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Dad's Smile

Dad has a smile
But he's like a crocodile
It takes him awhile
To create a smile
If you want him to smile
You should be good awhile

dad,  smile.

Author: anthony connell
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209670


Each thought pierces and penetrates
My heart,
Causing irratic thumping,
Loud sighs,
Quick skipping.
I still smile,
Even through the pain.
With all the pain that comes
With all those fond memories,
Each and everyone
Reminds me the bond
Between you and I,
Everything we've been through,
And reminds me to smile.


Author: Creep
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209634

Lie...Smile...Yawn (or HRC has BO and the DTs)

Warning: This is a political rant so beware as you read.


One hundred and fifty billion
(another 1. 3 billion reported today 8/25/16)
And four hundred million...in cash
To an enemy who views women as slaves,
Second, no third class (not even sure “citizens” works here)
Makes soldiers of children/babies
Funds terrorist organizations
Who's goal it is to eradicate Israel
And the United States or anyone else
Who doesn't share their beliefs

What is our response?
Blank checks for death and (lives)
And the signers smile,
Lie, (it wasn't a ransom) smile, lie (what emails? ), smile
(Oh crap, they found more)
Why am I humming "Lying Eyes" right now (sorry Eagles)
The one in office
And the one who wants to be,
Who stands for women's rights...huh?
(See lines 4 and 5 in the first stanza)

Yet all the media can do
Is bash someone with a big mouth
Who shouts, points fingers,
Makes accusations, demands that laws be obeyed
Wants to protect us, is a racist
(because he calls someone of Mexican heritage a...Mexican)
Wait, what?
Incites passion and feelings in supporters
Who are colored (that's not racist, is it) as crazy,
Losers, deranged, cry babies (Phew, at least not soldier babies)
Because they want something different
Something different...so different, ......... like the truth?
(That would be different)

When the rich dude is tagged
#The top recruiter for a terrorist organization
Ha, ha, that's funny, nice one
Let's all have a nice laugh, there is nothing wrong with that
High fives all around, media parties ensue
But when he brands those two the founders
And co-founders of the same org.
Whoa, shut the front door, wash your mouth out with soap
Sit in the corner, get a psyche evaluation
Who would say such a thing
Only an insane person, only a loonie, (no offense Canada)
What has this world come too?
Check the news, they'll let you know (their side)

Still there are those who fight
For their rights to place some of those blank checks
In their pockets, SOLD!!! And the gavel comes down
Who owns who? Should anybody own anybody?
China is fine on nice linen where Russia serves the good vodka,
But that is of no special interest to you or me,
That's what raising Taxes is for...right?
And hell we can build our own babies,
We have the parts and they are paid for...
By those “T” things I mentioned a few lines above

Reminds me of another song, let me see,
"Four dead in Ohio" yeah, that's it, CSN &Y;
But it's not, is it? Something like...
"Four dead in Benghazi" Now there's a song for her,
Dead soldiers and someone's calling
When she's asleep all alone
Damn it, one of you answer that thing,
It's the ambassador on the phone... (again)
Just say it's a video,
Just say it's a video,
Four dead in...

Oh and we all need a firm, sturdy,
Corrupt (did I say that out loud? )
Foundation to administer favors,
Show preferential treatment,
To stand on to count the profits
From the pay to play scheme
Who cares if it is foriegn,
That stuff works just as good a U. S. cash
And besides we need all we can get,
We've got Bill's (women) to pay, and maybe to build those
5 houses in Haiti, maybe... and don't forget
The yoga classes and wedding arrangements,
That stuff ain't cheap
Oh, did I mention that some of the countries paying for
This stuff treat women like crap? Just checking.

Parading around in a stained blue dress,
(no, no, no, that was that other chick)
Promising what, where, when, HOW?
"Promising" huh... what's that?
(I always thought it was something you should keep)
Hand outs, free lunches
(but I thought there was no such thing as a free, oh never mind)
That must be it, it must be,
Because I can think of no other reason
To support terrorism, to support the lies
And the smiles (and you know I am a smile guy)

Wake up people, (including politicians in the same party)
Quit hitting the snooze button over and over and over,
Open your eyes, see the light while you still can
For the people, by the people,
Now there's a novel idea, what a concept
But what am I thinking...I am the enemy,
I am a member of the...middle class,
I should just learn to keep my big mouth shut...YAWN

"Put that in your basket of deplorables and smoke it"

(I was going to send this in an email, but it got deleted with all of the rest of them)

**My name is Stephan and I approve this poem

bo,  lie,  smile,  yawn.

Author: Stephan
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209526

Hope a smile

Hope a smile brings
Different things to a girl
Who said "I wish"
Her tears were felt
Her dream better
Described in a pond with fish
Than anything ever said
Is that you care best
And help my feet miss
The hole memories i trip
You so have room to soar
Like a morning poem
The words I adore
Is when I read
At dawn sun soar
Your words fill every breath.

hope,  smile.

Author: wordvango
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208979

A Smile :)

A simple action
With such gracefull style
Bringing lovely satisfaction

What brings it?
No will ever admit
Every bit
Comes in just a second of a split

What joy it brings
The whole thing
Should be experinced by everyone
You'll never know it untill its begun.


Author: Nazmi Mahamood
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208519

Smile - 10w

Her smile was
Warm enough
To thaw his
Frozen heart.


Author: Batool
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208379


I smiled
And it wasn't to fool
Or to seem happy
Like usually

I smiled because
Snuck into my mind
And for a little while
Seemed perfectly
All right


Author: jd
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206908

Just laugh and smile

Life's a big joke
You've gotta learn when to laugh and smile at it,
Try not to take things so seriously.
Sometimes, "like a joke"
It's pushed too far and you don't find it funny anymore
Although, when's it really too far?
Not everyone will be happy
Because, someone's always offended.
So try to laugh out loud when things get rough,
Bring an impression with those dimples
Show'em all that you're tough!
So who's the one here really looking like a fool?
When you're the one enjoying life
By following this simple rule.

laugh,  smile.

Author: Justin
Date: 04/04/2020