Poems about tear


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Life through a tear

When we view our world through a tear,
It becomes distorted, blurred
And imprisoned within itself,
Yet we have only to stretch forth a hand,
To let it permeate the glass-like walls,
Allowing us to glimpse beyond its boundaries,
The clear, pure waters that lay on the other side,
Regaining our clarity of vision and releasing the soul,
If only for the briefest of moments.

life,  tear.

Author: Haydn Swan
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208850

Love will tear me apart

Like a thousand flashlights
In front of my eyes
Your smile shines through these cold nights
I can hear my soul cries...

Feeling you so close
And still too far away
Tears me up inside,
I wish I could make you stay.

Everything I do it's just not good enough,
That's the serious reason for tears,
But despite that you see me laugh,
And in that way I could laugh for many years.

Wherever you go,
My kindness will follow
To bring care and joy,
And take away your sorrow...

I've got nothing else to give
Without jeopardy to reveal
This secret locked in me
This scary love that I feel...

apart,  love,  tear.

Author: Milica Markovic
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1206508

The Tear Filled Needle

Put my tears in your needle and send me on my way
Let me be your drug today
Your needle cuts me deeper than the veins in your arms
As I run my fingers across your scars
The pins in your eyes show your love for the drug, as I sit back and watch, as you slowly die
Too many have been taken from me in this life.
Sadly it's taking you too.
You're killing me a little more, with every prick of your skin. As you sit back, getting high on that ten.
The long sleeves you wear can hide your fucking marks but they only contain your demons so long.

You're breaking my heart. If you go down this road we won't get very far
Take hold of my hand feel the love in my heart.
Don't let this drug tear us apart.

So put my tears in your needle and send me through your veins. Let me be your drug today.

filled,  needle,  tear.

Author: Anne Lynn
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1199952

Bleeding tear

Let me not be given
Your sympathy
Let me

bleeding,  tear.

Author: A Lopez
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1195267


Its been a while
Since my eyes have seen a dry night
I don't know
Who's to blame
If its worth any at all
Blame, i mean
I know this isn't worth tears
Yet they are eager to fall
They are willing to be seen
They are much braver than me


Author: Victoria Bravo
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1193307


Auntie took me to the hut
Where the wives of army men
Could meet and talk
And drink tea and eat
Home-baked cakes or buns

It was quite crowded
With wives and their kids
And she saw Milly
And her daughter Elsie
And walked over to them
Where they were sitting

Here sit here next to me
I'll get you a tea and cake
Milly said

O thank you
Auntie said
Benny you go with Milly
And she'll get you something

So I walked with Milly
And she got me a beaker
Of orange juice
And I took a cake
And she got Auntie's stuff
And we walked back

Elsie was sitting
The other side of Auntie
And stared at me
As I approached

Move up Elsie
Milly said
Let Benny sit down
Next to his auntie

Elsie pulled a face
And moved along a seat
Unhappily and sat
Staring at me

I wanted to sit there
She said

It's my auntie
I said

She's my Mum's friend
And my friend
Elsie said
You're not

I sat in-between
Auntie and Elsie
She pouted and glared
With her little eyes

I'm 5 and the oldest of us
So I should sit
Where I want to
She muttered

I sipped my orange juice
Didn't you bring your doll?
I asked her

No it wanted to sleep
And its too noisy in here
She said

Maybe I can see your doll
At sometime?
I said

No it doesn't like you
She said

I nibbled my cake
Did you want some
Of my cake?
I asked her
Looking at her

Not if you've touched it
She said

Milly moved a hand across
And slapped Elsie's leg
Don't be so horrible to Benny
She said
Sorry about her Benny
She's got a mood on her
Milly said
And sat back
And talked to Auntie again

Elsie pouted harder
And stared at
Her reddening leg
Your fault
She whispered
Rubbing the redness

Want to look out the window
At the parade ground
And look at the soldiers
Marching by
I said

She sighed softly
Suppose can
She said

We got off the chairs
And walked through
The crowded room
And across to a window
At the other end
And climbed on chairs
To look out

She held my hand
To steady herself
Then let it go
And we stared out
At the ground
And at soldiers marching by

I thought I saw
A tear in her
5 year old eye.

eye,  tear.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1187102

Lost Tear (Haikus)

Cold wind on cold face
Sharp and pointed you feel it
That tear you forgot

When did it get there?
That lost tear, clear and shining
Dripping down your face

Watch that maybe tear
Hear the shatter of soft glass
And the tear is gone

Do you remember?
The bittersweet cold on your cheek
Is all that's left now

haikus,  lost,  tear.

Author: DrippingWatercolors
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1186540

A Single Tear

My very first tear from reading a poem
And how sweet it was
Not because of the turmoil that it elicited
But because out there,
Somewhere in this crazy world
There is someone
A complete stranger
That I feel more connected with than myself

single,  tear.

Author: Benjamin
Date: 16/03/2020