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I stopped fearing you
The day you started smiling at me.
Why? No, not pride.
I swallowed that with whiskey
And spat it out time and again
Many years ago. Stupidity?
I hope not. Maybe just a bit
Of the lizard part of my brain,
But not the flight half.
I'm simply tired of running
And fighting seems like a
Much better way to go. So,
Hello and welcome to my show.
Reap when you are ready.
I'll not weep.

R ~ 28Feb14


Author: r
Date: 05/04/2020

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Hide behind the smiles
You'd rather hear a lie
You'd rather feel no pain



Author: Spencer Arndt
Date: 03/04/2020

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Eye smiles

They glow like two glistening moons
Spun together against the nightsky
And the stars would admire
How bright they are
And would compare them
To lost angels
Finding their way back

They would stun me, like starlight
And when up against each other
They would fall on me like stardust

He, my boy, was the vast galaxy
And the stars were his everglowing heart
Forever gliding with shine,
Accompanying the two moons,
Forming smiles
Like never seen before.

eye,  smiles.

Author: sophia
Date: 31/03/2020

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Tiny Smiles

Tiny smiles and loud laughs
Summer heat and cool breeze
Excited words and calm thoughts
Deep conversation about meaningless things.

Soft songs and slow guitar
Young souls with long lives
Polaroid photos and alleyways
Sunroofs and blue skies.

Dollar stores and Chinese food
Gazebos and high heels
Doughnuts and Bonnaroo
Tiny smiles and lunch meals.

smiles,  tiny.

Author: Q
Date: 27/03/2020

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How many times does the world end
In just one day? Think on it and delve
Only then, it seems, we can see;
Locked hands unlocked,
Precious footsteps retreating,
Weathered toys lost to cities,
Answers answered with a shaken head,
Prices raised, expectations lowered.
Dropped bombs on the little people,
We all have our apocalypse
But then red lips like flags announce
The little twinkling lights through your smile.


Author: Danny O'Sullivan
Date: 22/03/2020

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Smiles in the Sky

I know the week can feel so long,
Days scuff along on heels worn.
It can be hard to stay aloft in the sky,
Winds cut seams into open hearts torn.
Leaves turn in as you twist up to ask why,
Why does the sun hide to let the cold ride strong.

Is your purpose lost behind today's clouds?
Is your heart stuck in yesterday's sun?
No need to pine for the past.
Seek life forward to make it last.

The sky never truly falls.
It wanders and weaves through us all.
It whispers truth and waits to be near.
Even as winds die and rains appear.
The sky is just a show of your clear hues.
It's time's clothing in its best blues.

Clutch Life
Catch the wind to breathe it's life.
Hold Dark
Its sun-drenched clouds seep light into our gentle smiles.
Lead Fear
Cold winds love to push us hard over those granite miles.
Tap Love.
In time, all heavy snows weep and melt in a slow sweet while.

Give life's nectar and stings its proper due.
Sip its droplets til your lips drip pure.
Taste it's extract of sweet smooth dew.
Bend green twigs to tweak your fate and go far.
Endure its barbs and cuts to age strong scars.
Share a bench aside your dark shadows to see your true stars.
Tease it's winds of silent noise to tweak your sundial.
Feel life's web of deep love soak and blanket you.

As you learn to fulfill your life.
Its rain, its shine, all its might.
Know your sun's core holds all.
On days of slow motion snow.
Those days you feel your gentle fall.
Melt down what you feel and know.
Sip the sweet light awaiting your whims.
Let its warm winds caress your heart's skin.
On odd off days dance light to raise your shine.
On old dead days open inward to touch your kind.
Reach deep to your warm glow beat inside.
As you pine for smiles gloating in the sky.
Let them simply float high astride.
Their smiles gift you love outside.
Inside you, deep and warm, is love's true high.

sky,  smiles.

Author: H J St
Date: 18/03/2020

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Their smiles

Her lips so delicate as they curve into a smile
So fake
Her smile tells me I can be happy
Her smile is so perfectly crafted
Like something she has made starring in a mirror
Mirrors lie just like she is

I turn to anouther girl
She is smiling too
Like it's easy being here
Like she is happy now
Happiness isn't a smile
Why the hell is she smiling
Her smile isn't as perfectly crafted
But it is still believable

I don't even bother looking at the other girls smile
She is lying just like the rest
They are all lying
I wanna call them on it
They know they are lying
Recovery is impossible
They lie like its a sport

I smile back a shy one but a smile
Mine is perfectly crafted just like hers
She thinks I can't sniff out
So I smile
Recovery is still impossible
I still smile a perfectly crafted one


Author: Josephine
Date: 15/03/2020

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Nightmares and fake smiles..

Not everyday will be good, not every day will be bad. Some days you will be happy and no doubt some will be sad.

You can hide how you feel so people won't See, that inside your dying and you would die to be free.

You try your best to make everyone know, that your fine, all good and your not feeling low.

When you get on your own your fake smiles disappear as you take a deep sigh as you open a beer.

You feel life is a struggle and your losing your grip, but feel it gets better with the more that you sip.

You listen to songs that once had no meaning but now tears roll down as you stare up at the ceiling.

You want to sleep but another drink is a must, to tire your eyes that are now laced with rust.

But when tired eyes fall and your welcoming dreams, your greeted with nightmares that bursts at the seams.

You toss and you turn and when you wake you can't tell, if your still in your nightmare or back to your hell.

Wake to your window being lashed by the rain, and it's back to fake smiles and hiding your pain.

As the days go by the pain seems to remain, nightmares and struggles drive you insane.

Calm on the outside, but inside your screaming, hoping reality crashes and all this time you've been dreaming.

But no matter how hard you try to reject it, don't do it alone get help with this shit! .

It's cruel, it hurts and it sometimes destroys but no giving up as it's what it enjoys!

So talk to someone, and use this as a lesson and raise up your middle finger and say fuck you depression!!!

fake,  nightmares,  smiles.

Author: Kristian Lee Wilkes
Date: 11/03/2020