitherto.
Its the non stop slide
That perturbs. As to
The reaching the bottom
-well we have not got
There yet. And the child
Has to trust.


Author: nivek
Date: 13/01/2020