Poems about tight


№ 1202383

Good night. Sleep tight.

The veil of sleep covers softly
Many forms must shed
Before the fall
I shut down my inner oven
No soup for you until tomorrow
I'll bake new love for you
Tucking in my yawning misadventure
Tails of kites and renaissance costumes
Peak out from below her edges
Into a ball curls my heat
Rarely putting up a fight
Sated still with bedtime orgasm hum
Reverent fingers gently close my ink well
Papers scattered but the feather always meticulously replaced
This facet, the crown jewel of my traits
One piece remains, joy
She, I let roam free, spreading
I wish those I know good night
A hopeful good morning for those I don't
*May our paths eventually cross

good,  night,  sleep,  tight.

Author: Wanderer
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1201701

Held too tight

Fearless from the start of the race rodents revere, lost fiddling with a purpose never truly clear.
How can feet carry you onto the path, when a weary heart lay beaten in the past.
Where can we run when there is no where to hide, how do we defeat that which pours from the inside.
In the bitter dust of an awakened realization, that this fear does not control the direction I've taken.
Still held in place by diminished memories, trying to envision the future that may never be.
But there were not enough colors to paint the picture, when the world in stuck in only a black and white fixture.

held,  tight.

Author: Gabriel
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1200998

Locked, she hold key tight..

Her behavior
On date
Holding the collar
Of her dress
A message
"Please don't go inside
Be outside...

hold,  key,  locked,  tight.

Author: JP
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1191734

Rude redhead ("but a tight peice" as my girl said)

Carving a few simple words into her memory
A whisper of hair drifts over her face
Eyes shut she waits for the cold crisp dawn
The candle distracts
And weaves it own tale
Soft with smoke and mystery

Night disburses
And the redhead across the hall comes tapping
Naked and sweating
Looking to cop a fresh spike
My girl makes her wait in the hall
"rude" she whispers over and over

Our days here are fleeting
Soon to escape this motel
And its rodent festival
To the great sunshine
Never snows

Quiet destitution creeps in with breakfast
And lay in the corner with a soft sigh
Down in my mind i want to sleep
But its nearly time to wait
For the mexicans at quality hill
With two $20's in my claw

I am not yet ready to write the words
That would seal our fate and close this painfull day
That poem is within me
It drives me out into the bright sunlight
And the redhead follows trying to make nice
And i know its dope game logic that drives her
I know i could get my girl to bed her
A threesome would be tasty

Umm that thought keeps me warm
While waiting on the mexicans

girl,  peice,  redhead,  rude,  tight.

Author: mark john junor
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1190704

Held tight

Riding the breath of God
A spoken word

Your name is written across the wind

All your hope ultimately fulfilled
As all true hope will

Your voice carries on the sea

Love has your hand
Tight gripped, held tight.

held,  tight.

Author: nivek
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1190500

That tight feeling in your throat

Everything was fine
And then, it wasnt

It started slowly
A sort of madness that no one expects
Or sees

You kept to yourself more
Wore black and grey
And something inside of you just wanted to scream

For no reason, either

And you slipped away,
Silently and slowly
With nobody even noticing
Until you were gone.

Nobody said anything about you
For days, weeks
Because we didn't know either

It felt bad for us to see you go
Like something was ripped from us
And as slowly as you went

You came back.

You weren't the same though. ever.

feeling,  throat,  tight.

Author: lavender
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1188705

Tight ropes and white coats

Oh he was crying like he should've cared
It was tight ropes and white coats
And she was screaming like he wasn't there
It was old souls and a cold nose

There wasn't much that she could do from there
It was tight ropes and white coats
They were turning her fast in her chair
It was all she could to keep from being good
There tight ropes wrapped around her face
Old souls screaming out her name
White coats chasing her veins oh
With tight ropes and white coats
He was crawling deep in the ground
Hopeing pleading maybe he's found
The only one who ever let him out
But she was wrapped tight and all alone
He should've never left her to her own
He finally found her deep in the earth
Wrapped in white coats with tight ropes
He thought to free her stumbled on no
If he released her oh where would she go
How much longer could keep her in
Tight ropes with white coats
Bleeding seething all alone
So stoned
She was all wrapped in tight ropes
They were all standing in white coats
Discussing how much candy she could hold
Before they would have to carry her home.

coats,  ropes,  tight,  white.

Author: Goddess Tonya Medrano
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1186151

Sleep tight

When the sun goes down
And the stars shine bright
How do you sleep so well
Knowing that you broke my fucking heart

sleep,  tight.

Author: klara mercy
Date: 16/03/2020