Poems about stopped


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Why I Stopped Writing

For a while
Even the word
Made me flinch.
I had so many thoughts
In my head
But no courage to
Put them down.
My cup and mind
Runneth over,
And it's best to aim
The spillage at
Paper (digital or otherwise).

It was a friend,
Someone I trusted
Whom I sent my poetry to.

I asked for her thoughts
And she responded,

And that was the best
Advice I'd ever received.
Too bad it nearly broke me.

stopped,  writing.

Author: Zachary William
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207341

Doves Had Stopped Flying

Somebody had put the feet
Against the flame,
The street had become a wall.

Commitment had failed,
The doors were locked.
Collective guilt was seeking favour.

Repeating the same story
Blurs the sky.
Sun will not come out.

You are speaking.
He was speaking.
Truth was speaking.

Solitude and silence
Come before the summary.
I was responsible for myself.

Earth refuses to conceive –
Fire in veins.
Doves had stopped flying.

doves,  flying,  stopped.

Author: Satsih Verma
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1201839

A World Stopped

As the last few heartbeats ticked away
The world stopped turning
Everyone stood still
Skyscrapers turned purple
Purple waterfalls
Purple skies
Purple tears
Across the globe
People congregated dancing to the beats
Of a fallen warrior
And people hung their heads low
Filled with sorrow
Over the death of a legend
Younger generations exposed to the music
That shaped their parents
A whole world stopped
From the loss of a single man
All around the world
Everything stopped
When all around the world
People are being killed and tortured
When all around the world
Children are being left to die
When all around the world
People are dying on the streets
When all around the world
People are killing themselves
What will it take for the whole world to stop
Just because I died?


Author: Maddie
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1197515


I stopped crying for a woman
Who doesn't want me anymore.
I stopped trying to make sense
Of a love that was no more.
I stopped trying to make that woman
Know how much I hurt.
I stopped worrying about a lost love
& put my feelings first.
I stopped thinking about her
& wondering how she's doing.
This obsession I was having
Was causing my life to be in ruins.
I stopped thinking about her new love
Was he better than me?
The more I thought about it
It caused me so much misery.
I stopped looking at her pictures
But damn, she's so fine.
It just messed with my sanity
My life was no longer mine.
I stopped calling & texting
No kind of contact.
I need to get her out of my head
I want my life back.
I stopped writing all of these love poems
That were all about her
People said I was "PuxXxy Whipped"
They're right, I concur.
I stopped chasing after her
& begging to talk to her.
It just made me look foolish
Like some deranged stalker.
I stopped lying in bed
Because all I did was cry & weep.
I couldn't take it no more
& I was losing too much sleep.
I stopped worrying & praying
That we'd get back together.
I'll just put her, in the back of my mind
& try to forget her.
I Stopped!
I Stopped!
I Stopped!
Now it's time to START... living again.


Author: Robert Cathey
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1190488

Rain has stopped

You're asleep
And my shoes
Are all wet

Your resting like a child
Your hair kinda wild
The sun is creeping over
The Horizon

I think I'll just close my eyes
And let a bit more of the light
Drift on in

rain,  stopped.

Author: Hers
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1187241

I stopped

As i sit back and watch the openly wounded come back from the war of speaking to you, it makes the burning hunger in my heart more passionately unbearable. For a fleeting instant I was your's, and, for an even briefer moment you were mine. But you had an unendurable curious spirit that even i couldn't manage to capture the attention of for more than a rapid second. And that was tiringly back-breaking, so I stopped striving to be that one singular girl whom you kept around for a time. I stopped glancing around to survey if you were around when i was about to do something noteworthy. I stopped trying to keep the conversation going if it was veering towards a dead-end. I even stopped wearing my hair precisely the way you like it. But that undoubtedly didn't mean I still didn't thirst for your presence. That didn't mean I could deliberate with you about the very person i loved. In as much as, as laborious as this was to confess to you, I am still insanely in love with you.


Author: Diamond Sparrow
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1180989

The rain's finally stopped

Worthless beautiful night sky
Full of stars, red and blue
Perfect lemon moon
So close

Pink attire, purple face
Optimistic words, dry tongue and pale lips
Shadow in the dark

Floral fabrics
Ribbons for causes
Heart, heart, heart


finally,  rain,  stopped.

Author: Pea
Date: 11/03/2020

№ 1180690

My Clock Stopped Ticking

My clock stopped ticking,
And there came he
With a dagger in his right
And a torch in the other.
Of all the doomed
He chose me
Though he was my son,
And I was his mother.
The hell in his eyes
Was all I could see,
For he was the flame
That I could not smother.
Only my blood quenched him,
Covered him in shrouds.
My life was over
Before it has begun.
My shackled soul,
Pierced the clouds,
Searching for light,
But it was outrun.
My clock stopped ticking,
Yet neither has won.
The skies were clear,
But there was no sun.

clock,  stopped,  ticking.

Author: Mera Tau
Date: 11/03/2020