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Till the end of all days

Oh, I could search
Forever search this starry universe
Through worlds without end.
Oh, I could search forever
Till the ending of all days
And never find a love so warm and true.
Oh, so perfect in line and form.
Oh, how I find my life in you
In your heart and soul.
The perfect crown of creation.
Oh, how my love for you knows no end
And I am forever lost in you.
My every thought from my waking
Before the early morning dawn
Till I lay my weary head on my pillow
Is of you!
Oh, how soul suffers a longing
For your soft arms and the caress of your lips.
My soul suffers beyond understanding and bleeds etheric tears
For want of you
The other half of my soul.
Oh, my life I give to you
Every fiber of my soul is in your belonging.
Oh, when my mother rocked me so lovingly in my cradle
How little did I know
Such an infinite loving and longing
For you awaited me
All of you
Your face and form to fill my soul.
Oh, how I am powerless before my love of you!
Oh, how you could tear every fiber of my being
Destroy me with a cruel and loveless heart
But I can only plead my love and longing for you
And set sail upon the sea
Of your infinite heart and soul
To my utter bliss or woe.

days,  till.

Author: Olan Douglas Webb
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208147

Till Death Do We Part

It's a funny thing when
You give yourself away;
Not your father, brother,
Just you on your own.
You, yourself, and yours.

It's a funny thing when
You attend the wedding but
It's a funeral. Funny that...
Your own wedding and they dress
You in black. Stunning they say.

Sunken more like. Handing
Your heart over, clutching
It real tight in your palms,
Prepare to give it away
To Death: your love.

Your lover - the crimson reaper
The skeletal devil, the hooded
Redeemer. Shouldn't have done it
You whisper, as you walk up the aisle.
Too late for regrets.

Hooded redeemer waits for you,
Smile on his broken lips, he's
Been waiting so long for such a
Celebration. Best day of his life.
But think back and is it yours?

The moment he touches your heart
It becomes ice. You realise the end
Is nigh, hold out your hand to the loved
Ones but they turn away.

Sirens sound aloud
And now it's the end.

Broken up, out of luck,
Where do you turn?

What a dreamer...

death,  till.

Author: Em
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206774

Till the end of the line

Why can't I remember you?
Has it been too long or have I just forgotten?
Brain washed by others or lost control
I don't know
Forgotten the times we laughed, we joked.
You said we grew up together
Are you sure it was me?
Till the end of the line.
What do you mean?
All I know is fighting, war and chaos
Mind shattered, confused and lost
But still you're with me?
Till the end of the line.
My hands are mismatched along with my arms
I left you bleeding on a beach
You join the army and Changed for the better
I join the army and Changed for the worse
I'm your friend and you're my mission
*Till the end of the line


Author: Sydney Deimert
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203454

Cherish The Broken Till The End

It dose not matter how what people's views on you are,
All you should know is I'll love you till the end of existence.

My dear one I fear for you,
For when you leave these walls that always kept you safe;
Your sanctuary from all the judgment,
That will soon befall onto your shoulders once thee steps past the line of safety.

I can no longer be that one person to keep you sheltered,
From the up coming storms that will come your way.

I'll send you notes by doves,
That shall weave my kindness into your heart.

My love shall come from above,
It will be blessed upon you,
Dressing you in the finest silks.

So please don't be stressed my loved one.
I promise even in the depressing silence,
I'll always be beside you, undressing your troubles from your mind.

Your will is strong but I still fret over you,
Because I know what those words are quite unmelodious,
Making you think bitterly and wince with hurt in your eyes.

I know who you are,
And I know that you soon will be crushed,
Forgetting and making you question who you are.

So my love simply try your best to listen to me words,
That tell you that your beautiful just the way you are.
Do not change your train of thought,
Because its as pure and brilliantly intelligent compared to any other.

I shall cherish you even when your broken,
Till the very end I shall love you.
No matter what or who you are.

broken,  cherish,  till.

Author: AD Snail
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1200835

My Darling, Kiss Me Till I Die

If I catch a deadly fever someday,
I want you to kiss me and,
Keep kissing me on and on,
Let it be as passionate to scare death away,
And let it keep away till we grow older,
Much older and rickety limbed,
To finally kiss each other while sucking life out of each other.

Kiss me till I die, I will reciprocate.

darling,  die,  kiss,  till.

Author: Au MEr Atul Kaushal
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1200492

Till death do us part.

(He will say)

In this defeat
Lies my greatest victory,
Only the bravest
Can surrender to this deed,
Blushing heart, and crimson cheeks

Till death do us part.

(I'll return with: )

Another sunrise
Comes to play peek-a-boo
Your eyes flutter open
That's how my day begins
Time after time,
Together we'll venture

Till death do us part.

death,  till.

Author: Aditi
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198441

Till the break of morning

Till the break of morning
Till the break of morning I'll sit and watch and hear the birds making sounds
Till the sun comes calling I'll sit in darkness while there's no one else around
Till the first cars are starting I'll wonder where are you to be found
Walking gently in the meadow with my mind circling and dry leaves on the ground
I see the first light turning black to blue and the blue eyes that I remember I first drowned
I light a fire in the morning to warm my hands then gather berries on bushes and mushrooms that are crowned
I go to the stream and wash my face and fill some water then cook my food and eat as nature becomes my shroud
I cannot smile with joy anymore but I have peace and harmony to know you were never meant for me as you were always some one else's to be bound.
You are a different bird not so easily flattered and one that is looking to challenge you feathered mostly brown.
The sunlight shatters the clouds in my head and the green leaves make shards of light like a force that brightens even the darkest places and certainly I'm not down.

break,  morning,  till.

Author: Peter Kiggin
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1195532

A piece of till-roll poerty

One more sunset;
What does it matter?
There n' gone,
Unborn reborn.
Over and over.
Without a lick of sense,
Or the luck of a four leaf clover.

piece,  roll,  till.

Author: Gregory Paul Dancer
Date: 24/03/2020