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Strange Peoples

We attain,
A pain,
And apply it,
To life.

peoples,  strange.

Author: Tyler James Birabent
Date: 07/04/2020

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A strange beginning

Its not a very noble start
To be ejected out the sexual parts

And to never see that exit place again
(not that you would want to)

Unless of course your parents are into naturism.


Author: nivek
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207691

Being human is strange

They all come with these things called feelings that vary amongst each other but nevertheless they all have some of their own

And when they develop these feelings for another one of their kind they experience strange symptoms such as having blood constantly rushing to their faces and their heartbeats increasing rapidly in their presence

Their term for it is love and sometimes it causes them to do impulsive and uncharacteristic things and sometimes it causes them to deny these feelings of theirs and other times it prevents them from functioning as they normally would

They say love is an emotional rollercoaster (a metal contraption with small vehicles connected to tracks of varying lengths and shapes and speeds that humans go on for amusement) and that it is one of the greatest gifts given to humans, but that's up to you to decide

human,  strange.

Author: s
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1205786


You left
To find yourself
Of which you found

I'm thankful
Your world's
A little less upside down

Got yourself together
Your life
You rearranged

But now im not in it
And am left feeling


Author: MonkeyZazu
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204018

Strange Musings upon Many Begotten Realms

Choral and gospel babe's reciting a poetry
In a modern way. She is a choclate griotto
Wrapped up in a southern comfort gown.

He guessed her amazingly hot origin from musicality in her velvety dark mane, in her sexy, humming womanly voice. Appealing much as her bountyful body.

The excellerating vocal interpretation gaudied the lingering air surrendering to those poetic sounds coming from her to us, over and over again. If you want! Reciting some of the longer Jim's poems. In a dark room, remembered, spoken, where the cardinal curtains were shading the late afternoon beams. To get the genuine gut feeling ~ that"s something marvelously mysterious ~ as poetry ~ per se ~ is reeling all around. Having the great impact on the listeners.
In another room across the Atlantic, just about few seconds before he saw her; quite an awkward idea have popped up: how identity unmistakebly identifies with the one-self in relation to relatives according to the grand relativity theory blurring a lot who's who among ancestor's honey glued lineage... sprited like a helium baloon taken off the ground, up, having fun in the wide open bolstering from one white puffy figure grown out of the wildest indigo and cerulean heaven deeply falling in the prodigal fractalistic mannierisms dancing through the ultimate void as franticly beautiful Shakti having a blast with her Primordial man. Shiva the Creator! Who poured, burnt and purred the poem's punctuation points into the poet's heart, tongue, soul and sprinkled them in between insightful words on the vintage parchment.
Calligraphy images painted delicately in black ink on and have succesfully enhanced the artistically written haiku poems. In a book of poetry of another Author. From the land of sushi, robots and hi-tech dreams. The differece of being a straightforward contemporary creator to the one who sits silently under cherry blossoms beauty. Accepting the roots, harsh cosy tree trunk, breathing winds and the revolutions, sanities and insanities of mad Sun eruptions, spots and freckles on cute girls marching into the bright light, day after night, might after fight. The Inward diving.

Abstract phenomena. Silences. Was it any good?! Life has thought me about the cunning words. Happy random words like kiss, miss, beau, slurp, ice-cream delight, giggles, wonderful smiles, cherry lips, cherish your beloved ~ dear darling ~ la lingua. But please, never say that I should love difficult, occult words as purge, purgatory, creteins etc.
Swear, baby - if you want it! damn! sweet bitch! Move your hips, pointilists would point your nipples, and made a swooshing swing, gladly tightening the narrow silky ropes around those fabulous moving hills.
What's the point of this poem?! Finding the existentialist in Finnland drinking a deliciously innocent yoghurt. Crashing into a Canadian household having the burglar tools pined up to your belt, not knowing about the utmost honesty of the open doors and hospitability. Surfing on effervescent waves along Seyshelles, being outsmarted by a slick dolphin taking your gigantic wave. Transcending from a cop to a couplet master.

Poetic friends! Being a poet is shite! A total wanker! A willy Wonka going ballistic! A postcard from hell send through transgression, transforming living cosmic beams and biiii bi bips. . . . Reaching beyond the larva and a cocoon stage.
I am. Stars we admire. Stars we praise. Stars who aspire. The union. The Bellevue. Be bop was kinda cool. Was not my thing... Be blogs. Be brave. Bear. Beer. Be on. Neon. Liberty.

begotten,  musings,  realms,  strange.

Author: DivineDao
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201452

Captured in the psych ward, the strange word old ludger

Captured in the psych ward —— a strange word——— something to do with bludger

Today ron has his hands full when a person came after tying an 11 year old boy to the toilet

And he started to get these weird voices in his head, and he couldn't quite put his finger on it,

You see his youth wasn't bad, there was a bit of teasing but his parents think the teasing could've

Been the reason why he did the crime, you see his brother said, be a oh ledger, which made no

Fucken sense, and it could be a strange name because he didn't want his sibling to be labelled a

Pheadphile, and ron was talking to him asking him, why did you attack that child and he said

Because i wanted him to suffer for what my school mates were doing to me, you see my school mates

Are calling me a ole ledger, which makes no sense, and ron said, maybe they are calling you that, because

They feel guilty calling you a phedaphile, or they prefer to not call a mate a phedaphile, and then ron said

Or maybe they are saying young bludger or a dole bludger because you look lazy to me, and then the man got

Up and said, i am a bit of a bludger, but i am not a dole bludger, i want to work, but most of the jobs i like to do

Are jobs that this crime would stop me from doing, and charlie chaplin came up to the man and said, charlie's my name

What is yours and he said, kidnapper bill, you see i kidnapped a kid named bill, and now i am in here, being called

A oh ludger, and charlie said, they are calling you what, and he said a oh ludger, you see i was getting teased all my life

And i took out revenge on them by destroying the life of a litte kid, and ron said, do you think you should tell very many people

Because charlie will tell and it could make your time in here uncomfortable and he said, i can handle it, and he said, like when

I grabbed that kid, i felt good, i was just about to make the past leave my mind, because those teasers were horrible to me

And then ron said ok they called you a oh ludger, which makes no sense, why the devil was that word in your head because

It is not a word in the english language, and then the child molestor said, my name is gordon mcllumsy, and i am 23 years old

And i have been getting teased all my life, and my brother peter mclumsy is calling me a oh ludger, because he wanted to

Keep it from our father that he thought i was a pheadphile, i don't believe in having sex with a kid, i just tied him up and threaten him

If he tells the cops, well obviously he did, and he'll pay for it, and pete, my brother said, your a oh ludger, and since that day my mind

Was so messed up, i thought he was treating me like a family person, or a dole bludger or a young bludger, but now you guys have

Arrested me, the voice has stopped but pete came the other day, and i heard the words oh ludger come out of his mouth

And i hear those words 25 times in one day, i am trying to relax in here but the voice of my brother says you are a oh ludger, oh ludger

And i told him, yeah a dole bludger or a young bludger or maybe even a sports watcher, because gordon was watching the sport when

That voice became clearer, and he had hallucinations of his mates at school saying, your getting teased gordon, we tried to push you over

The edge and now you are getting teased and ron said ok, and when these kids teased you, what did they say, and gordon said, they went yeah mate

To me every time i did family stuff, like play footy or cricket, or even when we played boardgames, and gordon hated that, screaming out

LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE, I AM A FAMILY PERSON, and this happened every day for gordon, and most of the time it wasn't just yeah mate

Sometimes, bullies would pick on him, by jabbing pocket knives into his neck or gut, or jabbing ball point pens onto his penis and gordon said

LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE, I AM A FAMILY PERSON, and the head bully of the school locked gordon in the school store room, saying

You will be here overnight, cunt and gordon wanted to get out, and eventually a teacher let him go, and then gordon told rob, i wanted revenge

On these bullies, and this kid got in my way, and since that day, i heard the voices, oh ludger coming out of my brother and mates, and i thought

This meant nothing, and gordon still thought they meant dole kludgier, sports watcher or young bludger, but gordon thought pete was a real little

Smart alek and needed to be taught a very big lesson, because gordon isn't really a pheadaphile, he was just bullied around at school by stupid

Jealous school kids and ron thought straight away that gordon needs medication to calm his mind, so he chose 300 mils largactil at night and

200 mills serenace in the morning, and ron thought with talk therapy, this should work, so he gave him his first dose of serenade, and he was still

Hearing the words oh ludger, which could've meant sports watcher or dole bludger or young bludger or even a special name so pete and gordon's parents

Don't find out that pete was treating gordon like a family person, and gordon was walking around yelling with words saying, i am not a pheadaphile, please

Stop treating me like a phedaphile and gordon yelled at anyone who looked at him when they watched the news which made ron come out and try

And settle him down, gordon said, stop treating me like a little kid, I AM A RUN OF THE MILL, HEAVY DUTY MAN, dudes, and then gordon goes to his room

And then hears the words oh ludger, don't be a yeah mate yeah kid, gordon, be a oh ludger, which means nothing to gordon and gordon yelled out

LEAVE ME ALONE YA CUNT, I AM NOT A OH LUDGER, i could be a dole bludger or a sports watcher, or a young bludger, but i am not a phedaphile

That kid had it f... n coming and i don't deserve being captured in ron's psych ward, being shoved on any medications, i want the best, f... n rupert and

Then the order forms came out for lunch and dinner and gordon ordered his meals and went to his room yelling at his voices calling him a oh ludger

And gordon said, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE, then ron, who was terribly worried about gordon gave him 2 values and said just relax because you

Are causing people to complain about you, and the valium sent gordon off to sleep till his family, including pete came to visit him and gordon told his parents

To stay, but pete had to go, because, he can hear oh ludger coming from his teasing voice which forced me to being a kidnapper, dudes and ron thought

That maybe his parents need to understand what medication gordon is on and that he hears voices of pete calling him a oh ludger which could be a dole bludger

Or a sportswatcher or a young bludger or a fancy way that pete says he is a pheadaphile, to make make you feel great, and we put gordon on largactil and

Serenace to control his urges to abduct children, apparently he was taking revenge on kids at his school and then gordon spent 2 hours with his parents

And his parents left, and it was almost dinner time and gordon went out to the dinner table and at dinner time, gordon got what he ordered, fish and chips

And vegetables with a orange juice and a chocolate mousse and after dinner ron gave gordon his largactil and gordon went to his room, missed supper

Because he was having a big sleep, where he awoke at 5 am, and he went out to the dining room to wait for 2 hours for breakfast and medications, but

He told the nurses he had a dream about being burnt at a stake, because he remembered being treated like an old witch when he was 13 and when ron

Came after his lovely time at home with pizza and sleeping on the couch, turned up at the hdu to give the patients the morning medications and ron

Asked gordon, are you still hearing old ludger and gordon said, yeah, i f... n am and i started by thinking they were treating me like a sports watcher as

I was watching the tennis last night, but i fell asleep, and gordon still doesn't understand what old ludger actually meant and then lunch came with

Gordon yelling at his voices so loudly and then afternoon tea, with gordon having 3 pieces of the cake and then dinner came, and gordon started hearing

Voices in ron and the nurses, and that started driving him completely nuts, and gordon told ron, and ron decided to give him more serenace and start

By trialling eppelim on him to be taken at lunch time to reduce the voices he hears and then dinner came and gordon ate his dinner and then ron brought

Around the nightly medications and then ron clocked off and bought lunch at his favourite cafe and went home and watched greys anatomy and fell asleep

On the couch, while gordon was still bothered by the word old ludger, but it was calming slowly but surely.

captured,  psych,  strange,  ward,  word.

Author: johnny georgy brown
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1199721

Strange How It Trickles

Sat next to an old timer down at the shop last week,
He looked older than Methuselah,
Piercing blue eyes surrounded by red,
Seemed nearly dead,
Like he'd been crying for a century.
He told me he was from Tennessee,
Another good old Southern boy like me
& we got to talking about all kinds of things.
We ran at the jaw from baseball to politics,
Frolics & war, even diamond rings.

I learned he was a fellow veteran,
Said he had worked on the big boy
During the last big one,
Said it wasn't much fun,
But they were sworn to secrecy
To do it.
I pondered for a second or two,
Knew exactly what he was talking about,
That Manhattan Project,
The huge mushroom-bomb!

Being a kindred soldier,
I leaned over, knew I was safe,
& asked him how he felt,
How he felt about its effects,
All that killing.
It got really quiet, eerily silent,
Then he looked at me
& with a lone tear
Rolling down his wrinkled cheek,
ВЂњSon, they killed my brother
In the Pacific, which killed
My mother in Cypress Creek,
Which killed all my childhood dreams. ”


strange,  trickles.

Author: Jonny Angel
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198554

Running does strange things to the mind

You are something I'm not sure about
Like why leaves sometimes fall and sometimes float
Or waves sometimes break and sometimes don't.

The sound of us trickles in the streams I pass.
It's in the steady beat of feet and concrete
And it's the quiet refusal of moss to make a single sound as two feet pound.
But another pair might make a sound? Wake the ground? If I churn out rhymes will you get in line?

I'm a single set of feet
Crassly attached to a fog and wind and atmosphere of you.
For you are as present as the hawks that circle and the fog that rests
And equally hard to touch.

mind,  running,  strange,  things.

Author: Jerash Cassare
Date: 27/03/2020