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It takes none

Self takes one
Love takes none
Humor takes words
Words make puns.
Sunset shows birds
Birds make songs
That winds sing along

Sore the winds is a cry
A helpless, faithful cry
To hear it takes one
But cry it takes none
To hurt it might take many
To get hurt it takes plenty
To be happy then
Takes none,
To smile through pain,
For momentous gains
A gaze into the world of beauty
And be in the daze of tranquility,
It takes one to make
The world, to intake
All life gives

But it takes none
To go astray
Of all the good things
It takes none,
To take it all away


Author: Basko
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1204615

It Takes Time To Know

I know
Or maybe I just think
I can't really judge
Culture is what we make of it
We own it
It says something about us
But my music
Is it really better?
Or is it because of the times
I can listen to something new
In my room
Or in a crowd of young people
But I'm not young anymore
So it has to be connected to something else
Something important to me
So is it the music
Or is it what I was doing at the time?
I once was part of the scene
Now I'm an observer
It doesn't matter what I say
Or what I know
So I'll just stay in my lane
I won't drive too fast
Or make a statement just to do it
I know I'm different
Why do I have to prove it to anyone?
I don't get off on that anymore
I don't trust anyone based on their age
I don't distrust anyone based on their age
I just listen
Then I decide
I know if it's of any value
Not to define their worth
But instead their willingness to be honest about themselves
It takes time
Sometimes there's not enough
And they move on
So it was just a point in time
And they may not even remember you knew them like that
When they were trying to prove their worth
And they didn't even know what it was
Or how to do it
They just wrote a novel in the way they spoke
But the pages will be discarded when they grow up
I'll just wait until that time
Because then they will know what I know
And that is that we really can't judge
Who's going to help the world anyway
What can you do except live?

takes,  time.

Author: Mark Lecuona
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203653

Darling VII (It Takes Two To Trainwreck)

Darling, I'm
Leaving the eggshells right
Where they are.

A little more
(when have you known me

To not be self-destructive? )

darling,  takes,  trainwreck,  vii.

Author: RA
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201972

Silence takes over

I died never knowing.
The value song was sowing.
We held each other closer.
Two figures, indistinct.
I kept an eye from closure.
To happiness we would've gone.
Had Silence stayed away,
Now I fear that, I will... I'll,
Die without knowing...

silence,  takes.

Author: Leroy J Harris
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1193485

It takes a lot of courage to admit that maybe you do lack control

I have always been one
To take one too many
Just to see what would happen,
Just to watch the flames grow,
And warm the abyss i felt.

To wake me up.

But maybe i was diving into a deeper sleep;
A subconscious indefinite slumber;
A mad, pointless cycle of irresponsible affairs
I gave myself excuse after excuse for.

Because it was easier
To pick up a bottle,
To swallow a pill,
To rip petals off a flower,

Than to admit defeat.

-e. s

admit,  control,  courage,  lack,  lot,  takes.

Author: Erika Michelle Spedding
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1189742

Quatrain #324 - It takes some disillusionment......

It takes some disillusionment and bodily distress
For anyone to abstain from bad habits of excess.
Some people are caught up very early in life and
So can't get beyond them without a helping hand.

Author: George Krokos
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1189606

Love Takes A Bow

I look at the money,
Asking what's it all mean

From the toys to the honey,
And the years in between

I look at the statements,
As my love takes a bow

Thanking God my abatement,
Although late—came about

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2016)

bow,  love,  takes.

Author: Kurt Philip Behm
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1187153

It Only Takes But One Bullet

"I killed someone today"*
"I looked him in the eye"
"Put a gun to his head"
Fragments litter the cotton white floor,
"But was I sorry, did I regret"
What was done,
"Lets rewind a moment"
There we go, a little more,
It was meant to be frustrated,
With oneself, no other just me
But you can only
Is the most deafening of sounds,
Choices were thought, while looking
At that face, I should have ended it long ago,
But that was before, and know its
"To late"
I smiled when I put the gun to the forehead
Who's chicken now fucker,
"I hesitated"
But then laughter spilled out,
Must have said it a couple of times,
Then with ease it locked back, one
Finger up in the air, one
Pulled the trigger, then
Fragments litter the cotton white floor,
And I died happy, that the voice
Never won, I had looked them
In the eye and ended this lie,
I died with a smile upon my face
And with in those moments of
I knew peace, the voices quietened and
I died silent with a smile upon my face.

bullet,  takes.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 17/03/2020