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№ 1192765

Get me started on why

The falling of leaves
From the family trees
And the changing of wayward tides

The height above seas
Or two hundred degrees
Or the place where the devil hides

Atmospherics of pressure
Set not for good measure
Could never offset what I've done

For I swore it my strongest
I held it the longest
That forever I'd love just this one

Holding my hands to detain
His smiling eyes entertain
Tufty hair that is perfect for rumpling

Summer nights out in rain
Like symphonic refrain
Little thoughts that he stops me from crumpling

Just our walk in the park
Just might stave off the dark
Of the presence of all things unlovely

'cause his embrace is a lark
Each soft kiss leaves a mark
And each day this perpetuates doubly

So the spring that I've kept
Turns winter to concept
Though outside be they blizzards of cold

I love his without, his within
The mystique of his skin
And his soul that with mine will grow old


Author: Amory Caricia
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1191246

Started from the Bottom, Now I'm still here

Feels like I'm staring from the bottom of a basement
Dreaming of what I could be and I'm struggling to chase it
Running round in circles biting my own tail
Blaming everybody else when all else fails
That's the way I cop out never taking responsibility for my actions
Laissez-faire whatever happens, happens
Staying up all night wasting time just acting a fool
Remembering times when all nighters were cool
No job, no sense of accountability
Procrastination's a must don't see why that appeals to me
Facing deadlines thinking I can put it off
Knowing well if I put the effort in I can pull it off
Cause I've got no sense of motivation or trying
Tell myself that I can do it later and it'll be fine
But wondering to myself what if I really tried
To put my best foot forward and give all that I can with a little more time
Picturing greatness but that requires hard work that I don't wanna do
Don't know how much longer before that'll fall through
And I guess that scares me, adulthood knocking at my door
No more child's play can't be a kid anymore
Gotta man up and make something of my life at hand
Rather be a whole chapter than just a footnote at the end
Of this book that I've been writing since I took my first breath and a step
And looking back on it what do I have left?
Couple good friends but they're all over the country
Couple of relationships that turned into nothing
Just a couple of lines in poems that I choose not to share
Because what scares me more than teasing, is those that'll care
And they'll look back and see what I've become
Which is hardly anything cause I was too busy having fun
Drugged out nights washed away into blackness
Shit cause I hardly remember any of it but I still keep at it
And I don't know where I'll end up so much uncertainty
Hope when the dust settles no one will have deserted me

bottom,  started.

Author: Dada Ibarra
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1186902

You Must Get Started

You must get started
In order to be great
Put your best foot forward
And jump out of the gate
The journey is filled
With magic and adventure
Rise up through the air
And see the vision of nature


Author: Ronell Warren Alman
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1182645

I've Started

I've Started reading my old works
My own literary corpses
From other places, other times
And lives I used to don

I've started meeting my old words
Like those friends forgotten
The ones, that even though have left
Still linger in the niches of my heart

I've started thinking of my past feats
Instead of my present failures
I gaze longingly at this visage of time
To make up for my lost delights

I've started questioning myself
My beliefs, my dreams and me
If I shed this cloak of apathy
What will I really be?

I've started something, I'm not sure
But it's something unimportant
As it's just for me, my own tryst
But I've started finally.


Author: The Flipped Word
Date: 13/03/2020

№ 1182187

Lost Before I Ever Started

I fall apart every now and then
Crumble down into shells of mix matched pieces
It's like the rain clouds follow me
Every right I take, I should of gone left
It's hard to face so many mixed emotions
The waves of guilt are always crashing in
Living up to people's expectations
I lose my way
Side track on little interruptions
Too many thoughts to process all at once
Temptation dangles right in front of my face
One mistake sends me back to rehab
But the reasoning is overlooked
I'm a shell, when I could of been a pearl
A dim light drowning in a sea of dust
Negativity echoing in my eardrums
But I find a way to believe
So much pressure dancing on my shoulders
And as I pray I scraped my knees
Put a smile on and breathe in deep
And to think it's just the beginning of a mountian with never ending hills
So I'll use my compass to guide me back

lost,  started.

Author: C A
Date: 12/03/2020

№ 1181948

Our life's just started how could I die?

I told you I was yours to keep
No you're not dreaming, I slid to sleep
You keep on running, losing heat
Please stop running, rest your feet

die,  life,  started.

Author: Dia
Date: 12/03/2020

№ 1180470

Started laughing

That's it
The this of now is where
I am gonna hang my cap hat my

Then there was when
That day I had long hair
And a goatee
Always wet

Vigorous, in a way
No doubts no second thoughts
My way or
Nothing at all

Had two balls then
Now I have three
They sag down lower then
My knees

I dont care anymore
Wrinkles around every curve my biceps
Turned into droopy triceps
My lower eyelids
Into nose bags
My ears into forests
My chin into three of em

That is the way
I live work hard
Party when not working and
It took a toll
I just wish the mirror had a mute button
It has started laughing at me

laughing,  started.

Author: wordvango
Date: 11/03/2020

№ 1175475

I started a poem for you once,

Just like I promised I would.

I found it yesterday, in the
Beginning pages

Of this journal you gave me. There was
A scrawled note under the only line,

With a careless rectangle drawn around it.
I must've written the note quickly,

A few days after you dropped
Me off for the last time.

"I'm sorry I never finished it, "
I wrote. And I am.

I'm sorry I never finished it for you
To see. I hope this one will do.

poem,  started.

Author: Kate Ballalatak
Date: 06/03/2020