Poems about stars


№ 1209706

The Moon And Stars

ЂњIf everybody likes you, you're doing it wrong. ”

On these dark nights
When the air is fresh and brisk
She is concealed in the sky
And speaks secrets in a soft voice
Showing only her beauty and grace
Her movements are slow and shy
The whispers barely leave her lips

It's on these nights
She is accompanied by thousands that are fascinated
By her mystery
She attracts even the faintest and shallow of them
They look on in awe
But they don't see her entirety

It's the nights that are much brighter- lit by her beaming smile
It's these nights she reveals herself as a whole
Full and ripe
Baltering and twirling
Uncovering her weaknesses and blemishes
Completely real and truthful

It's these nights she only attracts a few
Yet they are the brightest, most incandescent of them all
They sing and dance around her carelessly
They love all night long
In the sky

moon,  stars.

Author: Catey Ellis
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208828

Pulling Stars

Our love
Pulled down the stars
Placed some in our eyes
Placed some in our hearts

pulling,  stars.

Author: Always Ally
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208730

The Stars Will Guide You Home

After months of darkness, the dim light creeping out from under the door illuminates the black abyss like a shining star leading the way to a brighter destination.

guide,  stars.

Author: Hal
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208412

I've Always Loved Stars, Including the Ones in Your Eyes

Eyes are beautiful, crystalline structures yet somehow rounded.
Eyes are poetic.
But there are some eyes
That you can truly see the stars in.
You can see the universe bubbling down the river of time,
Our planet twirling its way through the ballroom of our solar system
You can see everything inside, a window.
But at the same time, you can see everything out of it, too.
I can see myself within.
My own hopes, my own memories
Cast back at me with a fresh perspective
*The stars are in your eyes,
So be careful not to be blinded.

eyes,  including,  loved,  stars.

Author: Idiosyncratic Sesquipedalian
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208294

Why have the stars abandoned us?

An L for the longing
I for the "I'm not sure if this is where I need to be"
M for the minutes of waiting
B for begging the stars above to let me have you
O; the single letter that escaped my lips as you turned your back
And walked directly into the next willing participant's embrace

I look at you, I look at her
I run
I run until the air in my lungs evacuate when my bare feet kiss the gravel
I run until I am unable to see you in my head
I pause
I wait
And I continue running, for you are still there in my head
I run
My arms punch the breeze that fights back at me, I punch as if it were the environment around me that took you away from me
I run until night divides the day
And drapes me in velvet black
My hands on my head, I spin around, pulling out my hair like a mad man
Out of breath, but knowing it's not from the running but instead from the absence of you in my heart
I crash to the ground
I keep my eyes shut as long as I can, but whenever i'm met with the darkness surrounding my thoughts
I see you, my soft light
I keep my eyes shut until your image forces me to open them
And look up at the empty night sky
And all I ponder on
Is why the stars have abandoned us.

abandoned,  stars.

Author: Queen of the Highway
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207986

Meeting the Stars

My eyes are curtained,
Clouded by the heavy sounds,
Shaded by the lack of clouds
And the purity of the endless sky.
Unfathomable space depth,
Unfathomable water depth,
Unfathomably tall trees,
Looming, watching over me.

The feeling is dark green,
Clean after endless rain,
Dark after daytime pain,
Rich and full and soft,
Enveloping me, swallowing me,
Lifting me to meet the stars
While I gaze into the unfilled void of eternity.
The stars want to know what the ground is like,
I tell them that their whispers of thoughts,
And their silent eyes,
And their blanket of mystery is much better
Than the souls that aren't allowed to be themselves.
It's better when my eyes are curtained,
Because then I can see the sky.

meeting,  stars.

Author: seth
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207407

The Moon and the Stars

The Moon and the Stars*

It all started one night under the stars.

Lying in the field on the clearest yet brisk last nights of summer's warm-held grasp. Telescope, blankets, friends and stars. We watched and waited as satellites and planes flew overhead; deciphering shooting star from orbital waste, relearning and recalling constellations recognized throughout man's lifelong past. Gazing into the wide open of the unknown with thoughts of extra-terrestrial, black holes, and the possibility of life after death.

The darker the night the more magic seemed to exist. After wrapping up our outdoor viewing of the universe, we headed indoors for peaceful sessions of passing the pipe while listening to shamanic throat singing and overtones, as our friends sat *gravely entranced, zoning out to the wonders of the world covered by media through National Geographic and the world-wide-web.

It was somewhere a midst all this where I find myself; body calm and mind relaxed, propped up on the couch pondering the innermost immortal thoughts of the interconnectedness of life and death and sound and energy, spirit and soul as visions of spirals infinitely intertwining as one appear before my eyes. The sensations of what I imagine the reference of “getting the gears rolling” in the center of my brain as my pineal gland begins its first steps of decalcification brought about by the intentions of man.

Up until this point my life was on a one track path. A steady straight line towards the unknown, unawakened, and ignorantly naive, believing everything I had been taught up until that moment was a true solid fact. With this new sensation of the potential for higher vibrations within my own soul, my heart began to rapidly race but without pain and suffering, rather with the excitement of this new realized grace.

Awakening to this new idea, to this new age, to this *new way of life.

moon,  stars.

Author: Gemineyed Gypsy
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207247

I'll miss you forever, like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies

As the pale snow thoughtfully found its way down to the harsh earth
My mind wandered alike in to the past
And suddenly it hit me
As i spend my time longing for you
You were slowly changing in to something,
Even my blind love couldn't recognize

forever,  morning,  skies,  stars,  sun.

Author: Maria SN
Date: 04/04/2020