Poems about thermometer

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I Dropped The Thermometer

What a thrill to chase
Little bubbles everywhere.
Acrid shiny silvers вАУ
They are drops of mirrors.

Look there: it is me!
It is my reflection I see,
Blazing sunlight and glee:

My volatile moods,
Etched with smiles and deadly fumes,
On my ever-changing moons.

An eternal river,
I gurgle with promise
In the soil, the air, the water вАУ
Breathtaking and flawless.

My shiny surface
Draws you in closer.
I'm your road to gold,
The gods' messenger.

But my scalding skin
You cannot touch
You greedy treasure scavenger.

You're too avid and bitter
With your truths and reason вАУ
Your reality addiction!

In the gaping darkness
I will eat you whole
Like a death trap вАУ
A black hole.

I'm liquid metal,
I will melt your brain,
Destroy your swollen liver.

Only the mad can dip their toes
In these pools of chaos and clatter.
I'll be the gloss on your top hat

If you'll be my mad hatter.

dropped,  thermometer.

Author: Alisha Vabba
Date: 18/10/2019

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The Thermostat - Thermometer

In the land of Temperature
I met Thermostat - Thermometer

What does thermometer do anyway?
A thermometer tells you the temperature whether it's cold or hot
But it does nothing about the situation it identifies
It only measures and whether we like it or not
What about thermostat?
Thermostats function in a way that when it senses a room is cold,
It quickly and quietly starts the machinery necessary to bring the cold room to an acceptable temperature
If a room is hot, a thermostat cues the system to cool the room
It restores the balance, it assess the situation and make a difference.
I named her Thermostat вАУ Thermometer
¬АШCause she can be a thermostat to others
When she senses there's something wrong around her
She always does something to make it right like a thermostat does
Sadly, she can only be a thermometer to herself
She knows there's something wrong with her
Yet she can't do something
¬АШCause she also needs a thermostat
A thermostat to make it right for her

It makes me wonder how many people out there
Acting like thermostat to others
But they can only act as thermometer to theirselves
Hoping that someday
A thermostat change the situation where they are in


Author: Nobody
Date: 15/10/2018

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Or a thermometer,
It matters not,
Humans and their semantics,
Will always twist and bend the minds,
As lawyers jump through legal hoops,
Trying to pull wool over the judge's eyes,
Wordplay rules the day,
And semantics,
The courtroom.



Author: Vexren4000
Date: 20/06/2017

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Thermometer of heart

The temperature of the lonely heart
Is below zero
There is no hero

heart,  thermometer.

Author: hfallahpour
Date: 26/05/2017