Poems about soft





Always her fascination with me

This her early morning ritual
Observing each action

As if it were holy.

I hide my face in foam.

€Santa Claus! Santa Claus! ”
She chants

Winces with delight as the razor
(she gulps)

Goes over my bump without
(gasp)slicing it off.

The shaving uncovers the me she knows.

€Soft...soft. . . Mr. Daddy Soft Soft! ”
She gurgles in a lather of laughter.

€Me now...now me! ” she pleads with me.

I take the brush...coat her reflection with foam.
I shave her...with the tip of my little finger.

Her reflection sniggers & she sniggers too.

Later, in the early evening
She appears

Bearded in fresh cream.

She shaves herself with a lollipop stick.
€Me... Daddy now... see! ”

I cha cha cha her on the tips of my toes
As she clings to my fingertips

The living room dances around us

One delighted half shaved little girl.

One delighted soft soft Mr. Daddy.

daddy,  soft.

Author: Donall Dempsey
Date: 07/04/2020



You, my love are a work of art. a modern masterpiece. i look at you, and i can't believe someone like you ever loved someone like me.

My love, you are softness personified. your eyes, your hands, your smile, your mouth, your eyelashes. but over all of that is the way you care. you act like you don't, but with me? you always care so so much. i love that.

When i'm with you i feel so many different things at once, like:
At ease
In love
And so very soft

You make me feel so soft and pure. like i am painted in one singular, elaborate, brush stroke. like i was sculpted from clay. like i was made from the crack in god's ribs. like i was born from a quiet thunder and the tentative pitter-patter of summer rain. like the trees whispered me until i emerged from the soil. like i am a moment in a beautiful infinity.

I saw a brighter light alongside an endless colour palette and a supernatural glow when we first met. i saw it as a sign.

I love how much you've trusted me. from day one.

How on our first date, i learned so much about you. how i wanted to give you my everything from that moment on. how i knew. for once i knew.

I love that i made you better. that i brightened your life. that i am your best friend and that you fucking love me.

My love, if i had only one wish, i'd wish for us. i'd wish to be bright with you for as long as any star burning in the sky.

You, my love, are such a goddamn galaxy. and i want nothing more than to be one of your stars. or a planet. or if you'd let me, a solar system. i just long to be a part of you the way that you are all of the good parts inside of me.


Author: blue mercury
Date: 05/04/2020


And So... There ! Amid All Allurement And Soft Machines

And so... There! Amid all allurement and soft machines;
The spoiled brat of Venus, knicking the doors and kicking the canned laughter
To the foot of a mountain of existential speculation. Amid the cherry bombs and the Persian rugs; so many menageries of tinfoil origami swans.
So very little Time.

So little rosemary wine in the pickle jars. So few wolves
In the porcupine dens - and only a swarm of hornets
In your nightclothes, this
And nothing but nettles
In your tea.

Well, nettles and golems and orange hope.

amid,  machines,  soft.

Author: Third Eye Candy
Date: 02/04/2020


Soft Smile

The softest of smiles
Reaches right into my heart
And then steals its key.

smile,  soft.

Author: David Bremner
Date: 02/04/2020


Soft Deep Down Deep

~Christi Michaels~April 2015

~●~ ~♢●⊙●♢~ ~●

I remember Love
A melding complete and fine
Intimacy both erotic
A union fulfilling~Divine

Knew what defined forever
Understood magic shared
Held each day with tenderness
Palpable how much We cared

I remember being satisfied
Feeling soft deep down deep
Believing You and Me
Described the meaning complete

Knew what defined forever
Understood magic shared
Held each day with tenderness
Palpable how much We cared

Yes I remember Love
Feeling soft deep down deep
A melding complete and fine
Knew what defined forever
A union, complete~Divine

~●~♢~● ●⊙● ●~♢~●

~Copyright 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.

deep,  soft.

Author: Christi Michaels MoonFlower
Date: 01/04/2020


Soft ivory clouds - haiku

Soft ivory clouds
Flowing delicately sweetly
On this winters day

clouds,  haiku,  ivory,  soft.

Author: Haiku Donna
Date: 01/04/2020


Rule of Rows: "Soft Reset/R. Foster"

Come in, take off your clothes,
You're soaking wet.
I'll get you dry for free,
You'll be reset.
For now, lie on the couch,
I'll be close by,
Ear pressed against the door
With you in the other room
Naked in my mind.

I'll get you dry for free,
You'll be reset.
Cleanse the wounds
Murder and guns
Hide in your skin.
I am the one who can
Kindle your feet
So softly
You'll never know
You are burning
Til you turn to ash.
I'll get you dry,
You'll be reset.

foster,  reset,  rows,  rule,  soft.

Author: Lux Capacitor
Date: 29/03/2020


The gentle waves ... ... soft footsteps


Along the shore




The babe - soul

Sings to me

Of herself

( of love! )




One laugh

One smile

Somewhere a child

Finds the strength

To go on




Past the illusion of suffering

Past the false religious piety proclaiming

Just how

Sensitive we are


How deep below the surface of things

Our poetry is penetrating!

( sometimes something IS real )


We ARE actually quite kind

We ARE actually real Human beings

We walk along the gentle beach

We walk

Until we meet and the tale is done

And all that remains

Remains in the silence of our feelings

And our feelings

May rest in the love

footsteps,  gentle,  soft,  waves.

Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 29/03/2020