Poems about storm


№ 1209234

Before the storm hits

Everything is muffled,
Like an invisible cotton ball
Stuffing city streets with silence
Car horns don't jar our attentions,
Sirens whistle, not shriek
Passing couples yell to be heard
But there is nothing drowning them out.

This is the calm before the storm,
The void that opens up in the atmosphere
In the moments before the fury drop.
In this quiet,
The whispering gong of silence is deafening.

Then the lightning strikes
And thunder reminds us what it is to hear

hits,  storm.

Author: Genevieve
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208794


It was the type of storm that would either complete or defeat me.


Author: Mentally Deranged Girl
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208480

Heaven In A Storm

Quiet is
A heaven
In the storm
Where i hear
Your pain
In the
Distant rain
Ask your heart
Not to walk away
So quiet is
A heaven
In the storm

heaven,  storm.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207874

The Calm Storm

The butterfly and the swan, our
Most blessed creatures; for in
Natural painful transformation of
Crawler to beautiful freedom, of
Ugly homeliness to majestic beauty;
What is natural becomes possible and
What is possible becomes hopeful

Upon stormy waters he walked;
But only still waters draw us near
With melancholy determination;
Hearing that voice within, but
Does it direct you to throw stones
For ripples that soothe or to break
Apart the reflective image of what
You cannot understand?

We are anesthetized; for reality
Is no basis for happiness and
Delusion fuels pretension to be
What we are not; and so we applaud,
Loudly, for strangers who wear our
Colors; because what they do is
Our greatness; but do we cheer
For them or ourselves?

To those who sacrifice, it is a
Constant; to those who do not,
It is a moment; but we live with
Our fears no matter who dies
For them; fear because of our
Children; fear because of war;
Fear because of pride; fear
Because of ignorance

What was once a child's kingdom,
Narcissism versus intellect, is how
Adults now separate themselves;
The victory of a beautiful face over
Character is complete; mannequins
Who cannot speak enable those
Without conscience to ignore the
Consciousness of their soul

Silent love, quiet discomfort,
One human becoming God, for
Their blessing is salvation on earth;
But blessings are relative; relative
To where we were born and who
Loved us as children; we begin without
The knowing of favor; what we learn
Of ourselves is where we begin again

Art is not competition but expression
Reveals life; revelation of consciousness;
Our heroes must only make us feel; we
Ignore their flaws but does that prove
We are forgiving or only want vicarious
Pleasure no matter the cost or the
Rationalization of the conditions of victory?

The fisher of men's souls spoke to all
Men; for it was written from a mount; but
What do we embrace? War or peace?
Riches or charity? Arrogance or humility?
When ripples reach the far shore what is left
Is the question that wet living glass asks
About what we see and what we believe;
Because calm reflection is the only storm
We can survive

calm,  storm.

Author: Mark Lecuona
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207844

The Last Storm

And you will remain undecided,
Standing just on the outskirts of my town.
Never intending to enter,
Never hoping to leave.
You are the embodiment of everything that is nigh yet cannot be held;
Of everything taunting yet increasingly aloof;
Close enough to touch, but not to own.

Then one day the clouds will obscure the moon, its light replaced by lightning flashes.
The sky will bleed and cry, bringing a man to his knees.
The birds will leave the trees,
And elsewhere they will be found;
Singing to another place, another season, another wanderer with purpose;
But, for the time being, for another hope lost in the storm winds.
And I will be standing under my arched gateway,
Fingers tight and trembling around a lightning bolt as I watch you sink into the churning ocean.
Sinking; sinking by your own choosing.
My Atlantis, it's time to go.

And soon the turmoil will cease and the new dawn will be breaking;
As I flung a black rose your way while reciting the last of my madrigals:
"My Atlantis, I have always loved you fearlessly;
Until the day you decided that I am your fear. "

June 2016


Author: Vania Faustanta
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207777

The Storm (Fear from Insecurities)

Silence roars like a stormy sea and stirs the waters of the mind,
Making nightmares and reality become intertwined.
All fears and insecurities come to life,
Causing slashes with the knife.
They hit the mind like giant waves crashing against a dinghy
Lost and alone in the middle of a wild sea.
Gasping for air as the waves crash down,
There is no wish of surviving - only the wish to drown.
Dripping blood and painful breath
Are hoped to be the sign of death,
But opened eyes realize, unfortunately,
Despite how real it all may seem,
Death was just an evil dream.
Scars are proof of all the pain that will surely come again
To embed how it feels to know that all the nightmares were real.

fear,  insecurities,  storm.

Author: Abi Sarnacki
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207698

Eye of The Storm

In a tornado of flags and smudged faces
You carry a white rifle
It twists and slithers around your neck
Your torso
Your legs
Swift as a snake
You're a blur of grey and black
Barefoot and pale as dawn
As papery and long as a willow tree
Spinning and twirling
Graceful and strong
You dance amongst the women
But you're stronger than most men
Then in unision
You all fall in a heap on the floor
Legs twisted in your flags
Completley still
They eye of the storm has never been more beautiful

eye,  storm.

Author: Robyn
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207657

The Storm In Me

The waves twist,
And violently turn.
The wind blows,
Through this unforgiving world.

The sky turns grey,
Covering the blue.
Slowly becoming black,
And my heart is too.

I look out to sea,
Wonder what I did wrong.
Was it ever meant to me?
Were they right all along?

As much as we fight,
And as much as we try.
Nothing is working,
As I kneel down and cry.

The weather turns,
And it starts to rain.
The storm rolls in,
Conquering the day.

The darkness takes over,
Tearing the beauty apart.
Just as my cold darkness,
Slowly conquers my heart.

Becoming something new,
Someone you do not know.
I'm tired of hiding the pain,
It's time I let it show.

Maybe then you'll understand,
Exactly what I feel.
Maybe then to you,
My emotions will be real.

Because lately,
It does not seem to matter.
How many times I repair,
My heart which is shattered.

They find a way,
To break it again.
And I hand it to him,
So he can try to mend.

But what else can I do,
When I feel like a storm.
Black and hateful,
Trying to repair what is torn.

You throw me more,
Than I can possibly handle.
And I'm giving up,
Like a blown out candle.

You can say it's nothing,
That this is just a faise.
That I'll get over it,
In just a couple of days.

But I've been like this,
For some time now.
And I've tried to break out,
Of this storm somehow.

But the storm goes on,
And the thunder crashes.
And the rain pours,
And the lightening flashes.

As I try once more,
To mend my tattered heart.
But it's hard to do,
When it keeps falling apart.

It's broken for reasons,
Which are difficulf to express.
And I'm breaking down,
Over this stupid mess.

But they're gone forever,
For no reason at all.
And here I lay,
With no one to break my fall...

So the storm rolls on,
Taking over my world.
As I cry waiting,
For someone to return.

To save me from this,
The storm inside of me.
To help me overcome,
And return to the old me.


Author: Jolene Perron
Date: 04/04/2020