Poems about standing


№ 1208204


I want to run, but here I stand.
I began to fall, but on my feet I land.
I stand my ground.
Look around.
Here they scream out loud.
The names they shout out.
Fag, loner, weak.
Friendless, slut, meek.
Dead, dike.
Never to be liked.
Should I listen
Possibly dismiss them.
The words may burn.
At night I may toss and turn.
Empty and dreamless.
I never want to be called a victim.
Maybe just a symptom.
One of being me.
So judgemental they have to be.
Why do they have to hurt me til I die?
Why do they spit their words til I cry.
I don't have to care.
I can pretend they aren't there.
That's what my mom says to do.
I told her I am me not you.
It's not the easiest thing.
Hearing other human beings.
Beating you down.
When everyone's around.
Watching your best friend.
Say our love was all pretend.
Well it's alright.
I'm okay for atleast another long hate filled day.


Author: Ana S
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1203097

Standing Small/The Pursuit

This could be beautiful,
If you let it,
But you strain against convention,

Time and again,
I'm left in the cold,
Along with the masses,
You bask in a warm glow,

I try to match you,
You're one step ahead,
This could be beautiful,
But you never look back.

pursuit,  small,  standing.

Author: Tom Stewart Irving
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1199217


I saw her on my way somewhere, I don't remember now
And passed her by beneath the pouring skies
Then as the rain stopped, all I did was think of her, and how
She stared at me with sad unblinking eyes
All that I remember now, was she sat there all alone
And I, within my haste, gave half a glance
I turned he next wet corner, and my thoughts of her were gone
But soon returned in dreams, of sweet romance

Her eyes had looked right into me, and saw my broken heart
I don't know how, but I felt she saw my pain
She somehow sensed inside, my loneliness was part
Of love that I had lost, or failed to gain
And so I walked that street again, looking for the girl
That sat there in the tears that I had cried
But she was gone, day after day, oh, what a cruel world
I wished that I had stopped, that I had tried

Tried to know what she had seen, as I passed quickly by
There in her face, I saw my own mistakes
The girl with the unblinking eyes, not knowing how to cry
I think of her, and if her poor heart breaks
I wonder if in her, there are thoughts of me at times
Remembering, we met each other's pain
Knowing that I wasn't hers, she surely wasn't mine
I hurried past, and walked on through the rain

I studied every face I saw, to find that look once more
But nowhere did that feeling reach my view
Had I imagined her that day, my heart is not so sure
My mind perhaps plays tricks on me, untrue
But I hope she was really there, to let me see somehow
That all I ever needed was her smile
To wake me from these nightmares, and the dreams that I have now
And thoughts I have of her, now all the while

Perhaps someday I'll see her sitting, waiting there for me
She'll be there in that same familiar place
And all the wasted years that I have I've known, will cease to be
Then she and I, will know love's warm embrace
But for now I'll go on searching, searching for those eyes
And I hope I'll find her once again
The girl I saw so long ago, beneath the pouring skies
So I won't be just standing in the rain

Dean Evans

rain,  standing.

Author: dean evans
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1193977

Standing In Fog

A diminutive moon
Will ask about the infinity
Of blackness, when I
Was waiting in November night
Of a toothed fall
In a missing success.

Ahead of time, you
Punch the wailing trunk
Of the fallen tree. I had the taste
Of honey, but who am I,
A giver of anonymity?

Withering in a fire house
Without door. I have come back
To know my ancestory. This
Was my home once, in the
Ancient history of man. This
Was the gift, this was the dawn.

fog,  standing.

Author: Satsih Verma
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1188048

Standing in Line

Sometimes I wonder why I hate waiting so much.
I cant stand sitting around for a call from a long-distance friend,
Or a cup of coffee.
Things that I love.
It never used to bother me.
But now? It drives me crazy.

But then I realize,
It's because I went crazy waiting for you.


Author: Savannah Charlish
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1181156

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

A gasp
As you realise
That you've discovered something
Completely new.

A smile
As you savour the moment


But soon
You'll share your secret
With the world.

Another piece
In the wonderful jigsaw

Of human knowledge.

giants,  shoulders,  standing.

Author: Higgs
Date: 11/03/2020

№ 1174628

Standing Alone

I've tried hard to please you
But it's not what I want
Let me see other things
And what lies beyond

You need to understand
I'm not a mistake
I grow tired of being directed one way

I'm a grown man now,
And I chose to do this
It's not what you want
But it's why I exist

And stand up like the family
You pretend to portray
Instead of taking my seat at the table away

Brother, Mother, Father
Here's where I belong


Author: Corey
Date: 05/03/2020

№ 1173330

Standing Firm For Christ

Things are getting more and more evil in this world.
Things are going on this world that is downright evil.
In the past people would have been more discreet about them.
But now basically evil has become right and good has became bad.
We are living in a world where things has switch position.
But Christ is still the same and good is still consider right in my eyes.
As well as bad is still considered evil and I shall stand on my principles.
No matter what it cost me because my Savior died for me on a cross.
So now its my turn to live for him, to stand firm for him as well.

christ,  firm,  standing.

Author: Eddie Starr Love Poetry
Date: 04/03/2020