Poems about smell


№ 1209281

You smell lovely today.

Your skin, your skin, your skin it haunts me
Your skin, your skin, your skin it terrifies me

Every night I lay awake inside my bed
Wondering where i went wrong

Your skin, your skin, your skin it haunts me
Your skin, your skin, your skin it terrifies me

lovely,  smell,  today.

Author: keagan mcchesney
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1198912

I Smell Your Odors Often

There are odors in my room,
Titillating my mind.
But, they're really more
Like fragrances
& sweet memories of you,
Not physically here,
I just think you are.
Primordial to the bone.
Raw to the skin.
Primal instincts.
Wantonness beyond compare.
Sensuality to the core.
Hot Tamale.
Honest Injun.
O Yes Darling,
You still haunt me
When I want you,
Need your smells
To quell my memory.

odors,  smell.

Author: Jonny Angel
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1195295

The smell of rain

I breath in ecstasy
As mist forms in the air,
My steps quicken as my head begins to real,
From the strength of the scent,
And I remember,
How light, water, air all mix,
To form my joy,
And rare delight,
This time it isn't heavy enough,
To spin me around,
Just a taste,
Like the memory of a dream,
Come evanescently,
To add color to my day.

rain,  smell.

Author: Elioinai
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1194116

A smell

I lay down and the smell is in the air
I search for it
Your scent

Possibly amongst the pillows

But i can't pinpoint it

It fills me
Maybe like a heroine addicts drug
On the contrary feels like the breaking seal of a water vein

Everything explodes within me

All of my thoughts of you
My moans of your name
Hand caressing my body

Walking downtown
And your hardships

I can't believe
The simple scent
Of the man i love
Can bring so much out of me
That i can't fall asleep


Author: Red
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1192785

I smell bullshit

I know that you are a busy boy,
But I also know that you are not that damn busy.
So please enlighten me on what your really busy doing.

You see it makes no sense to me that you can be gone for so long, and not even check in.
I sound like I'm all up under you, but truth is my trust for you is gone.
It's needs saving,
It needs repairing.
But my trust will never EVER be repaired if you don't take the problem out of our relationship.

This problem is so toxic,
But yet you want me to be ok with it still sticking around.
NO! It will never be ok, and the sooner you learn that,
The sooner we can move forward.

Unless you want to stay stuck that is... because that seems to be your memo.


Author: Mariah
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1190041

Do Badger Farts Smell?

Whilst strolling in the countryside
I had time to dwell
On deeply profound questions
Like: Do badger farts have a smell?

I pondered as I wandered
On this important thought
And then I found a badger sett
And so I thought I ought

To settle this complex question
That had bothered me all day
I stuck my silly head down there
Boy was I was made to pay

For when a badger thinks he's trapped
He lets go a tremendous fart
The stench was green and nauseous
And damn near stopped my heart

Trying to withdraw in haste
I ran out of luck
For no matter how I wriggled
My head was firmly stuck

A passer by chanced on me
But he was not a friend
He stole my shoes and trousers
Exposing my rear end

The farmer who dug me out
Laughed until he cried
I had to walk home bare of arse
Whilst covering my pride

So now I've learned a lesson
With experiments to be frugal
I'll wait until I get back home
And look it up on Google

badger,  farts,  smell.

Author: John Milligan
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1189723

Nervous feelings and the smell of cigarettes

I think you're perfect
But i don't think we would be
Your personality is softer
But your feelings and actions
Are much harsher

If i were raised a little less like my mother
Wanted me to be
Showing me what not to do
As she placed the cigarette between her lips
Maybe we would have been more alike

I know your internal struggles and feelings
All too well
As they are ones i've experienced before
And experience now

Although your friends problems seem
All too real
As compared to mine
Which are all in my head

cigarettes,  feelings,  nervous,  smell.

Author: Aoife Teese
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1189131

The closest thing to frangipani: because of the smell

Really? Thanks for being there
Even when I
Cannot cling to you, even when I
Am nowhere,
Alone while having stomachaches
And trying to claim a heart

The thought of a cutter
Making a hole
On my throat
Is better
Than you kissing me on the lips.

I tried to binge eat and forget
What you told
Me to forget,
Because I cannot
Cut, I cannot lose any
More blood; I
Don't think I
Have enough.

Really? I kept you awake;
I keep you awake,
Or asleep with tons of nightmares,
Every single night even
When I
Am gone, completely

closest,  smell,  thing.

Author: Pea
Date: 19/03/2020