Poems about stand


№ 1210314

Make a Stand

It may be the hardest thing to do
Though it may come easy to you
Reject ideas you're used to
Try to find the meaning of 'truth'

But maybe if you try to see
The world may just clearer be
From lonely mountains to chopped down trees
From big blue whales to bumblebees

And you may just wonder how
Can you change yourself right now
Your question answered with a scowl;
Immediate change is not allowed

Instead you must take years to wonder
To speak the lighting and draw the thunder
And in this time, you'll no doubt blunder
Just don't let the setbacks take you under

Just try from each mistake to learn
Try not to reject, lest you be spurned
Though the world is endless turns
Don't just seek knowledge, yearn

And if you follow this advise
Realize this world may not be nice
Just remember to think twice
Unless you want to pay the price

Take your life in your own hands
Do everything you think you can
Before the hourglass is drained of sand
Make your living, Make a stand


Author: Zack Phillips
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208892

We Can Stand Against The Weather

I'll tell you now I'm nothin without her,
You all know the feeling, you know it's true,
You got that special someone,
That helps you to get through,
You all know you have one love,
One person in this world,
One person that hold you when your afraid,
And warms you when you're cold.

You all know that one someone,
That person that makes you feel invincible,
You all have at least one,
That makes you feel like anything possible,
I speak to one, that one is her,
The one I speak of has a heart that is true,
The one to whom I must say this,
"I'm nothing without you"

If she thinks I'm gonna go astray,
Then listen to this tune,
Play it in your heart, and in your head,
It's true I'm nothing without you,
So what if I get angry and I take it out on you,
I'll kiss you hold you say I feel so bad
And never let you go.
Because I'm that kind of person and don want to make you sad,
I want you by my side,
Always together, and forever,
We will conquers the world with our love,
And we can stand against the weather.

stand,  weather.

Author: Noah
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1204583

The Mighty Stand Tall, The Weak Shall Fall ~~~Collaboration with Arcassin Burnham

Can you see me standing here?
High above you all so tall?
Don't you worry, never fear,
I'll never let anyone else feel small.

Tired of the sight of seeing you lonely,
No one in this world is perfect,
Protect you from this cruel world,
Only if you bring me your sympathy,
Showering me in your stories,
And bring me so much joy and laughter,
Perishing all your worries,
Creating a new amiable chapter.

Right here and now,
The time is right.
I've seen your struggle,
I've seen your plight.
I'm here to help,
Lending a strong hand
I'll never let you go,
Please understand.
This is truth,
This is the light.
I won't let you down,
We'll win this fight.

You were the greatest,
You were my strafe,
I vowed the world,
To keep you safe,
There's no denying,
This is your home,
This is your life,
This is your place,
I only want the best for you,
I'd be glad to see your face.

I smile upon you, keeping this sacred vow,
To stand by your side, even if we journey through hell.
There is no use, trying to ask me how,
No, we will not hide, until the evil we cross has fell.

And as it burns,
You finally get what you wished for.
Don't ever lose a turn,
Play your cards right, don't draw blood, draw fours.
The only thing I need from you is love,
You know what they say,
Love is an open door.

We can walk through,
Hand in hand.
Following along,
With the ultimate plan.
It's now or never,
Time to choose.
Either way, together,
We can never lose.

arcassin,  burnham,  collaboration,  fall,  mighty,  stand.

Author: Just Melz
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1202374

Here i stand

At my wedding, i want a big field, full of paper lanterns.
I want there to be colorful trays of fruit, and i won't just have plain cake-
I want cheesecake and carrot cake and banana bread and pumpkin bread.

I will get married at the very end of summer,
When the sun sets a little earlier,
And the heat is still almost too much to bear.
I want my wedding to be beautiful.

And the tables will be set with intricately designed napkins
And the table numbers will be painted
Onto lanterns swinging above the tables.

My wedding will be a celebration of my life finally beginning,
Being full of color
And life
And happiness.


Author: Kally
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1198079

I Stand Like A Third World Country

The answer sits awkward in my mouth
Like an Egyptian vowel
Some language I have yet to learn

And I stand like a third world country that there are no commercials for
There are no heartstrings to tug
No Sarah Mclachlan songs
No one sees the hunger
Building in the bellies of my motherless country

But if there must be indifference in this love
I want to love you more than you love me

country,  stand,  third.

Author: Jon Tobias
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197944

I don't think i can stand another relationship with a "no hard feelings" clause

Fuck that.
I want to be with someone where there are too many hard feelings.
I want love so passionate that the very idea of us not being together
Is enough to make me want to call you, drunk, at 3am, just to say i miss you
Even though we saw each other seven hours ago.

I want love so encompassing that it's painful for me to go seconds without kissing you
And that hearing you cry rips me apart from the inside out until all i have left
Are two sad arms to try and comfort you with.

I want the love songs to make sense.
I want you to feel the same.

clause,  don,  feelings,  hard,  relationship,  stand.

Author: Emma Jane
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196686

Why do you stand so far away

I wish that was my name.
The one that you write in different fonts,
The one you hope for when your phone buzzes,
The one you wish to wrap up with.
If I told you,
I would be wrong.
Your age is unfair friend,
Getting to know you is hard.
You are scared of judgment.
But why?
You're better then this,
Save a breath.
You're brave friend,
Give me a chance.
Spare a moment
Because you what I wish for on a shooting star.


Author: Taylor Naomie Bass
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1196346

Stand By Me..

Loneliness is a great friend
He never lets me wander alone,
Forever standing by me
He's there when all doors close.
He's one friend i trust
And i know no matter what
He'll be forever beside me
He's the only company I've got.


Author: Diva Irin
Date: 25/03/2020