Poems about staring


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Staring, as I often do


As I often do
This distant place of wondering

Afforded of a mystic view
Raising flags,
Woven free upon the wind

Across the sea

In your pocket
To remain
A piece of me in charms upon
A silver coated chain

Floating of its own ebb and soul
Waving as forever comes
Sent of lost and feathered shore
Grinning ear to ear

Taken from a prison camp
Framed in ocean's mist
Found and lost and found again

Something I can not resist

Each day I reach,
In lengthened gathered steam
Drinking of a lemon scent
And foaming parakeets

Dancing on the beach of wings
Searing on the feet
Floundering, dreaming, asking...

When will you come to me

Fingers shade the sun
Bleaching on its way
Bountiful of endless love

So, so far away

This distant place of wondering
As I often do,

Hoping to find you


Author: Jack
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1191621

Staring at the Ceiling

What is sleep when
My own shadow
Won't even confront me?
Scream all you'd like
I still won't look at you

ceiling,  staring.

Author: Corey Parsons
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1183126


She stares at the sea while he falls, exhilarated
She stares at the sea.

She stares at the stool where he sits, anticipating
She stares at the stool.

She stares,
That's all.


Author: Mara Siegel
Date: 13/03/2020

№ 1179321

Crazy for staring at walls.

Staring at my nails
(They're red. Chipped like worn paint. Chipped. )
My nails.
Because I'd look crazy
If I just stared at that wall

crazy,  staring,  walls.

Author: Jane Doe
Date: 10/03/2020

№ 1173524

Staring at Crown point

She travelled from London to Weedon
If only for a day she promised to be
Someone of importance,
By burning bridges.
Espying the gentry by learning subterfuge
The romance of the veil,
Observing the roses by feel.

crown,  point,  staring.

Author: topaz oreilly
Date: 04/03/2020

№ 1172043

Staring at ceilings

I'm staring at ceilings
And i don't remember
Them being this

I never noticed
That they were
Grey and pale

That they were
Bare and filled
With cracks
And crevices

Never knew
That they had
Nothing interesting
To boast

I just never
Saw them
This way

Maybe it's because
I'm just tired

Or maybe it's because
The last time i stared
At the ceiling
Was with you

And i was not actually
Focused on
Just staring

I was holding your hand
And i was feeling the
Veins that lived
Inside your skin
And feeling your bones,
Wondering if they
Ever felt like they
Were not bones
When i'm around
Like how mine did
When you are
Holding me

And i was listening
To your breathing
And i was thinking
About how the
Repetitive sound
Of you
Filling and hollowing
Your lungs of air
Managed to
Captivate me

It's a thing
All people do:

But your breathing
Pattern was my
Definition of

And right now,
I'm feeling
Rather homesick

And the ceiling
Is being
Oh so dull

And everything
Is oh so boring

Without the
Distraction of
Your steady
Breathing and
Your hand in

ceilings,  staring.

Author: vail joven
Date: 03/03/2020

№ 1169481

The Staring Contest

Late-night thinking doesn't
Until five
(when the sun decides to
Go to bed and pins
Up a
Paper cut-out and a "will
Return soon"
In its place, billowing warm
Fingers over the world)

contest,  staring.

Author: Samuel
Date: 01/03/2020

№ 1163915

A Thousand Years Staring into the Sun

A thousand years staring into the Sun,
Retinas burnt remain unmoved,
I cast no shadow as my bones turn to dust,
Yet these eyes still stare,
Searching for the moon

staring,  sun,  years.

Author: Universal Thrum
Date: 25/02/2020