Poems about talk


№ 1210555

Small talk

Thinking only of work
- eating my own business
Minding my food

And manners

People small talking too
Loudly with mouths full

- best get back and busy

- all this talk of ebola
Isis and clowns with machetes -

Slender man and little girls
- kidnapped girls forgotten

Collateral damage
- somewhere else
Someone else's -

Hard to concentrate
On important things
Like metrics and data calls -

Site density- history
- work things and holidays -
You know

I should buy pumpkins
On the way home today

- halloween is coming soon.

R ~ 10/15/14

small,  talk.

Author: r
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209177

The Death Talk

I want to talk to you all about death

Not the idea of it
But the reality of it
When somebody dies that isn't just a statistic
A faceless body thrown to the wind

That person is just like you
It's not someone whose skin was different
Who wore their hair a different way


That person ate food like you do
They worried about their future like you do
They turned off the channel when they couldn't find anything entertaining to watch on t. v. like you do
They rode their bike but not as often as they'd like just like you do

They worried if they weren't good enough

They questioned God's existence
They dreamed
They complained when their noses got stuffy
Don't agree with death because you believe people are
Different from you
Revolt against it because
They are the same

death,  talk.

Author: Tark Wain
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207806

We don't talk

We don't talk to each other
Even though everyone knows one another
We all have phones
Yet we act like we're all unknowns
We ignore people, one after another
We use our phones as a buffer
Because we can't even talk to each other
We act like drones
We don't talk
Taking pictures with the camera shutter
All standing around in a clutter
Wearing our headphones
I wish we talked at least muttered
*We don't talk

don,  t,  talk.

Author: Isabella Cavan
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207512

Coffee Talk

-A note for my coaches-

It's a curse of my generation, I think
I'm better off talking to you in letters made of light
Than in songs made of sounds
Because at least then I can be proofread

What do people even say to each other in person?
Even with friends, I can't remember a conversation
I had today or yesterday, never mind far off in the past
I must've talked about the weather, or my next test
Or something else of equally little substance
So my brain must have just catalogued it all as discard and thrown it out

I try to imagine the future
Meeting you at a coffee shop in the city
I'm home from college for a weekend
And we'll have to talk about something

About the past, about the people I left there?
About where we're going, what we've been up to?
About politics, the weather, the news?

I can't ever think beyond that
Because even in my head, no words make it past my parted lips
But if I could, this is what I would tell you

The darkness is all around me right now
I'm trying not to let anyone else see it
But I know you've been here before
And I think you'd understand
If I told you that I'm doing my best to keep the candles lit
*Please don't let me slip out of your life

coffee,  talk.

Author: Amethyst Fyre
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206648

Your eyes that talk to me

Yours, Mine, Theirs.
Eyes, here and everywhere.

Your eyes tell stories
That can never be foretold,
The deception it writes
Only for you to hold.

The blue of your vibrant lens
Electrically conversing to me,
Striking and intricate
In its details to be free;

Where trapped thoughts and mindless actions
Dispute in a ring,
In the rims
Of those multicoloured Siamese Twins.

With every emotion,
Your daunting colours change,
From storm grey to rose gold,
I ponder to your range.

There's everything in me,
From what I see in you;
Except the burning red compassion
For the love I held you through.

eyes,  talk.

Author: Elysia
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206545

Don't Talk to Yourself

Don't talk to yourself
When the time's not right
When there is no light
When you can no longer fight
Don't talk to yourself.

Don't talk to yourself
When you're in pain
And there's no gain
'Cause it's vain
Don't talk to yourself.

Don't talk to yourself
While cleaning your desk
Don't talk to yourself
Don't make it a burlesque

Hey, I know reader,
You must be feeling hazy
Don't talk to yourself just don't talk to yourself
'Cause they might think you're crazy...

don,  t,  talk.

Author: Aurelia
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205409

No talk

The one who will be patient enough,
The one who will understand me,
With no talk at all,
The one who will hear my silence,
The one who will try
Will see,
It wasn't really hard,
Just needed to do it,
With no asking,
That one, my love will get,
Just stupid enough has to be,
And deserve all I want to give...


Author: Ivo Stojanov
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1205381

The sex talk


When his fingers began to bleed, father stopped closing his eyes to pray.

The worst thing I heard as a child was how god made
Not only

It was either the suicide of my imaginary friends or the imagined
Suicide of my real. mother's hands were that way

Because of the dye
In dish gloves.


On this that has become the story of my prematurity
I'll say

The food we get has already been defeated.


The boredom of today's children
Has no depth.

Touch a throat in a totem's mouth.


Your mother was a hologram of a voodoo doll.

When father
Not father
As the gay
First met
Her the bump on her head

Was much


With a pocket knife or some other damn thing the word gargoyle has been scraped into every idle machine.

The drug addled uncles have a rare focus and take non-consecutive short naps.

You can shake your head about the babies

They remember


God is no more than a clipped moan
The angels.


Author: Barton D Smock
Date: 02/04/2020