Poems about sound


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What did your childhood sound like?

What did your childhood sound like?

Did it sound like a crowd cheering when you scored the winning point? Or, the sound of your friend teaching you to roll a joint. The sound of sirens. And it feels so right to be doing things wrong. The sound of the engine revving. Or, the sound of a car radio blasting a new rap song about violence. Or, coming home to the sound of silence, because nobody's there. Or, the sound of the raspy voices in your head when you think nobody cares. Or, the sound of gunshots at nighttime that are to close for comfort. So you text all your friends to make sure no one is hurt. Or, the sound of the school bell, The sound your feet make when you run out of the building like you're running from Hell, thinking who am I kidding i'll never be good enough. Or, the sound of an envelope tearing open with your grade card inside. watching all of the color drain from your Dad's face including his pride. Or, the sound of him yelling, telling you that you're weak when he sees that first tear drop roll down your cheek. Or, the sound of your conscience calling you fat. Yeah, there's that. The sound of your stomach growling with hunger when you refuse to eat. " Jeez, you're so FAT you can't even see your feet. "

What did your childhood sound like?

Did it sound like sticks held by police destroying your families poppy field? The sound of your mom trying to silence your brother and sister when they squealed. All you want is to end all this pandemonium. What's even so wrong with Opium? your whole family is addicted. But everyone was. There's nothing really to be convicted of. even the snakes and mice are addicts. does that mean the animals are also convicts? not to mention, where your from it's used as medicine. The sound of a Marine holding a gun as big as a machine saying it's just routine as he scans your fathers eye so he's easier to identify. He's just an ordinary Afghan. I'ts not like he's a Mad Man, You think. then you feel your heart start to sink to the pit of your stomach. As all of a sudden, You hear the sound of you family crying. and you're watching your Father dying in front of you. killed, by Insurgents. An obvious divergence of opinions. As you wonder how they could even make that decision to take your Fathers life, right in front of his children and Wife. the sound of your stomach growling with hunger. any found food goes to your siblings because they're younger. the Poppies were your only income. You never cared about money, now you'd do anything to earn some. The sound of Marines teaching you to grow wheat instead. It's not the same but it's something to eat so you don't wind up dead.

No matter what your childhood sounded like, you're more then the things you've heard. no matter where you are in the world, you're not stuck there you're as free as a bird. No matter what you've been through, You're a survivor. Never give up, you were born a fighter. So, before you make judgmental misconceptions, remember there are no exceptions. It doesn't really matter what for, everyone you know is battling their own war.
© copyrighted *Nicole Ann Osborn

childhood,  sound.

Author: Nicole Ann Sandoval
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209805

A Sound in the Woods (Part 1)

Angled trees
Tangled and squeezed
Full of colored leaves

And leaves falling down
To the ground by the pound
I walk brisk in the yard
To their crunchy, crisp sound

And i'm astounded by the whole world
The blue sky beyond pines
The blue sky beyond orange oaks
And red maples wound in great vines

I'm astounded by the scent that is not just a scent
It's a lingering sense in the air
A spirit's descent
Smoke from a chimney

I'm absorbed in the present
Leaves decomposing
Apple crisp baking
Harvest moon glowing
I spent my saturday raking

Fog from my breath
Yet i'm warm and content
In my long johns and flannel and jeans

sound,  woods.

Author: Joe Kreydt
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208766

The sound of my sister baking a pie

Books and clothes and three posters,
Packed neatly into the back of my truck.

All my possessions, with room to spare.
Enjoying the breeze,
The sound of my sister baking a pie,
The sound of my mom alternating between advice and tears.

Watching the sunset, through the pine trees, these pine tress,
I grew up with them,
I am made of them and they love me.

Tight hugs, and a farewell nod,
I love you I love you and won't you come visit? And here, I bought you this book, here, I bought you a $50 Safeway gift card

And oh
And oh goodness, it's too much
All my friends, they're too good to me
And I'll miss them, I'll miss them as much as I'll miss my little sister, and she cried and cried and told me not to go, and how can I break a six year olds heart?

Into the unknown, with my bestfriend.
Trailing him on his next adventure.

baking,  pie,  sister,  sound.

Author: Nolan Higgins
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207783


A choking cry
Blinding a body numb
It would sound like too much
White noise
The sound of a broken heart

A boat sinking
Or a helium balloon floating away
It would sound like a graveyard
Not knowing if you were visiting or a resident
The sound of depression

A drumming heartbeat
The whirr of a blender
It would sound like talking out loud to God
The sound of desperation


Author: Simpleton
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207263

I slept in my car last night and listened to the sound of raindrops on windshields

You imagine a meteor shower
Because you have never seen

One before. and of course, there
Is a hummingbird, of course. there

Is every kind of bird. my biggest
Fear is that the sky will one day

Fall. unexpectedly. not that the
Sun will grow and swallow us

Whole, but that one day it will be
Colder than it should be. and of

Course, the hummingbird flew right
Into your mouth, of course, and of

Course, it swallowed you whole,
Of course. you are sweet like honey

And a body marked, diseased with
Flowers. a garden to your skin. the

Sky to your fists. it is raining. and
Of course, the biggest fear, of course.

This planet is plagued with falling
Stars and birds that cannot fly.

car,  listened,  night,  raindrops,  slept,  sound.

Author: Bailey Cohen
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204700

A little Crazy doesn't sound so bad to me

I don't want ying and yang,
I don't want a balanced scale,
I want someone to glimpse my crazy
And join me as we raise hell.

I don't need a strong shoulder,
I don't need uplifting arms,
I need someone who knows how,
To turn off all the alarms.

I don't care for caressing words
I don't care for your heroic deeds
All I care for is for you to stand loyally
Through all my strange feats.
-ALC May 16, 2017

bad,  crazy,  sound,  t.

Author: ALC
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204395

The sound of breaking

Maybe it's a turning point on this road
A calling I'm not listening to
But the calling's got your name
All over it, all over everything

This fire that got ignited
Will go off without your care
And I will look at other men
But I need you to be there...

It's a tensiOn I can't reconcile
I fear the shutdown
Drowning again the way I did
I'm trapped in between!

I need your Kiss real bad
I feel the calling in the train
It's a faceless impulse...

Maybe I'm not listening
But your song fills the air I'm breathing

breaking,  sound.

Author: Psychotic Poetess
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204377

Swallowed by the Sound

As my body ebbs and flows
With the beat, beat, beat
Of your bass
My eyes wander through
The crowd.
Smiling faces swallowed
By the sound.
We are wild and free
Flowers in the storm,
Clutching tight to
Our beautiful petals.
Shaken and stirred
By a world that does
Not understand.
We are unperturbed.
Pick us, pluck us,
Plant us where you may.
For one day you will see
The undeniable glory
That this beat and this life
We are wildflowers
Swallowed by the sound.

sound,  swallowed.

Author: Emily Reardon
Date: 01/04/2020