Poems about star


№ 1210051

Violent star in the night

It was strange imagination that led you to me
Too many miles and even more borders
I didn't dream
But I believe
My fingers only reaching through such space
My violent star in the night
Fiery, burning with passions
I couldn't see
What I felt
My love
This combustion
This raging source of light
Shine over me
My violent star in the night
I'm only skin to feel your heat

night,  star,  violent.

Author: Torin Galleshaw
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210035

Starlight, Star Bright

Starlight, star bright,
All the stars I can see tonight,
Her eyes, they shine,
When she sees him and sighs,
Tonight they will know what it has been like,
With her standing in front of that mic,
Speaking her words to them all,
Telling her stories of fall,
About what they went through,
And all they got into,
About how she crumbled,
While they tumbled,
Her love just wasn't enough,
But she knows that life is tough,
When she cries herself to sleep,
She knows she won't sleep that deep,
Even though this goes on for so long,
She knows she must be strong,
But she can see,
This is how life is ment to be,
Looking at the stars saying,
*Starlight, star bright...

bright,  star,  starlight.

Author: DK
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209686

Star Crossed Lovers

Lay my head down in your lap
And do not speak,
But with your crystal eyes
Tell me the story of the sun
And how he fell deeply
In love with the moon
Whom which he could never be with
The laws of nature forcing them apart
Each day
And how despite their circumstances,
The sun knew that love was stronger
Than the distance between them
And although they could never
Dance together
Or get close enough
To clearly distinguish the color of
The other's eyes,
He couldn't help but use every ounce of his strength
To shine his rays on her
After it was his time to go,
Illuminating her up in the night sky
So all could stand in awe at her beauty
Even if he couldn't.

crossed,  lovers,  star.

Author: Nameless
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207134

Shooting star

Everytime I saw a shooting star I used to make a wish.

None of my wishes came true,
My dearest wishes...

I no longer believe in shooting stars,
They've failed me too many times.

Maybe there's another way to make them come true?
The answer is within me, and I will find it.

shooting,  star.

Author: Sanny
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207111

Star gazing

Do you feel sad, too?
When you don't see billions of stars
At night?
And its one of the things that gives
You such a euphoric feeling...
When the world has been so cruel
To you on that day and at night
That's your only solitude...
So, do you get sad, too?

gazing,  star.

Author: Alliana Griselle Mendoza
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206410

Star-crossed lovers

He's the nearest, biggest star to her--
Her light, her sun, is what he is.
With him, the most vibrant of days occur;
Not a shade or color is missed.

And she's the morning star to him--
His gentle greeting sent from above.
With her, the celestial matter of his daily hymn;
Not a note or tune unloved.

So who said stars only have to meet at night;
When the two star-crossed lovers will cross paths some way?
And who said stars only shine when it's not bright?
For them, they radiate light better in the day.

crossed,  lovers,  star.

Author: Lunar
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204119

My star in my sky

A kiss took my breath away
The moment lost forever
I wish i could see the sun threw the rain
A heart pounds to hear your voice
The night with love that over takes my soul
The way she loved me made forget the past
I always aim melt her heart and never let go
I feel stuck in my mind that this will never happen
A kiss that took it all away
Her warmth makes me feel lost in the time
I never meet anyone who can see me way she does
A kiss that took it all away
I never wanted anything more then her touch
A hope that it will last and hold it close to my heart
I wake to find this was all dream lost in my feelings of love

sky,  star.

Author: kenny Diamond
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203624

Falling Star

To me you're a star
And I am just but a gazer
Though our distance is too far
Every night I utter a prayer

Come a day where I can see
Well, actually night probably
Where you and I will be
Together happily

So I continue to watch you gleefully
Maybe there come a time you'll fall for me
Maybe then hopefully
There will be a you and me

Even the stars fall.

But then again I realize
The things that fall from the sky are not stars
Just meteorites.
So basically you can't be mine unless
The end of the world is coming
And real stars are falling

But until then I continue
To gaze at my star that is *you

falling,  star.

Author: ZT
Date: 01/04/2020