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What I keep telling myself

So I guess this year is really
Just about letting go.
Friendships, they just eventually go.
It's sad, it is but if they can't last, they can't.
That's just how life is.
Fight temptation because it's a waste of energy.

keep,  telling.

Author: Vivienne Luong
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1204079

I keep telling myself

To jus pull the goddamn trigger
And do something,

But i wonder if
I just need

New blue metaphors.

keep,  telling.

Author: mike dm
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1190034

In the Corner at a Party Just Telling My Navy Sea Stories

She tells me I owe her a sea story
From my navy days...
Told her the barracuda one
Maybe I'll tell her the Face Down
On the Deck one
Or the Smoked Hash in the Park
In Italy one
Had a guitar, 3 chords, and hash
Singing Bessa Mi Mucho to Italian
Teenagers... they loved it
I was the silly American
Or maybe the one where we got the scoop on the only hooker in that seaside town in Spain, then showed up and half the ship was there...
Or the Dunhill cigarettes of France
To go with the Stella Artois or Heineken that seemed to be prevalent everywhere.
Cause that's what you do at 23
Drink beer, smoke cigarettes, and run a mile and a half in 12 minutes.
I could talk all day of the women of Israel...
Or all the times that I'd go to the stern of the ship
And it'd be just me and the seas
The Adriatic
The Aegean
The Mediterranean
Sometimes the hammerhead
The sea turtle
The midnight mermaids
Black Seas
Blue and Green
But you'll hear all of them soon enough
Yeah I can be fun at parties cause I got a shitload of stories...
Put some coffee on... pour the wine...
You got any hash?

corner,  navy,  party,  sea,  stories,  telling.

Author: Eric the Red
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1181015

Why do I have to keep telling ya'll?

Here we go again
I told you what you needed to know about me
I told you and no one's LISTENING
Who do I have to get to say this?
The pope? The bishop? The priest?
Or even God himself?
Haven't you gotten it through your thick skull??!
I don't give a damn,
And you know why?
Because I have no one in my life
So there, now are you happy??!
I finally told you, oh wait
I should say I told you again
*why do you torture me with the thought of a love that won't come true for me.

keep,  telling,  ya.

Author: Livingdeadgirl
Date: 11/03/2020

№ 1156284

Telling me

Cant even say that this is a dream anymore
I know what it feels like to have your head spin crazy

Tell me this isn't a dream

I know I should be with my own crowd hunny
But here I am hoping you'll say something profound

Tell me this isn't a dream

We both know I'd waste a million years chasing you
Somehow you were always worth it

Tell me this isn't a dream

If your skin felt warm and close maybe I would believe
Right in this moment, you're so cold my heart is frozen

So just tell me that I'm not dreaming


Author: Olympia
Date: 18/02/2020

№ 1151560

Telling Jesus Like She Is

What thick
Long hair you have,
You're beautiful.
Oh your crystalline-eyes,
What heart stopper thighs,
I crave your tender breasts!
Sweet full lips
Like tender roses,
I can taste,
You can kiss me
Like no tomorrow,
Always darling.

jesus,  telling.

Author: Jonny Angel
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1150552

On telling her...

Occasionally you meet someone who takes your breath away.
And then you must decide: "would it be right to say? "
Would it be right to mention, to tell her how you feel?
Or best avoid emotion. Stay silent. Don't reveal... ?

In fact, I've no agenda. Nothing I expect...
Just want to introduce myself, perhaps win her respect.
And tell her that she's beautiful; to me she is a vision,
And if that makes her happy then I've made the right decision.

I said it! Oh... She's sceptical, she's heard it all before.
The older guy starts being nice, then suddenly wants more.
I tell her I'm professional. A gentleman, and pure.
I'll never cross the boundary; of that she can be sure.

She trusts me... When I'm next in town she does agree to meet!
She brings me to a bar that's high above the busy street,
A view that is spectacular; I take her for a drink
A chance to tell our stories, to make her laugh and think.

I promised her this poem. Now finally, it's sent.
I use these lines to open up and tell her what I meant...
When I told her "you're beautiful" the truthful reason why -
Was meeting her above the world, and seeing her smile high...


Author: JC
Date: 13/02/2020

№ 1135613

This is just a way of telling myself that being sad is okay

Sadness is material.
The sobs my foundations for something stronger
The tears cement for my brick towers
The pain to remind me that this is real.
This is real.
I am a person and i am real.
I was born and one day i will die,
But this sadness, with its melancholy hope,
Is the material to make my existence worthwhile.
I am sad, and one day i will not be sad.
But whilst i am sad i will create things so that
When i look back on my bad days
I will smile and understand that
It's not all bad.
Sadness is material,
There to prove me - and everyone else - wrong.

sad,  telling.

Author: Chloe Ivy Rose Smith
Date: 30/01/2020