Poems about straws


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Straws In Flower Vase

My daughter was shouting on me for a cause
She was correcting my flaw just clause by clause
I was just listening to her interpretation of laws
I thought I was collecting straws in flower vase

The matter pertained to my brother's widow
Who left us on the tricks of her father and family
And initiated a bogus case in the court to flow
To sail in her stream on our cost to be totally free

I was for her being sole inheritor of my brother
As the rules of army are clear and fair on subject
So why to keep her and ourselves on the altar
We should be love sparing not in contempt strict

Then idea got full support from my daughter
That will of God is supreme to take its own path
Hence we should be right not to be defaulter
We should aspire for mercy and not for the wrath

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

flower,  straws,  vase.

Author: Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1137776


Dax Moy you made think
About straws being more than an object to suck up your drink
So I took all the straws upon my back threw them on the floor sat down and started to explore

Now different colours have different meanings
I want to make it clear, that some straws are, indeed, most welcome around here

Red Straws - Red is the colour of Life, Cupid and Love, its the giver of life running in your veins as blood.
Without Red I would have no reason to exist
I want to keep Red it's top of my list

Blue Straws - Blue is the colour of Water, the maintainer of life.
All sorts of life flourish and grow with the drop of water upon the soil, I need it along with the blood to help keep me alive.
I want to keep Blue, if its OK with you

Orange Straws - Orange is the colour of bright sunshine.
It gives us warmth and feeds plants, mammals and our souls.
Orange I'm not ready to let go

Yellow Straws - Yellow is the colour of sand, mixed with Water it makes things strong, buildings that can last very long
Yellow is useful as a handy glue, I'm decided I'm keeping Yellow too

Green Straws - Green is the colour of Grass - mixed with Yellow and Blue can add insulation to walls and ceilings
So dear colour Green, i am feeling that you are the last straw I am keeping

Black - the last straw on the floor, I only has one thing to do.
It sucks the drink from A to B and is the least useful straw for you and me

So now I am decided for me which colours are the best. Why don't you do the same and put your straws to the test.


Author: Jackie Mead
Date: 01/02/2020

№ 1070128

Clutching at straws

It only looks like we mean but looks are?
And then I get stuck because what is a look
And what does it mean?

Art Deco does things to me,

Twentieth century?
Mention me to

I can't come to terms with germs
Remember ' Monk? '
Sunk without a trace
His final case
Was himself.

"It's a jungle out there"

Wednesday brings a ray of sun
In the weak light
We pray
For Friday to come

I hate 5am
Nothing stirs
Not me
Not the spoon in the tea
It's not 5am for long

That's what looks are
I mean

clutching,  straws.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 02/12/2019

№ 1059004


The other day my friend that I met in the hospital came over
He entered my house through the window and 2 A. M.
And he left at five
I float to my bathroom, and my father steps out of his door frame
Turning on the light
Only to gasp and ask me why the lower half of my face was covered in blood
And as I touched my bloody nose I told him I didn't know
Because whats the point of a sinner
Telling a sinner their sins
Because my father would never understand
Why inhaling life through a straw
Is better than breathing through your mouth
Because no one would understand why at the age of sixteen
I know more about drugs than my mother and my father combined
And no one would understand that I'm trying to throw away all of my straws
And as I go to wash my bloody shirt
And get the blood off my hands
I get ready for a day of jitters and paranoia


Author: Ellie Shelley
Date: 22/11/2019

№ 1009343

Clutching at straws

Clutching at straws

People you may know
That I do know
I don't know
What's on your mind?

Find a sacrificial lamb
And blam,
Blah, blah
How's it going so far?

The political chicanery
Rains on me,
I need a hat
Funny that
Facebook won't
Supply one.

Sign in for free
It always will be.

clutching,  straws.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 08/10/2019

№ 998982

Dandelion straws and tin can cocoa

Dear lord i
Want to do
Things i will

Not regret eternally
I sleep in
Your hammock love

I am no

Longer in


But rather waking
To the silence
Of my hut

To the how-are-you-this-mornings
Of the secret friend
And friends


Each other as
The semis roar
By on the

Highway headed for
Nyc or maybe

Dear lord thank
You for life
For this hut

For this blanket
Please wrap your
Grace around those

Who are doing
Without wrap it
Around me that

I may wrap
It around others
Heal us and

We'll be healed
Save us and
We'll be saved

cocoa,  dandelion,  straws,  tin.

Author: MasikaniCrocodile
Date: 28/09/2019

№ 981620

Tower of Straws

"As is, "
"Leave it at that, "
"When I say, you do. "

All of this focus on control and power,
Yet those 'in' power-
Are in the worst place,
The most stressed, the most feared,
A superlative disgrace,
And it all goes downhill as the end nears.
Just dont pull me down when it all starts to fall from beneath you.

straws,  tower.

Author: Gabe Ouellette
Date: 12/09/2019

№ 976495

Last straws

I take off my boots
And throw one at the moon
Tonight, the starlight is mute
After listening to the news
Watching politicians kissing
The President's ass like it
Was a ruby on the Pope's ring
While the people weep
In the streets, crying out about
All the orders from above,
No more doves or butterflies,
No gardens, no dreaming, no
Poets, no brooms, no hope
For the sick and weary, only
Last straws, executive actions,
Anti-immigrant policies.


Author: r
Date: 08/09/2019