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Strong Thought pt2

To the old me
Hard headed
Arms shredded
Blame people
But its all me
You all see
Minding my own circle
Loving blue
Hating red
Lies within the lies
Man I can't decide
Cause in the middle it's all purple
You tall
Or small hurtle
Cause as I write
My words are all verbal
And non- verbal
People analyzing and being disgusted
Throwing dreams
Cause y'all heard'em
Y'all hurt him
Using water splash
To mess up they vision fast
The homie

strong,  thought.

Author: Lil K-1
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207589

Strong fingers

This desperate fleeing will come to naught
These poems the last mutterings of madness
The last paper to take flight in the cold black and white photograph of morning
Her smile dripped with fetish
But the strong fingers of her words
Worked at the lid of my mind
Prying lose the harbored fears
And delving into the sweet meat

Her own self portrait
Is languid and driven with heat
Curved back with intonations of lust
But benith its lurid covers
One percives the desperate clawing fingers
And ever hungered never sated eyes

My own photograph
Lay out on the floor
Stained with age
And torn along the edges
But benith its neat posed glib humor
One percives the
Small room ages ago
Where hope still endured
That room now vacant

I go
Probably to my demise
A last black and white photograph
Cast careless from the aperture
Of a childhood's camera

Everything we thought we'd be
Never amounted to enough
Everything i though she would be
Was just as barren
As my lurid dreams

fingers,  strong.

Author: mark john junor
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207011

A.M. ANXIOTY: (writing/poetry).. *WARNING* strong content. Read at own expence.

3: 22a. m. ,
On my second pack of iggy's,
Smoked by the minutes counting
You're not here by my side
To hold me and watch stars
Fall out of place like
The places where our mind dwells
And my breath in what was fresh
For the kiss of your lips
And put a hold on to the smoke
In my head of you
Our first night apart
Things are something of some
Painfuly hard to mend

3: 25a. m. ,
No, I AM pacing
My neck weary and weak
Too much for this head of mine
To hold up all that clutters
Streaming down my chest
Like liquid fire from explosion
Tensions play poker with my heart
And you're still not here
To help me live up to my feet
You go one way and I
I stay behind taking in the stabs

3: 30am,
Amzing how I'm whipping throught this
Pieces I chicken write-... vandalise

My pen and I drop another line, yet on these fresh sheets
... no, tonight we had no choice
Since the choice was already made
No, It's not a break up
Just one of those nights I let you
Spend away from me and
I am just being so dam n selfish
Just wanting you eaveryday
How do you see me now
Taking a bat destroying what is
In my way thinking I care
... shit!
Like I do
Go ahead act like it don't kill me
It's just anxioty,
Attacks come around friendly
Without handshakes that insults me
And my feet crash on glass
And yet, I feel nothing

... but you

3: 35am,
Mornings kill like manson
Like the devil himself
It consums me in this home
Where I make animals
Look like nothing wild
And the neighbors can hear me
Crazy they would claim me
And you're not here to hear me

3: 37am. ,
Another smoke to pop in my mouth
And this house is smelling like
A drug house I had created tonight
When you come back home today
Whatever time that may be
I'll be screaming and crying
Like a crazy azz bitch
In an un-womanly like tantrum
Like as if I hadn't hurt losing
Another friend the other day
And on top of that you leave me
In times like these
This is the first you've done
So wrong to me
Yet to me in my mind I may be
Losing it completely
Expressions say so much
On your face where I feel like
Slapping you hard like I
Want you to really hurt!

3: 41a. m. ,
Even poetry stares me down this
Early morning my, good one
A wife I will be, intentionaly insecure
I want this to go away
Far away where I can cast myself
Away with the extreme pain
That I'm causing myself
Cause you ain't here
And that's all that's playing in my head
That's all that matters to me now
That you ain't in this fducking house
Where I THINK you MAY belong

3: 44am,
Another smoke and many more to come
And this home is begining to close in on me
And this is just another
A. m. challenge for my depprssion
Anti-deppressants don't do one shit
And I swim in my head where thoughts
Kill me while you're gone.

Gone feels like forever
Up here is like the twilight zone
And you are the episode
Where conflics travle fast.

God! I fucking love you!
This cage is now my dungeon
And now it's 3: 39a. m

I'm pretending this is okay

(ghasping myself to sleep)

content,  poetry,  read,  strong,  warning,  writing.

Author: MaddHatterQueen
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204875

Strong Black Women

We are here!
We are fierce!
We are everything God gave us
We are the children of the free
We are the lovers of this world
We are the ones that declare war against others
We are independent
We are everything we hoped to be
We are strong black women!

black,  strong,  women.

Author: Andrew Castillo
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204144

3:06 am, looking out the window, smoking a cigarette, drinking a strong rye whisky and thinking.

Where are you?

cigarette,  drinking,  rye,  smoking,  strong,  thinking.

Author: JRBarclay
Date: 01/04/2020

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I know i am strong to make it though

Though everything I been though right or worng good or bad I know I am strong enough to hold the good though whatever comes at me I know I am tough enough to handle an deal with it


Author: Nova Echevarria
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198895


Little child strong

Mama aint here no more

Papa cant hear no more

No more

Little child born

The cops and the government man
Aint gonna hold your hand

Unless to take you "in"

They dont love you none

Little child

My song

And be here



Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1198451

"Stay Strong," She says

Hide the scars
Draw a heart
On your arm
Take a picture
Add a filter
Kiss her scars
"stay strong, love"

Only discuss what your feeling,
Never share the real meaning
Maybe someone will like you if you have bigger problems
Joking with yourself when they barely even hit the quantum
Must've wanted to see what was so attractive
Picked up a blade then blamed me after
Words are painful
Piercingly baneful
Dug a deeper hole so you can bury me, just haphazards,

So immune to what your saying
You lied to me
So focused on what you're really hating
Wanted to get into a fight
So you poisoned me at night.
Think you're so poetic?
Stop it.

It's pretty hard to stay clean
Looking in the mirror is so much harder than it seems
Hard to keep on trucking
When your so bloodsucking
Your actions are the kind that pull the noose up the tree
I wish it had all been fake
You put your heart out on a plate
For everyone to sample
If only they knew how you're never organically explaining
Serving things the people should be disdaining

You have no idea
Romanticizing for whoever's listening
When they say your so damn talented, your face must be glistening
You don't understand me
And this life you've created for yourself
Writing about a life you know nothing about
How many times do I need to say it to get it in your head
You'll never understand the feeling of waking up
And wishing
You were

Hide the scars
Rip the heart
On my sleeve
Take your picture
Add that filter
Hope you're happy
"stay strong, dear"

stay,  strong.

Author: August
Date: 27/03/2020