Poems about spirit


№ 1209699

The Wind of Spirit

The wind of Spirit
Is a wraith
We're just leaves
On Tree of Faith

When Spirit moves
Pure Joy it brings
It makes the leaves
All sigh and sing!

When Spirit moves
The flowers shifteth
But the wind bloweth
Where it listeth

Where it goes
No one can tell
It can move through
Our private hell
To make the soul
Praise! Rejoice!
The Spirit moves
We have no choice!

And when we're severed
From the tree
The wind will take us
And we're

When we fall
Should we grow old
We touch the sky
As solid

You can't see
But you can hear it
The Hand of God

The Wind of Spirit


spirit,  wind.

Author: SГёuЕ‚SurvivГёr
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208630

Restless Spirit

Her heart
Yearns for a gentle touch that leads to
Lips pressed to lips like bees bumping against flowers
Such a great longing

Her body
Allows her feet to pace anxiously
And her eyes to shine in want of passionate exchanges
As her hands drum to the sound of the monotony in her entire being

Her mind
Full of great intellect
Has pushed back many a sarcastic remark
Weary of the dull world surrounding her

Her soul
The only thing that realizes her lack of originality
Longs to astonish all with its brilliance of cunning and goodness
Yet is still unable to let go of past disappointments

restless,  spirit.

Author: Samantha Irene
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208560

A Free Spirit Was She

Dreaming of warmer days,
Walking hand in hand through the sand,
With the one she loves.
She was a free spirit...

Who could understand
People come and go.
Who is left? Who is she?
Sitting down among the stars...

Crying into the wind,
Wanting what her heart yearns
For and having trouble giving in.
Wrapping her soul in the hands of her maker...

Crying to her Lord.
One day soon... One day soon...

He whispers to her soul...

This day she was a free Spirit.
A spirit was she......

This day came just like before
A visitor like no other she knew no more
The mystery of her past came flowing gently forth
Singing like an old shoe that would be drowning her soul...

The labor was too much as her hands would bleed
As she tried and tried again to nail herself to heaven
The words seemed scrambled
Falling from the earth...

Hearing the laughter flowing oh so gently
As she sang so softly to ears of no one
Bleeding from head to toe
Just wanting to hear the words
'I love you'...

Hearts break and bend
On those special days
Bursting with sadness
That can only begin...

Looking at the past
The future to come
This day
She was one free spirit and there were more to come......

Debbie Brooks 2014

free,  spirit.

Author: Deborah Brooks Langford
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206712

My Daytime Spirit

Admiring the monuments of May
The dance of hummingbirds on a -
Most capital day
Her distant, varying shades of green along -
Forest beltways
The sudden cry of sunshine from late -
Afternoon cloud banks
North winds telling tales of stormy morrow
My scarlet, clover lover whispers sweet temptation,
Sorrow for yesterdays spice, hunger for the songs
Of life, admiration at the shelf of Dawn, supplication -
To the Heavens above...

daytime,  spirit.

Author: Randolph L Wilson
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205496

486: Wolf Spirit

Quick witted, as good as they come
Understanding and open to some
Intelligent with a sharp mind
Now and forever, one of a kind
Focuses on a poetic soul
Innermost, seeking his goal
Never let his skills ever end
Never has there been a better friend

spirit,  wolf.

Author: Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205164

Your Spirit Freed Within

Do you remember what you've written,
Can you elicit every thought

Does it stay within your memory,
Or escape to others sought

Is it linear or transcendent,
On the page or in the wind

Can you still retain the title,
ВЂ”to what your spirit freed within

(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2017)

freed,  spirit.

Author: Kurt Philip Behm
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1201776

Sun, Moon, Fire & Spirit.

& Fire.

I awaken, sliver light slivers
In slashes stark against skin.

I burn in the night
A Sun awakened by moonlight.

I am consumed completely,
Devoured deliciously,
The moon won't sustain
The sun it has awoken.

But the cycle continues
Caught in what I saught
& love how no one
"Day" is the same.

Life reminds me I'm sane
But I remember to ensure I live.

I remember to ensure I forgive,
Love and cleanse my pain.

& Fire,

Love in myself
My health
Sparked true desire.

Eased, forget -
But am I pleased.

Life is what you make -
Happiness - I found for my own sake.

Moonlight Sunlight
Shared in duality,
Happiness -
You shape your own
World in reality.

amp,  fire,  moon,  spirit,  sun.

Author: Harry Roberts
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1197448

Your spirit

Does your spirit swim like mine?
In a sea of ecstasy
In a land of cliche
Does it dig it's way out of the sand
And reach back in when it sees you
Does your spirit ache with fright
And joy
And anger
Like mine.


Author: Brie Williams
Date: 26/03/2020