Poems about slow


№ 1210069

Taking It Slow

Our love is like
Freezing water
We both want to jump in
But we don't want to go
Too fast or mess up
And we don't know how to swim
So we'll just hold each other
And wade in the shallow end


Author: Theia Gwen
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1207390

Slow charge

It's getting late
But that's already happened.

So the lights blew the fuse
We had to use candles
And we got our chance in
The night.

If there's a key or
A lock we can see
Or an opening to
Crawl through
Wouldn't we do it?
Crawl our lives through it?
It's getting late and
That's already happened.

charge,  slow.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206990

Slow Down

I think I'm going to
Slow down for awhile
I need to embrace that
I may be mentally mature
But I'm still just a kid
A kid with an unbelievably and
Obnoxiously mature mindset
But a kid nonetheless

So I think I'm going to
Slow down for awhile
God knows that I really
Don't need to be worrying
About the dramatics
Of the adult lifestyle
And I need to enjoy that fact
While it's still true


Author: Molly Pendleton
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205500

Civilization Is Slow Suicide

I see you there,
With your hands
Clamped around your ears.
Your eyes chained
To your walls of distraction
You mutter and babble
Trying to drown out the screams.
I tell you true, it will not stop,
Because the howl is in you.
It is your own spirit wailing,
And it will not end
Until you reclaim your savagery.
Then you can start living again
The way you were born to live,
And deny the fiction
You were cast into.
Open your mouth,
Check under your tongue
The key to your shackles
Has always been there.
Unlock yourself from the lie,
Step outside into the sun
And sing louder than the gale,
Until the birds stop and listen.
Or shout at the sky
Until you feel human again.

Or, you can sit in the dark,
Hide from the rays,
Forfeit the day,
And submit to decay.

civilization,  slow,  suicide.

Author: Senor Negativo
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1202961

Slow Harmony

The slow autumn presses
At the window,
As geese give a melancholy voice
To leaving
Their dark v-shape
Splitting a cloudless sky

The sun spreads
A quiet space
Of tangerine orange
And rosy pink
As it slips below the horizon

When darkness closes in,
Stars shiver
In the distance
Ghosts perhaps since
Some have died

The moon's shimmer follows
The river's winding path
Complacent river in lament
Mingles with powerful sea

Ending and beginning
Combined in poignant

harmony,  slow.

Author: Mary-Eliz
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202571

Slow Burn.

Sitting as the wave engulfs me,
Unprepared and trembling.
This thought I have birthed,
Creeps and slithers
Its terrible fangs, gleam of death.
It is time.
Stalking youth, time is endangered.
Youth is too brief, its a vice.
Tempting faith.
Filed away in tabernacles.
Forgotten through consensus.

burn,  slow.

Author: Samuel Francis
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1195382


Slow it down
Breathe me in,
Eyes closed,
Skin touching,
Slowly stirring,
Heat rising.

Watch me want you,
Feel me need you,
Let tender touches bring thunder
As deep kisses bring rain.

Let your slow hands
Feather-light, stone strong
Trace shivers
Down my supple spine,
As clustered kisses please.

Let our bodies meet
With the grace of angels
As sainted flesh
Slowly, silently, succumbs
To sacred sensation
And time silently slips away.


Author: calpurnia mockingbird
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1194897

Slow and Steady

Don't stare at me with teasing eyes
Don't stir my feelings with playful smiles
Don't stiffen my muscles with soft touches
Don't leave me blank with inviting kisses
Don't melt my heart with warm breaths
Don't give me a rush with that passionate wanting
Don't give me a reason to desire you even more

We don't want a relationship filled with abuse
A relationship where wanton rage reigns
We don't want a love that turns into poison
A love that becomes damned and repulsive

As much as I crave your every taste
Fall for your game, let no time go to waste
Breathe the same gasps of air with you
Freeze time whenever I share it with you
Rushing into your arms for the rest of our days
As much as I want to be with you this instant
Let's take the pace slow and steady
Instead of a quick and brittle love affair

Let's build a quake-proof connection
An affair with strong and sturdy foundations
Where our desires can freely be expressed
And our love meant to protect and caress
Just us indulging in our passionate wanting

I don't want any compromise for building "us"
I want a slow but steady path towards you
I will wait even for a long time, even if its a must
I don't care about how long, I simply desire you
You, the one belle that caught me by surprise
The one belle that drives my dreams every night

slow,  steady.

Author: Mister J
Date: 24/03/2020