Poems about thunder


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You're my thunder,
I'm your lightning.
We fear nothing.


Author: Max Vale
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1202609

The Thunder in My Heart

Day 7872 of my existence
I tried to end it all, but the
Knife was not in reach and the scissors were much too dull
Regressed into my depression
No savior in sight
No organized religion will help me see the light
I'm convinced it is my fate to go blissfully in the night
Ignorance is bliss, but the wise are always jaded
They see how cold the world is and how you're never appreciated

You're on your own, alone, in the darkness, in the sorrow
You pay a person to listen to your problems, so you'll get through the day and hopefully make it until tomorrow
Nothing is ever free,
Not even love from your family
It always comes with a price or a condition

A vulnerable, worn down person
To be used and abused is my norm
Listening to the rain, I identify with the storm
I feel it's aguish and its thirst to be heard, to have a voice
The calming effect that emerges afterwards is not resolution, but conceding to the fight
To lose that endless battle, that I won't come out of alive

heart,  thunder.

Author: Tatiana Lasky
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1199104

Words and tears like thunder and lightning

Your words haunt me
They make tears spring to my eyes
Like lightning brings thunder
But the difference is,
Thunder and lightning is much more enjoyable
Where your words and my tears are not
You said you'd try
You don't
Its like the words went in one ear
Then came right out the other
Words out of your mouth...
Tears from my eyes?
Your words and my tears...
Your words cause damage
My tears just follow
Like lightning brings thunder
Lightning causes damage
Thunder just follows

lightning,  tears,  thunder.

Author: Nicole Alexandria
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1194944

Thunder Woke Me

Inspiration in life
Is a bit like thunder at night
A rather loud reminder that
The world doesn't care
If you're sleeping.


thunder,  woke.

Author: Ashley Black
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1193588

Rolling in Thunder

I like to roll in thunder
Smoke lightning all night long
I like to drink dark whiskey
From a large hollow log
Mama just shook her head
That one's gonna be a dog

I like to shake those snakes and bones
Give me spades with five cards down
I ain't into living
But it sure beats underground
And I'll meet my maker
In the alley back around

I like mean hearted women
I like to make em squeal
They always come back for seconds
Saying "Is this guy for real"
But they find that I moved on
I like the smell of burning wheels

I like rolling in thunder
Drinking white lightning from a jar
Don't wait up for me baby
I'm aready gone too far

By bye!

P. S. - Don't you even think about calling.

rolling,  thunder.

Author: South by Southwest
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1188503

Roaring Thunder of cries

Im not sure if mad says it... I hear your words of fire while getting burned by the flames rolling off of words like BITCH! Sometimes Im completely, in utter shock like the cat got my tounge, but cats loath me. Memories flash in my mind of my own suffering of things he wouldn't do or didn't do. I took the burdon, I carried the load. I worked magic so our lives didn't turn out tragic. Not one time did I complain, and having to beg for appreciation is fucking insane. At the end of the day my feelings are forced to drift away, be at bay, where they may. Completely alone, isolated, yet in the core of the crowd. Never seen with all eyes on me. Again... I hear the word BITCH!!! I turn around with cat-like reflexes and bellow words from the sword of my tounge like sir Knight himself. My scold is merciless, my point sharp, my sound ultrasonic. My powers brought forth thunder and lighting into his arrogance. Why must I be drained from the blood running through my rolling veins just to be heard... ?

cries,  roaring,  thunder.

Author: DaRk IcE
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1187047

Thunder Thighs

When you tell me I have thunder thighs,
Your intention is to offend.
However, I take this high compliment, and I thank you.

Thunder is the most powerful source in the world.
It can bring even the strongest man to his knees, weeping.
When you tell me I have thunder in my thighs, I thank you.

Thunder roars and those in its presence fall dead, silent, powerless.
You are essentially telling me that my thighs have enough
Power to absorb any and all power, and for this I thank you.

You must think this is an insult because you're scared of thunder,
Scared of power. Of my power. I feed off your fear and
My energy increases, and as it does so, I thank you.

I harness the thunder in my thighs and use it
To scream when my voice isn't loud enough.
For the dramatic decibel increase, I thank you.

I have more thunder in my thighs alone than
You have coursing throughout your whole being.
So, go on, call me thunder thighs, I'll only thank you.

thighs,  thunder.

Author: Emma
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1182036

Thunder (2012)

Down we go, dutifully down.
Our faces only wear a frown
Or emotionless they crash and fall,
Because real feelings are so small.
Who cares, right?
Who gives a fuck?
We do, we care. Oh what bad luck.

A shadow of Doubt creeps up behind.
We don't intend to be unkind,
But unaware of what it means
We blunder through and tear the seams.
We're sorry, ok?
Are we to blame?
The truth, we fear, will bear our name.

Oh we, oh why, a blissful blunder
Has yet again turned into thunder.


Author: Marguerite Christine
Date: 12/03/2020