Poems about street


№ 1209786

Old Broad Street

( didn't see any old broads)

She's coughing and wheezing
He's sneezing
I'm frightened of breathing

If I hold my breath and count to ten
What then?
Germs are everywhere.

I'd like to hibernate
Curl up in a sleeping state
And wake if the Summer
Should come.

I think of an expiry date
Multiply by five
Sometimes being alive is
Like times five.

Caught in the crossfire going on
In my head
Eyes bloodshot but it'll stop
It always does when the red flag

Free kicks because life is nothing if not a penalty imposed and we play the game well or not at all.

And I breathe again
If was touch and go
Being slow usually is.

On a desert isle.

Sand and sea
Under a coconut tree
Lemons and limes
Life is
Times five
Turtle eggs.

The periphery

I strain to see
And wonder why me
Everyone wonders that.


Is still containerville
Packing them in and
Racking them up
And when it's full
They'll pull it down and
Start again

I'd feel like a scarecrow 'if
I only had a brain'

Okay he's not sneezing he's snoring,
Reading this must have been very boring
Funnily enough writing it was fun.

broad,  street.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209422

Street artist

I like to watch an artist painting in the street
Canvas and his easil standing at his feet
Painting down his vision mixing up his oil
With each and every detail as he begins to toil

Painting there for hours never tries to rush
Painting with such skill with his little brush
Passing on his day underneath the sun.
People come to see. the painting he has done

I like to watch the artist painting in the street
Looking at his picture when his works complete.

artist,  street.

Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209145

Wall Street

My socks they have grown their own feet
They had said that the dog would be sweet
But there's been no relief
As she's turned into a thief
And that is why I have named her Wall Street

street,  wall.

Author: brian mclaughlin
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207818

People walking down the street...

People walking down the street,
Spilling pink makeup in beautiful designs
People walking down the street,
Collecting wind-blown leaves and directions
People walking down the street,
Exchanging sensual greetings
People walking down the street,
And pass by rainbow symbols
People walking down the street,
Contemplating dirt

© Matthew Goff

people,  street,  walking.

Author: Matthew Goff
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206251

The Boy Across The Street

Once upon a time,
The little girl smiled
Saying, "Wouldn't it be great
If we sat and talked awhile? "
I sat down beside her as she began to speak
And go on and on and on
About the boy across the street.

Once upon a time,
That little girl turned ten.
I went to visit her and learned
That she had a new friend.
I asked her about him and she began to speak
Saying "Remember how I told you
About the boy across the street? "

Once upon a time,
This girl was twenty-one
She was laying on the grass
Under the bright and blinding sun.
I saw a ring on her left hand, then she began to speak
Informing me that she was engaged
To the boy across the street.

Once upon a time,
It was thirty years ago
When the boy and girl were married
And they both left their homes.
I looked around outside as I took a seat
Across the house that once belonged to
That boy across the street.

boy,  street.

Author: Ophelia A
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204993

Lonely Street

I know Lonely Street.
I've walked its beaches,
Stared mindlessly at
Friend television.
I've filled afternoons
With sips of coffee.

I know all of the
Hiding places there:
Bars with cement floors,
Noisy ceiling fans;
City libraries;
Movie theaters.

There is no color
Here on Lonely Street -
Only replicas
Of houses ashen.
There is no music -

I know its benches,
Where I tease pigeons
With my popcorn and
Chitter at tree rats,
Watching worlds go by,
Waiting for passage.

I know this safe place,
This sanctuary,
This holy sector,
This respite from feeling,
Where any feeling
Feels likes it's torture.

So, I hide or seek

lonely,  street.

Author: WordWerks
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204903

Cadbury street

As he sat at the table, eating his fish
A warm fire burned nearby.
She sat on the sofa somewhere nearby
Wondering if all she could do was cry.
As the nostalgic feeling came and went,
She remembered the days they used to spend,
He would let her climb on his back,
And they would walk here, there and that.
She remembered the way they used to be,
He was her all, her meant to be.
What hurt her now more than before
Was the way he saw her, loving her no more.
It is true, she say, I messed up
But is forgiveness never enough?

And So as she lie here in the arms
Of an angel to keep her safe and warm,
She cried once more and took a bite
Of a sweet sweet Cadbury chocolate and
Stared into the night...


Author: Elizabeth Bleu
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204237

32nd Street

Leave me here
Up on my roof
Where the sun kisses my skin,
And the moon takes my heart,
And the lights of this town
Make up the stars of my own universe.


Author: Kimberly Rose
Date: 01/04/2020