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Mini stories 1.5

A week earlier

A young man and this girl he was into hung out this day would change everything. They felt like a couple and had all the benefits but he wanted to make official he wanted her to be his girl. Turns out she had other plans she like how everything was going but didn't want to take it to that level. Things became awkward and weird. The two grew distant and things would never be the same.
He would confront her try to make it right but things got much worse. She was with a new person and things looked serious.
He was broken deep down and said nothing. Later her roommate would confront the broken man. She apologized for her roomies actions because the truth came out this girl was not loyal and was stringing along, this nice caring person.
The guy felt bad and hurt till a few months later he decided to move on and date again.
He met a young girl sweet wasn't his type but she would ask him out for coffee. He didn't drink coffee but did like hot chocolate. They would socialize get to know one another better. Till he felt confident and trusted her worked up the courage to ask her out on a date. Get to know her more be free from the previous death grip that burden him.
While on their date his evil ex would see them, later he would be confronted by her; she would ask, who is that and how long have you been seeing on another? The guy was puzzled, why would she care; who he dated. she was already with someone. To make things or confusing she told him she missed him then kissed him on the cheek.
The guy didn't not get this rejection but did grow while dating.

mini,  stories.

Author: Infamous one
Date: 06/04/2020

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Stories & Statements #123

A little piece
Of me

Every time I sit
Here and make poetry

On my itouch

Whilst I watch
Families play with their

Right in front of me

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Author: Ocho the Owl
Date: 06/04/2020

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Excuse me if I come across rudely, I wasn't listening to a word... I was too busy watching your lips dance
And your eyes light up
As you tell me stories of better days,
The adventures that made you
The iridescent being sat before me;
Glowing, so radiant with life.

And how selfish of me,
You lay before me your open book
And all I could think about
Was writing the next chapter for you;
In hope that one day ours could be the story
That glows through your skin the brightest.


Author: Indıgo ॐ Lıly
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1206846

Stories & Statements #63 (The Four)

First, spring arrives
Its leaves and grasses
Meet fingers and toes with much glee and

Then summer makes its appearance
Who can ignore its boisterous
And sweltering presence?

Fall sneaks in
And subtly makes itself
Right at home while we dance and sing

Then winter comes down on us
Like a sledgehammer

How many times have these four come and gone?
How many will I see?

*The four continue forever into eternity...

amp,  statements,  stories.

Author: Ocho the Owl
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206357

Bad calls/good stories

I'm cutting the necklines out of my t-shirts
In the middle of the night i'll snap fingers in my teeth
I can live with bad feelings (we all do) i can live
With busted knees
My floors are water and cover ups. i can live
With missing teeth
There have been worse things in my hands i'm cutting tape right off my skin
We all do
I can live with bad feelings we can live
Through bad dreams
This is the time when we all sit down. cut war wounds down our jeans
You bring the heat and i'll think how much worse i used to be

bad,  calls,  good,  stories.

Author: oh no
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205461

Short Stories

I remember when we were young,
The soft tread snow held us close,
We ran through the woods,
Dressed warm in cross-stitched clothes.

I remember when we were well spoken,
Tiny oceans passing on giant sails.
The sun was a sign of promise,
The moon saw us dancing by hotel rails.

I remember when we were cautious,
The lights were dimmed in eyes,
The lamps turned low too,
A crumpled heap of office ties.

I remember when we were addicted
Hands stained with gasoline and ash.
Burned lips that clung together,
Victims of timeless youth and cash.

I remember when we were worried,
Short stories and family,
Strewn together for comfort,
I looked at you mirrored as if happily.
I remember the end,
I remember when we were happy,
I remember when we'd had enough,
I remember love.

short,  stories.

Author: James Bell
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1202449

~ (Life stories) by I. M. Jirous (1944-2011)

Life stories of other people
Are more important than
Life story of ours

Life stories of other people
Are easier to tell than
Life story of ours
Which we are unable to say anything about
And so we are unable to say anything about
Our life story

The valves
Are opening in our hearts

The valves
Are opening in our hearts

Try to comprehend this part

life,  stories.

Author: LukГЎЕЎ Vejsada
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200704

True Stories #2: When I was bad...

When I was bad,
I mean young,
The summers in the city were
Mean hot,
Ran with the bad boys.
Not bad bad just teenage bad.

So the cops came and got us
Where we were hanging,
Took us down to the precinct,
Till around midnight.

Came home at one am,
My pop heard me come in.

Asked me where I'd been,
So I told him that I'd been arrested.

He thought for a second and said,
"Good. Now go to bed. "

We never spoke of it again.

A thousand years later
I figured out why.

I had never seen my formal pop
In his underwear till that night,
And never saw him that way again.

He was more embarrassed than I.

Considered the matter closed and
My heart, full, finally, now.

bad,  stories,  true.

Author: Nat Lipstadt
Date: 29/03/2020