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Step 8

As I lay down to sleep
All I want to dream of is


Author: Mya
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208215

Step Into The Looking Glass

Divine Minds Transcend

There is so much more than what we see
What we fear and choose to perceive
What we're told we must believe
A place that's hard to conceive
A portal to a world beyond belief
Since birth it waits for you and me
A world beyond a lucid dream
I can tell you where this portal leads
It leads to a cure for humanity
So step onto the magic train
And learn to accept your certain death
For life is nothing more
Then fabricated reality

Fate, it seems
Is not without a sense of irony*

I finally broke free of the evil me
It wasn't church that set me free
It wasn't drugs from psychiatry
It wasn't money that made me see
I had to die from this reality
And accept my certain death

It's your turn to consider the facts
Now breathe a bit and try to relax
Just one second as I remove the mask
Then a crack like a whip and a panic attack
No slack as you slip into a static bath
Your vertebrae is split and severed in half
You blast away and never look back
The math adds up so you have to adapt
Half of you is lost and your soul is cracked
The other half swirls in the endless black
As you float down an uncharted path
You finally break through at last

All you thought you knew from life
Is shattered
As you step into the looking glass

glass,  step.

Author: Jonathan Maraccini
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208115

AS i take a step forward

As i take a step forward,
I can't help but look back.
Some memories are fading,
And some my mind lack.
My heart starts aching as i remember that life.
The pain is intense,
Its like a knife that has stabbed me in the back.
The future is waiting.
But i can't let go.
The past is fading fast
But my reaction is slow.
I cant let go...
I remember the way your fist felt while it connected with my face.
The way you slammed me up against the wall and began to beat my face...
It will stick with me until i take my last breath.
I will remember the way you laughed when you saw all the bruises you caused.
I refused to look in the mirror day after day then one day i looked at my reflection and i hated it.
Because of you i lacked beauty.

forward,  step.

Author: brooke myers
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206919

Step Back

I lost you somewhere
In between the expression
Of my love and my love;
Losing you now is different
As I let you go with a smile,
Painful yet worth while;

I lost a part of me, of what,
I don't know yet but need to understand
Something is dying; a spark, a life
That you used to supply
But my love, don't worry a thing
Because I will be mending;

Now go on,
I'm pushing you
Not to look back
And be prepared what's on
The other side for you but
Just give me a glimpse or two.


Author: shillyshally
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205630

One choice. One step.

One morning, a child took a step
Given a heavy choice, the burden of an adept
Given by a Mother, a modern day Lady Macbeth
That day, the child's soul darkened a depth

One high noon, a boy sang his tune
Not of joy, but chaos and ruin
In a little box, too much a drone like their own
With courage the boy fashioned himself a clone

On the dusk of one day, a man wept on his knees
For the greed and all the need
What we bleed for our own creeds
He grew strong seeding all the wisdom his knowledge could feed.

On the husk of the same night, a man held a scale in his hand
On each a foundation, one of love, and one of a life too grand
King of a proud nation, beloved father; an etymology planned
Even a clairvoyant couldn't see which position he'd man.

An old crow looked upon his life, sanity in tow
Remembering a light, a feeling he ought to know
That of purpose, of old money and status quo
For the wisest know, there is no escaping how old we grow.

choice,  step.

Author: Nick Blanchard
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1203429

One Step

Is the grass really greener on the other side...

If it's not watered or taken care of properly

Then it may not be greener on the other side...

One persons “junk” maybe another persons “treasures”

Don't judge someone...
You never know what anyone is dealing with, even if you think you know them...

You don't look sick... (you don't know understand what I'm dealing with in the inside)

Are you starting a family anytime soon? (When the time is right, you tell everyone... ”you don't know I can't have children”)

You work way to much, take time for yourself... (work makes me forget about all I deal with in my head)

We all carry baggage and demons within ourselves...
It's how you try and deal or unpack your bags to release the weight you carry with you...

Always look forward, never backwards
You can't change the past, but you can make plans to change the future

One step at a time...


Author: Ashly Kocher
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202385

One Day One Step!

I don't know if your
Good for me,
I don't even know yet
If I want this or not.

I been feeling mixed up...
Been thinking too- what "if"
I'm making the wrong
Choice in choosing you?

How can I risk
Oh so much with you?

Is it right for me to want this- yet
I know in some ways

I got feelings that scream
But other beg me not to,

Yet when
I see you, hold you and feel you
I lose all my thought process.

I look for the impossible in you
Or so it seems to me.

Give up or stay- work this out
Or let you go your own way?

I don't know what I'm pose to do
But I do know that at this point in time

I'll be taking us

One second,

One minute, one hour,

One day & one step at a time!

Always Me Ayeshah

day,  step.

Author: Ayeshah
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1201646

Step back


Do you remember the innocent eyes
Of the child that used to be?
Pleasures that were found every day
The simple things in life were free

I've see a girl with golden hair
She looks like the angel fair
But if you looked into her soul
It's no child that lingers there

The ugly space that used to be
Filled with light and love
Is now a void a never ending pit
Of sorrow, pain, despair - unloved

Where are the dreams that we had
As children running free?
When parents were protectors
And watched over you and me

Step back in time to find yourself
How is life supposed to be?
Is the innocent life of a child
Sacrificed for the things we need?


Author: Loraine Fromm
Date: 30/03/2020