Poems about thunderstorm


№ 1153170


Dreams of a sunny wet day
The parks flood
Hyperactivity rocket through a tree's roof
Everyone laughs
But everyone moves away
To a drier festivity
Which we just were
And nobody truly understands
The secret of the storm

The grasses full of mud
I'm ready to slide
Not caring the landscape
A rainbow forms,
Noone sees.
Sudden occasions are not brought out long.
And I forever look for
And I listen for the crackling in the sky
Down to earth
What more to define
A violent form dismantling
Striking, destroying, perfecting its remedy


Author: Destiny Jorenby
Date: 15/02/2020

№ 1121592

To smell a thunderstorm coming

I refuse to let life fade my colors.
Every experience, event,
Each of the souls I've met,
All of those feelings felt,
Dye me a bit deeper—
Shades and tints a bit richer.
And when I leave this world,
You'll find traces of me
In every place you look.
Footmarks so vibrant,
Even rainbows will
Have something to pray for
After the storm.

coming,  smell,  thunderstorm.

Author: b for short
Date: 17/01/2020

№ 1115884

Spring Thunderstorm

A Spring time thunderstorm
Rumbling through the night
A cacophony of booms
With flashes of brilliant light

It was just such a time
On a dark stormy morn'
So many years ago
That I was born

Maybe that's why
I find comfort in the storm
Seeing the skies darken
As it does form

The rain beating on the roof
All through the night
The loud crashing thunder
Lightning illuminating the night

Don't get me wrong
I love a bright, shiny day
Summer time weather
When we can get out and play

But I appreciate the storms
And the awesome power they show
Reminding me of the majesty of God
Whom I am so glad to know.

spring,  thunderstorm.

Author: Ky Philbilly
Date: 12/01/2020

№ 1112921

Thunderstorm (senryu)

Rain flails the far hills
Cat cleans in a pool of sun
Drums pound corner skies

senryu,  thunderstorm.

Author: Ronald Jones
Date: 10/01/2020

№ 1102982


Thunder clap alarm clocks
Keeping you up at night
Your fingers and feet
Keeping rhythm with the patter of rain
Against your dusty window
The nights are of an unimaginable blackness
And the days are as grey as the endless stretch of city blocks
Gravity is trying to hold your feet to the fire
And you cannot feel a thing
The answer isn't in the lock and key
The answer is what you are willing to do
To open Pandora's box
Love is not something you can find on a page or screen
Love is the moon following the sun
Until the time comes again where they can meet
A beautiful eclipse
Life isn't a roadmap route with point A and point B
Life is the story of how that map came to be
So torn, wrinkled, and stained
And the weeds fighting their way through gaps in thee concrete
Lust isn't a sin, only a way to cling to childhood selfishness
Peace isn't achieved through self-torment
Peace is befriending the voice inside of your head
So that the thunderstorms might fade
To reveal a picturesque summer day
And you have to be willing to sit through the show
To see what's behind the curtains
And I truly hope you have the patience

post,  thunderstorm.

Author: Harry J Baxter
Date: 01/01/2020

№ 1101750

I Am Going To Shake Your Piles With My Thunderstorm Feet

Larkin walking on the ground
Muddy lovers gather round
Want to know what lives they've found
Uptown, downtown, outoftown.
And I see the things they share
If they won't care, why should I care?
So many shadows overwhelm
Until they bust & burst over the helm.
Now the boat is on its own
The seagulls watching, away they've flown.

feet,  going,  piles,  shake,  thunderstorm.

Author: Ruth Forberg
Date: 30/12/2019

№ 1083742

I'd like a thunderstorm.

I'd like a thunderstorm
With lighting and pounding rain.
A storm so fierce
It needs to take
A whole town's electricity
To fuel its fury.

The lightning should be bright enough to stun the blind.
The thunder should be loud enough to disorient minds.
Not forever but long enough.
Not forever, but just long enough.
The rain should make the windows tremble.
A storm you can see, hear, and feel.
It will make

Consume. It will consume.
Time, space, energy.
And we will realize that the storm is worse than our problems.

Honey, this storm is too loud to fight over.
And just like that, peace.
We are happiest when we play the victim.
And now we are no longer the monster.

The home is now safe.
The house... Not so much.
But it is a small sacrifice.

This is what I want.
Mother Nature, make it happen.


Author: mask
Date: 14/12/2019

№ 1083429

Thunderstorm feeling

My life was filled with glue bottles and tape,
Always making sure that I stayed in one piece.
The rain slowly crept into the leaks,
And I am not okay*

You are the thunderstorm. your voice fills my ears
And I can no longer hear anything but you.

Your hand is the lightning that strikes me
And also rubs my back until I fall asleep.
The rain is entirely you. you slowly found your way in
And washed away the glue and picked off the tape
Piece by piece.

Now I lay in the thunderstorm outside begging to be touched
By the lightning.
*I crave the thunder in my ears and I pray the rain
Will drown me once more.

feeling,  thunderstorm.

Author: Chloe Tobin
Date: 14/12/2019