Poems about swamp


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I Walk Through the Swamp Land

I walk the swamp land with saliva dripping from my jowls,
My brother howls at the crocodile ripping its prey.
It's been a long day on the hunt for dry land
Where moss is elevated three feet to escape the gripping hand
That keeps us grounded in the moisture
While our tongues crack like a surrendering oyster.

It's murky;
Opaque with sediment.
Caws and cackles, rattling drums
The search for firewood, four broken thumbs.
But um, we've just completed a circle
And still the sun is setting.
Time is permissive

land,  swamp,  walk.

Author: Kenny Brown
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1149902

Swamp Light

The stars were bright above my head,
But mind of mine was filled with dread.
How could my actions have misled
Me to a hell like this?
What laws of nature did I break?
And where I made such big mistake?
And how much horrors will awake
And rise from black abyss?

I think this all began the day
I bought a house in the bay
I should have listened what they say:
This place was damned for good!
But it was cheap, as deadly bogs
With crooked trees and stinky fogs
And countless hoards of homeless dogs
Aren't pleasant neighborhood.

I lived there quietly for a year
And awful swamps located here
Were not at all a source of fear,
But rusty house was.
I had to catch the rain with bowls,
The wind was welcome through the walls:
They, like the roof, are full of holes,
And hence my anger rose.

I couldn't then afford to fix
Or to rebuild this house with bricks,
Although I feared of facing Styx
If it was to collapse.
I hardly ever slept at all.
I heard strange noises in the wall
Beside my bad, like insects crawl...
'Twas just my mind, perhaps...

And once I woke again at night
And saw a dim and lonely light
Just at a border of my sight.
In bayous it appeared.
I quickly put my jacket on
And, trying to suppress my yawn,
I ran to that phenomenon.
That totally was weird!

As I drew near, I saw a maid.
She seemed confused and quite afraid
Of something. 'Please, I need your aid! '
She cried. 'My brother's lost! '
I saw some teardrops cross her face.
I was bedazzled by her grace!
'I'll save your brother from this place,
I'll help, at any cost! '

With that into the night I raced
In an extremely thoughtless haste.
And under shiny stars I faced
What seemed like certain death.
A horrid beast from waters rose.
I noticed how the water froze
In pools that were a bit too close...
I couldn't take a breath!

I didn't, though, become a prey.
Twas quite a luck, I can't gainsay.
I don't know how I found my way,
But still, I reached my shack
I hear the beast's spine-chilling groan.
I know this building's my tombstone,
If only I could've somehow known!
Why can't I turn it back?

Moirai will any minute cut
My thread of life. I'm ready, but
I want that beast crushed by this hut.
Is this too much to wish?
What takes that devil so damn long?
Should I attract it with a gong?
Hey, freak, I'm here! What is wrong?
Just come and eat your dish!

But then... Two monsters at my door!
I started crying on the floor,
I loudly cursed, blasphemed and swore...
But then I raised my head:
"You found my brother! Sweet of you!
I hope he didn't catch the flu...
We need to go now, friend! Adieu! "
That's what the girl's voice said.

light,  swamp.

Author: Vseslav Kochenov
Date: 12/02/2020

№ 1133339

Swamp Nights

Steam rises from bogs
Swampy bugs fly above us
Stars shimmer night skies

nights,  swamp.

Author: Jack Jenkins
Date: 28/01/2020

№ 1132436

The Swamp Part One

Do you feel the mystery of this swamp? I'll tell you why it's here. This is the story of a girl.

'I feel the mystery of this swamp. It is engulfing and enduring. The fog makes a dizzying haze in my mind. I can't think, I can merely feel. I feel I should walk. As I walk, I see a shine, overgrown. It is as if the vines protect the shrine, for it protects them. I feel the vast ray of sunlight come through. Yet, there's darkness. The trees don't want the light to come through. The sun sets, and stars appear. Not that I see them, I feel their presence, as I always do. I get sleepy; my power set with the sun. As I fall asleep, I feel nature overpowering me. It penetrates the armour of my mind. I feel the vines grasping me, yet I don't wake up. It feels just right, as if this is what I've always been waiting for; what I always wanted. I wake up, not knowing how long I slept. I feel older, not much. Then I see him: an Old Man, appearing. He is half plant, yet half human. His presence is overwhelming. Astonishing and beautiful, yet eerie.


Author: Willem van Waas
Date: 27/01/2020

№ 1110248

Swamp water

Lately the clouds
Have been changing
Their colors to
Deathly grays

The air thicker than
Swamp water
Dripping down our
Tar lined lungs

Our brains as brittle
As autumn leaves
Crunching under your
Zombified feet

My world has yet
To see light
Its skies no longer
Full of gay colors

A funeral painted in my
I mourn for the now
Deceased beauty

swamp,  water.

Author: Layne b
Date: 07/01/2020

№ 1093683


With shortness of breath
I drag and crawl lifting
My clawed and bitten
Body from the filth and
Slim of a murky swamp.

While nursing my infected
Wounds washing away all
Dirt and grim.
An eager early morning sun
Bursts over a sleepy horizon.
Geese flock and fly over head
As a damp mist hugs the long

A somber question weighs
Heavily on my mind.
Do I regret?
And I say no

Because amongst all the filth
Dirt and grim. Broken bottles,
Hookers, cocaine lines, fag ends
And scars in my mind.
Tired grey hairs and a body that
Aged ten years over night.

I found a love, and hearts that
Shown like the sun. Pure in
Intentions that asked for nothing
But gave me everything.
And a friendship that I had never

When others crushed and spat
Drowning the sparkle in my sun.
Turning my world black,
They all merely flooded in.

With their drum and base
That played all night and
Flashing lights that were
Ever so bright as festivals
Are quite a sight.

So how can I possibly ever
Regret, when from God
They had come
Rescue me

With a sincerity in their hearts
They all together caught
Cherished and


Author: Adam Childs
Date: 23/12/2019

№ 1046149

Swamp monster p. 1

I know what keeps you awake at night
Half asleep mumbling in the shower
You talk to yourself and i cannot help
But to listen to your empty words as
Your tongue stumbles over them.

monster,  swamp.

Author: No one
Date: 10/11/2019

№ 1038153

Swamp Turtles

Alligator Snappers are working the depths of Port Lake
Swimming this pond in the Summer could be a bad mistake...
Rugged spiny shells and claws like a Florida Panther...
Determined green eyes at the surface spell nothing but danger!
Never walk the dismal swamps of Georgia alone,
Snapper's got a jaw that can rip your hide clean to the bone!
Bubbles on the surface are all the warning you'll ever get!
The only thing these monsters understand is a bullet!
If fishing line is snapping and the catfish stop biting, you can rest
Assured a Snapper is up to no good lying on the bottom!

swamp,  turtles.

Author: Randolph L Wilson
Date: 03/11/2019